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Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday Spotlight: Kelly Jamieson

I recently noticed that many of my stories involve food and/or drinks. I’ve written two stories about coffee ( Sexpresso Night, coming later this year with Ellora’s Cave is one of them) one story about beer (Dream Girl), one story about olives (as yet unpublished) and my serial blog story Insatiable, about a celebrity chef who loves women, sex and food. Chef Tyler is very sensual – especially when it comes to oral pleasure. He loves to taste things - food of course, but he loves to taste women, too.

The other thing my stories all have in common is hot sex. I like to make the sex hot by making it also a very sensual experience, and here’s where I see that eating and sex are so much alike – both are very sensual acts.

Food has to look attractive in order to appeal to us. It also has to smell good – we all know the powerful appeal of particular foods – charbroiled steak, sweet vanilla...for me, popcorn! Foods have a particular feel in the mouth – the lusciousness of whipped cream, the sparkle of beer or champagne, the silkiness of good chocolate. In Sexpresso Night I even talk about the mouthfeel of coffee! I suppose foods even have sounds – sizzling, crunching, rustling. And of course the taste – once you’ve seen it and smelled it and your mouth waters, you’ve got to taste it.

Just like sex – certainly an attractive outer package is your first impression. You listen to the cadence and tone of a lover’s voice –a deep husky voice, or a soft musical voice appeals to a certain something inside you. As you get closer to someone, their scent makes an impression, too. Then you get close enough to touch – satiny skin, silky hair, rough beard, hardness, softness...and then you taste – mouth, skin...and more.

No wonder I like to write about food in my stories...


Cathy M said...

What a wonderful post, Kelly. You definitely have me wanting to read Insatiable now.

Kelly Jamieson said...

Thanks Cathy, it was fun writing that story and including so many food references!