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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thursday Spotlight: Red Sage Publishing

Kristin Daniels, Nameless Surrender

So many times, we’ve heard about Secrets fans collecting every volume and arranging the anthologies on their “keeper” shelves. And to such anecdotes there is only one response: Thank you! We’re honored to know that so many of you count these books among your prized possessions!

Here’s a novella that’s a different kind of prize. When we hosted a writing contest, our editors all agreed that Nameless Surrender was something special. Bondage and submission games set the stage not just for steamy encounters, but for Dean and Zoe to grow and change and learn to trust again. In the end, Dean captures the greatest prize of all -- Zoe’s heart!

On sale until June 30 for just $1.50!

Exclusive Excerpt:

Zoe loved this part.

The waiting. The anticipation.

Simon secured the blindfold and smoothed his fingers down the side of her neck. “Anything else I can do, Ms. Grant?”

She shuddered at the light touch. “No, Simon. Thanks.”

Muffled footsteps fell across the thick carpet toward the door. “I’ll let him know you’re ready then.”

Oh, yeah. Ready and willing. She needed this. Craved it. All too quickly, this had become her favorite form of release.

She pulled against the straps attached to the fur-lined wrist and ankle cuffs. Tethered to the ceiling via a simple pulley system, her arms stretched high above her head in an exaggerated Y. The cuffs at her ankles—clasped to metal hoops hidden within the carpet—presented her in a carnal display.

Blind and spread wide, she stood in limbo, poised in the middle of the room.

She never knew how long she’d have to wait. Oftentimes only moments, but he’d toyed with her before. The last time he stalled for at least fifteen minutes. She got so worked up waiting that she came with the first stroke to her clit.

1 comment:

Kytaira said...

Yes, I also have an entire collection of secrets books on my keeper shelf!

I really loved the excerpt. Very hot! I found myself wondering if she know the guy or that was part of the fantasy.