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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tuesday Spotlight: Ashlyn Chase

If you base your love story on real people, do you tell them?

Death by Delilah is based (loosely!) on my brother’s real life romance with his wife. I dedicated the book to her for making my brother a happy man. He’s gone now and we all miss him terribly, but thanks to her, he had twenty very happy years.

But she doesn’t like erotic romance, or comedy, and as a writer of erotic comedy, well, what can I say? My books aren’t for everybody. But I find ways of honoring people in my life, even if I know they’ll never read a word I write.

The similarities between their real story and my fiction is this. The conflict was real. He was a Naval Officer when they met. She was enlisted. The Navy regulations prevented them from openly dating and as far as marriage—forget it! They lived together off base and had to come up with a solution to their dilemma before they got caught…and they did!

My solution is funnier, more creative and different from the one they chose—unless they didn’t tell me the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth—so help them! It’s well known that for a story to be interesting, even though you may love your characters, you have to torture them a bit. I sincerely hope they didn’t experience the torture I inflicted on Josh and Delilah!

Oh, and since this is about my brother, did I make an appearance in the story? Yes, I wrote myself into the book. I’m Gabby, the hero’s younger sister. And you’ll be able to read her sequel soon! "Giggles by Gabby" was just contracted by Ellora’s Cave for inclusion in their Lara Punches Memorial Anthology. Watch my website for upcoming details, or even better, sign up for my emailing list. I rarely send out a group email, but when I have something big to celebrate, I do and I usually hold a contest just for those who are on my list. To sign up, go to the bottom of my home page.

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