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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tuesday Spotlight: Lynne Logan

Sex. That one little word has a huge impact on an erotic romance. Without a heated sex scene or a lot of sexual tension throughout, the story is going to fizzle and die a slow, tortuous death. When reading an erotic romance, a reader expects sex or sexual tension and they expect a lot of it. At least, I know I do. And I want it hot, hot, hot. So hot my fingers burn from the characters combusting on the pages.

But what makes a good sex scene? I think it comes down to another, simple word--emotion. Without emotion in a scene, the connection between the hero and heroine feels flat. It’s far more than putting slot A into slot B. It’s putting the character’s emotion—it being fear, pleasure, hunger, anger, love or happiness—into every action and reaction. Yeah, you can have your characters have sex in the oddest places, at the oddest times and doing the oddest, kinkiest contortions imaginable, but without emotion, the scene along with the hero and heroine will become forgettable.

I’m still learning on what makes a good sex scene, and I will always continue to learn in order to grow as an author.

Is there a sex scene that you distinctly remember? In the movies, there’s two I think are the most erotic scenes I have ever watched and all the characters had their clothes on! Sea of Love with Al Pacino and Atonement with James McAvoy. Both men aren’t considered romantic leads but they burned up the screen!

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Janet H said...

Hello, Lynne

I think when you have emotion and sexual tension, you get a really hot scene whether you have a little sex or a lot of sex.