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Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Homecoming by Ehren Walker

Max impatiently allowed passengers to move past him before he stepped into the aisle. After a six-month stint in Korea, he was a man on a mission. It wouldn't do to keep the love of his life waiting.

True to form, Laura pushed through the crowd and almost knocked him over with an enthusiastic kiss.

Max wrapped his arms around her. "Well, hello to you too," he said, when she finally let him up for air.

"God, I missed you." Laura sighed and laid her head against his chest. Her unique scent filled his lungs, embraced his heart and caressed-- well, they were in a crowded airport. He was better off not thinking about it.

"Really now?" he teased.

She grinned. "Asshole."

He stepped back. "Let me catch my breath and get a good look."

"Like my new outfit?" She twirled around in a circle.

"Little warm for a coat."

Laura gave a furtive glace. "Not really," she whispered. "I'm not wearing anything else." She pulled the coat open far enough to reveal the gentle curve of her bare breast.

He groaned and bit his lip. "We may not make it home."

"Not to worry," she said with a seductive wink. "I rented a room."

Laura stepped into the hotel room and let the coat fall to the floor. Max followed its path down her body, revealing the soft curves and indent of her back. He paused to admire the sway of her ever-so-perfect bottom as she walked toward the bed.

"Whoa," he exclaimed. "Nice ass."

Laura turned to face him. "Well, don't just stand there gawking." She giggled. "Come here."

"Yes, Ma'am!" He was shirtless by the time he reached her. When their bodies came together, Max breathed a heavy sigh of relief. He'd made it home to her, marriage vows intact.

"Something wrong?"

"No." He squeezed her tighter, afraid if he let go she would disappear.

She answered with a passionate kiss, her hands working feverishly to help him out of his pants.

Max squirmed when Laura's hand slid down to his growing erection. "Be careful," he groaned. "That thing's loaded."

Laura knelt and lightly tongued the head of his hard shaft. "I'm counting on it," she cooed.

Enveloped in the moist warmth of her mouth, waves of pleasure washed over him. His knees grew weak. He grabbed her shoulder to steady himself. The pressure building in his groin intensified. Unable to control the involuntary thrust of his hips, he tried to pull away. But, Laura would not be denied. She held him there and stroked harder. Powerless against his body's aching need for release, a guttural cry escaped his lips when he came.

Max's head still swam in a fog when Laura stood and draped her arms around his neck.

"Feel better?"

He looked into her eyes and nodded. Heart racing and short of breath it was the best he could manage. He felt the heat between her thighs when she pressed against his groin and kissed him deeply. He tasted himself on her lips while she explored his mouth with her tongue.

Without a word he lowered her onto the bed. Max took a pillow and slid it under her raised hips. Laura shifted slightly and spread her legs to allow him access.

She moaned softly when he leaned forward and slid into the soft, pink folds between her thighs. He struggled to go deeper inside her, wanting, needing to bond with her soul again. He kissed her gently on the neck, tracing a path across her shoulder and down to her breast.

"Max . . . no," Laura groaned when he withdrew.

"Shhh," he whispered, touching his fingers to her lips. "It's my turn now."

Max returned his mouth to Laura's erect nipple, while his hand stole across her thigh and came to rest between her legs. She gasped when he wet his fingers in her depths, massaging her clit with his thumb.

He kissed his way down her body, shifting positions when he reached her cleft. He parted the velvet slit with his fingers and brushed his tongue against her swollen button. Greedily he licked the juices flowing from her, diving deeper into her folds for more.

Laura's breath lost its rhythm. Her thighs trembled. She grabbed his head with her hands trying to pull him up to her. "Please Max," she begged. "Fuck me!"

Ignoring her plea, Max quickened his assault on her clit, intent on sending her over the edge. Laura screamed his name, arching her back as the orgasm swept through her body. He raised her legs and rocked forward, plunging himself deep into the searing heat of her inner flesh. Repeatedly, he pulled back to the brink only to slide into her again.

"Harder," she moaned, raking her nails across his back.

He grabbed the headboard, lifting her off the pillow with each stroke, pounding his hips against hers with reckless abandon.

"Oh, God, Laura!" he cried, when the pressure welling in his groin broke free and flowed into her.

Max stirred when he felt a blanket settle over him. He opened his eyes and tried to focus on the figure leaning over him.

"Sorry if I woke you," the flight attendant said. "You looked a little cold."

"Thank you," Max replied, returning his head to the pillow Laura had given to him before he boarded the plane. She'd said the smell of her perfume would help him through the lonely nights, but he felt guilty for leaving her again.

Suck it up, Max, he told himself. Only one hundred and eighty days . . . four thousand three hundred and twenty hours . . . until Laura would meet him at the airport again, wearing that long black coat.

About the Author: Ehren dabbles at romance writing when he isn't busy working, helping aspiring authors, or being walked by his dog.

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