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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tuesday Spotlight: Lean Braemel

I love kick-ass heroines, but I love it more when they are outwardly strong capable women but when the reader gets to see in their head they see the same type of worries the rest of us have. I think as readers we all need someone we can identify with, someone who can overcome their fears and move forward. I once took a course from a woman police officer – she admitted that before she’d joined the force she’d been in an abusive relationship. Whoa! That got my attention. See, I told myself, strong women can be different in their personal relationships than their public personas. So when I sat down to write Private Property that’s the type of heroine I tried to create. Oh, she hadn’t been physically abused, but she’d let some of her previous boyfriends erode her self-confidence.

I love playing inside characters’ heads like that, watching them think one way and act another in order to compensate. Haven’t we all done that?

In Private Property, Jodi’s having a no-strings-attached affair with Mark, her boss. But Jodi broke one of the rules - she’s fallen in love with him. Which terrifies her. Especially when Mark surprises her one night by arranging to satisfy a list of sexual fantasies she’s drawn up. While she’s fascinated with the evening he’s planned, which includes bringing in another man to satisfy request #6 – to have a ménage – she starts wondering how Mark can share her so casually.

Of course, because the reader can see into Mark’s head where Jodi can’t, you see that he’s got his own issues. I loved torturing them both like that, it made it so much fun. To read more about Mark and Jodi, you can find the excerpt on my webpage. There’s also a link to a free short story that you can download about how they began their affair.


Janet H said...

We all have our own issues. Of course we need to identify with the characters--nice to know that a kick ass heroine isn't perfect.

Kytaira said...

That is one hot, hot excerpt! Does Sam get his own book as well?

Leah Braemel said...

Kytaira, yes,Sam gets his own book - I've written about him on Wednesday's blog post. His story is called Personal Protection, and he gets a full length novel.

Cathy M said...

I think adding a bit of complication to a story gives us a chance to really learn the characters.