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Monday, June 8, 2009

Monday Spotlight: Ashlyn Chase

Erotica vs. erotic romance:

I really think the difference between erotica vs. erotic romance needs to be explained. In my opinion, romance in the name defines the story as a love it between male and female; male and male; female, male and male; werewolf, vampire and alien or what have you. Erotica, on the other hand, is a sex story in which sex is the goal and motivation and there need be no conflict unless they disagree on positions.

Confusion is what keeps us from being recognized as a romance genre. This is what conservative judges see when they read graphic language even though some national bestsellers use it. And you should know that "pure" erotica (pardon the oxymoron) venues, like the stores with blacked-out windows, want nothing to do with erotic romance and would probably appreciate our making the difference known too.

I once ventured into one of these stores with my paperback, promo matchbooks, and a press release for the manager. I was practically thrown out. “Our readers don’t want those books,” he said. “They want raunchy porn. Your books aren’t.” So, there you go, right from the erotica experts. Our genre isn’t pornography no matter what some people will tell you.

And just to be sure, I read one of these badly written books. A man on a motorcycle comes up beside a beautiful blonde in a convertible at a stoplight. She looks him over and cocks her head, inviting him to follow her. Of course, he follows her to her penthouse and they do it all over the leather sofa half a dozen times. This is described in what would be graphic detail except the writer needed an anatomy lesson.

The only secondary character was the maid who walked in and walked out, disgusted. The woman mentioned her husband would be home at 5 o’clock so they carry on until about a quarter to five at which time the biker left. End of story. Would you call that guy a “hero?” I wouldn’t. Is the woman a “heroine?” Hardly. Would I rather read a story with a plot? A conflict to overcome? Some three dimensional characters? Growth? Absolutely! Give me a good erotic romance any day.

Now, since we’re talking about good erotic romances, I should absolutely recommend my co-written one, Love Cuffs. It’s a BDSM comedy. Yes, you read that right. A BDSM comedy! I co-wrote it with Dalton Diaz. I had no problem writing the heroine’s voice or saucy attitude—but when it came to writing the Dom hero, well, I was in trouble! Dalton to the rescue! Check it out or read the review, right here at Whipped Cream Reviews!


Kytaira said...

Thanks for the interview Ashlyn. your book sounds like alot of fun! One to put on my TBB list for sure!

lindseye said...

I like you description of erotic vs porn. Look forward to reading Love Cuffs.

Dalton Diaz said...

Ash, you've made my day! Great blog!