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Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday Spotlight: Red Sage Publishing

Anne Rainey, Forbidden Fruit

In fifteen years, we’ve witnessed every economic condition from boom to bust, but throughout that time, one thing has not changed. Readers always want a story that sweeps them away from humdrum worries and into a world where dreams come true. They know they can count on Red Sage and Secrets for a good read, every time.

Trust Anne Rainey to deliver a happy ending in her story about change, Forbidden Fruit. Heroine Ava Sweet transforms herself from the shadowy veterinarian assistant to the showy vixen. Elusive bad boy Luke becomes the man who can’t leave Ava alone. And this hot contemporary story turns a dull evening into a splendid escape.

On sale until June 30 for just $1.50!

About This Book:
Veterinarian assistant Ava Sweet has lusted in secret after bad boy Luke McGiffin since high school. Years pass, but she never loses hope that he will come to see her as a desirable woman.

Then one day she overhears Luke scorning her. “Dr. Doolittle? Sexy? How can you tell when every piece of clothing she owns is big and baggy and ugly as sin?”

That’s it. No more of him treating her like a kid sister. It’s time to show the hunky roofer her feminine side. The plan? Step One: arrange a fake date right under Luke’s nose to drum up some jealousy. Step Two: let her best friend Jen give her a seductive, innocent-vixen, miniskirt makeover. Step Three: tempt Luke right out of his sexy jeans.

But can Ava handle a man with such strong appetites, or is she in over her head?

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1 comment:

Kytaira said...

I love makeovers that blow the guys preconcepions away! Make him eat his words!