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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tuesday Spotlight: Red Sage Publishing

Natasha Moore, Quinn’s Curse

There are some things you never forget. Your first kiss. Your first love. Your first time. These moments stay with us throughout our lives and help create who we are.

Some stories reach into our hearts as deeply as any real-world moment, and over the years, Red Sage authors have touched more than one heart. Long after the book’s cover is closed, the story remains. Unseen but not unfelt, like a ghost. Like Quinn, the cursed pirate in Natasha Moore’s moving story about a haunted lighthouse, a heartbroken woman, and sexy ghost searching for redemption. Just as Miranda can feel Quinn’s invisible touch, so will your heart feel the power of this haunting story.

On sale until June 30 for just $1.50!

About This Book:
Where do bad boys go when they die? If the bad boy is a pirate captain, he goes to shore.

Cursed to haunt dry land for three hundred years, forbidden to touch the ocean he loves, Nathaniel Quinn’s spirit lingers near the Logan Point Lighthouse until his sentence is served. All he wants is an end to the three hundred year curse so he can haunt the seas instead of the shores.

That’s all he wants, that is, until the day Miranda Kent buys the lighthouse with the intent to turn it into a bed and breakfast. She hopes the presence of a ghost will bring in the tourists, but Quinn has finally found a benefit to his time on land.

She can hear him. See him. Touch him. He may only have a short time remaining at the lighthouse, but at least now he can enjoy it like a sailor on shore leave.

But pleasure turns to impending pain as these doomed lovers discover they’re touching more than each other’s bodies. They’re touching each other’s hearts. The long-awaited end of Quinn’s shore curse might just mean a different kind of curse…

Because an eternity sailing the seas might also be an eternity separated from the woman he loves.

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rosemary said...

This is a book that I want to read. I love the lighthouse setting with a sexy ghost and the finishing touch is a hot romance. What a perfect summer read. rosemary

Kytaira said...

Thanks for highlighting this book I love the line "at least now he can enjoy it like a sailor on shore leave." I work with all military guys including some retired sailors. So true!