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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wednesday Spotlight: Leah Braemel

When I first wrote Private Property, I had to create a character the hero would trust to bring into his relationship for a one-time-only ménage. The wonderful Sam Watson was born. Originally I saw him as a rather dark and dangerous character, someone mysterious. But when Sam opened his mouth the first time you see him, I realized he had a playful side to him as well. He became a larger than life character who was so fun to write, so I was thrilled when my editor asked in her offer to buy Private Property if Sam was going to get his own story.

As part of Private Property’s storyline, Sam is in the midst of bailing out Mark’s company. (Part of the background can be found in the free story I wrote called "First Night". Mark’s opposition is undercutting his prices and has the financial backing to be able to hold out a lot longer than Mark can. The weird part is, I wrote it long before last fall’s spectacular market crashes.) As a former FBI agent, Sam has expanded his bodyguard company to one of the most successful on the east coast. But Sam has his pride, so when a stalker starts threatening him, he does what he advises his clients never do. He ignores the threats. Enter his second-in-command who lays down the law and assigns Sam his own bodyguard team. Lead by the feisty heroine, Rosalinda Ramos, who isn’t afraid to say no to the boss.

Sam’s playful side comes out, but Rosie also discovers a darker side, a lonelier side, and one she’s not sure she can battle. Sam’s past.

You can read more about Personal Protection at my website, and you can find deleted scenes and other excerpts on my blog on the Snippet Saturdays posts.


Kytaira said...

Oh cool, Sam's story! now i feel like a dunce for asking yesterday. They sound like a pair of great books!

Cathy M said...

I haven't started this series yet, but I really enjoyed reading your free story.