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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wednesday Spotlight: Red Sage Publishing

Roxana Blaze, Fires Within

“My husband loves it when I get a new Secrets anthology because then he knows we’ll have a fun night!”

“My husband and I read the e-books together in bed for inspiration.”

“My husband and I have a secret code from the page numbers of our favorite kinky scenes. He can make me blush just by saying 44.”

Red Sage fans know an erotic romance can help their marriages. But what if a marriage was threatened by the husband’s yearning for something taboo? What if the wife desired the same thing but was too shy to ask for it? Some “Fires Within” are so taboo that they can destroy a couple’s happiness…or bind them more tightly together.

On sale until June 30 for just $1.50!

Exclusive Excerpt:
It was not a vague, easily dismissed ache, but a relentless, smoldering blaze deep in her womb. She couldn’t help letting her gaze glide over to fall upon him. In the dim twilight, her hungry eyes traced his well-muscled back. She devoured the outline of one strong arm resting atop his side, the firm buttocks just barely discernible beneath the white linen sheet, and the wide shoulder framed against the night sky by the window of their luxurious master suite.

“My Rafe,” she whispered in the still room. “What has happened to us?”

She pressed her fist against her teeth, vividly recalling the sensation of her husband’s taut muscles—made so by the rigors of pirating—bunching beneath her fingertips. Katja could almost feel the wicked pleasure of scraping her nails down his smooth back as an orgasm ripped through her center. She bit down on her hand to keep from reaching out and waking him. Dull pain throbbed in her knuckle.

But still the relentless need drove her. Katja stretched her arm out, fingers splayed, hand trembling. It was an enormous bed fit for a king, for a wealthy ship’s captain and his wife of three years, the mistress of his fine manor.

However, the bed had one flaw. It allowed huge distances between them.

Always, there seemed to be a distance.


Unless her wish had already been granted without her knowing it? Her pulse quickened and her clitoris swelled in anticipation. True, it was a foolish notion to entertain, and yet—her palm hovered above his bicep—there was only one way to find out.

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Kytaira said...

Sounds like a great book! I don't read any books with my husband but that doesn't stop me from using my newfound knowledge!