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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thursday Spotlight: Red Sage Publishing

B.J. McCall, Fire Angel

For fifteen years, Red Sage has focused on publishing stories with a high level of eroticism. Sizzling, scorching, red-hot. These stories don’t cheat the reader by letting the characters close the bedroom door and have their sex scenes off the page. These stories burn that bedroom door down!

B.J. McCall, who first appeared in Secrets Volume 3, turned up the heat factor in her most recent story, Fire Angel. This e-book features a smoking hot firefighter and the angel who saves him from a hellish death. When these two find a way to come together, they generate enough heat between them to float on its currents.

On sale until June 20 for just $1.50!

Exclusive Excerpt:
Ella slipped through the veil and hovered over her sexy hero. He slept on his stomach, his fist tucked adorably beneath his chin. A sheet covered his lower body, riding low on his lean hips. He’d left the bedside lamp on tonight. That was unusual.

Last night, she’d felt him respond. Then she’d felt his panic and decided to retreat.

Maybe tonight she’d reach him. Ella slid her hand beneath the cotton sheet. A thrill shot through her as she palmed Colin’s ass, squeezing one taut cheek. He felt so good, she did it again.

He shifted in his sleep.

Ella lifted the sheet, her gaze sweeping over the smooth curve of his ass. She moistened her lips. Colin had really great buns. Starting at his neck, Ella ran her fingers down his spine to the valley between his taut cheeks.

His butt cheeks flinched.

Grinning, Ella followed the same trail with the tip of her tongue.

A shudder slid down his spine.

She kissed him lightly on each firm cheek.

He moaned.

When she nipped his flesh, Colin rolled onto his side.

Ella stretched out on the bed, facing him and pressed her breasts to his chest, her belly to his six-pack, absorbing his warmth. She brushed her lips against his beautiful mouth.

“Can you feel my kiss?” she whispered. “Hear my voice?”

He smiled, but didn’t answer.

1 comment:

Kytaira said...

Sounds like yet another great book! I have all of the Secrets volumes that BJ has a story in. That's one thing I am notice at the Red Sage authors chat - everyone keeps getting the new volumes!