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Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday Spotlight: Red Sage Publishing

Nathalie Gray, Compromised

It’s natural to celebrate a milestone by looking back at where we’ve been. In fifteen years, Red Sage grew from a tiny start-up to a recognized brand name. Secrets anthologies, novels, book clubs, e-books of all lengths and types, authors who have starred on many bestseller lists -- this is all part of our legacy.

What will the future hold? We have big plans at Red Sage, but until it’s time to unveil them, let’s imagine another kind of future. A spaceship. Aliens. A warrior captured and a heroine who must rescue him, even if it means he will only break her heart again. Nathalie Gray’s vision of the future will leave you breathless!

On sale until June 30 for just $1.50!

About This Book:

Jojo Da Silva always gets her man.

She’s been an elite extraction team member long enough to know second-guessing can kill you. Get in, secure the target, then get out. Anything in the way is to be shot, blasted or destroyed. Especially those vicious Elfs, Exoskeletal Humanoid Life Forms with a mean streak that seems to grow wider in torture chambers during interrogations. No human has ever survived an Elf interrogation. Never.

Jojo knows this time she has to get her man before the Elfs discover his true identity and interrogate him. He’s been undercover on their trading station, so deep undercover that even she doesn’t know his identity. All she knows is the yellow dot on her wristband monitor that shows his location.

But when her target turns out to be her tough, daring, disappearing ex, a man as handsome as he was shrewd, one gifted with amazingly skilled hands and an even more wicked mouth, Jojo can’t seem to follow orders as usual. Abandon the compromised mission? No way! She has two hours, and Jojo won’t let Mathias die. He disappeared from her life, and she’s missed his loving ever since. She won’t let him slip away again.

Because Jojo always gets her man, and this time, it's personal.

1 comment:

Kytaira said...

I love futuristics! And it will be nice to have the heroine as the one to save the hero. Thanks!