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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thursday Spotlight: Diana DeRicci

What kind of writing habits do you have?

Hm... Well, honestly, I'm here pretty much all day, every day. It's my job. It consists of writing, promoting, editing, staying on top of the industry by reading blogs and articles, communications, website updates, and any combination of those and then some. I do tend to write more at night, after the boy is asleep and man is busy watching something on tv. If I write during the day, there's more likely chances I'll be interrupted. When the boy is in school, I can still get some done while he's gone, but the creative parts of me don't seem to show up until after the sun goes down. I think during the summer the Texas heat is just not conducive to good writing. Give me a swimming pool, shade and a good book any day.

One thing I really try to stick to is a minimum word count when I do write. 1K is my minimum goal. Sometimes I fall short and that's okay, but I know what I'm shooting for and often times I far exceed that. I also only do light editing while writing. I wait until it's all done to go back through and layer in descriptions and stronger verbs for impact and deeper emotional nuances. The first draft can take however long it takes to get done. Then the edits and revisions and reads, then it goes to readers if I have any victims for them to catch anything. Only then does it get wrapped up to be submitted somewhere. I rarely have deadlines other than loose ones like for final submissions on calls, so I can work at my own pace to ensure I'm getting the best story I can dream up on paper... er... computer. It also gives me wide open freedom to write what I'm inspired to write. I love that kind of creative freedom.

Victoria's life is ordered and secure. She has buried the nightmares of her youth in the deepest part of her psyche. Yet no amount of control can keep her life from changing when Cory steamrolls his way into her private world. Her professional and aloof exterior melts with the heat he ignites within her and in spite of her mind telling her no, her heart wants everything he offers, everything she has believed herself unworthy of receiving.

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