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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Author Interview: Danyealle Autumn Myst

Whipped Cream is pleased to welcome Danyealle Autumn Myst, author of Fate: In the Beginning from Whiskey Creek Press.

Danyealle started writing poetry as a catharsis for things that were going on in her life. She then moved to straight sex stories. From there, she moved on to longer, more involved stories.

"Writing is still my catharis," she told me, "and what I do to deal with things in my life. Now, it's still how I deal. If I'm stressed out, I write. If I'm having a bad day, I write. You get the picture. It's evolved into my way of coping. And I love it!"

I asked Danyealle how she distinguished between erotica, erotic romance, and pornography.

"I distinguish it this way," she said. "Erotica is sex with a plot of some kind. Erotic romance is a romance novel with explicit sex. Pornography is sex with no plot and done for the sake just to write one sex scene after another. Though some may disagree with that it's the way I see it."

She feels that one of the biggest public misconceptions is confusing them. "Erotica is not porn!" she said emphatically. "Erotica has explicit sex but is not porn with no plot. It can, and does often times, have just as good of a plot line as any other story. There just happens to be sex in it is all. Porn does not have that."

She told me that, strangely, what she sees as her best work and what others consider her best can be two different things. "The one story I have posted various places—I hate with all my being. It's one of the ones with the highest download counts and the highest ratings," she said. "Go figure."

She knows, though, that if a story holds her interest even while she's writing it, it will be a good story. On the other hand, if she gets bored with it herself and doesn't want to finish it, the odds are it won't turn out as well.

Danyealle's plan was to always write erotica, but there's a twist. "I never intended to write romance of any kind," she admitted, but it turned out that's exactly what I did. In fact, that's the majority of what I write and most things turn out that way. I was also the one that always loathed romance novels and never read them. I couldn't stand them but I ended up writing just that. Strange how that works sometimes."

When she does research for her books, she told me, "Generally, I farm that out as much as I possibly can. If I can't manage that one, then I grab friends I know have knowledge in certain areas. If I still can't find what I need, I start looking on the internet and the local library. The internet, though, is where I mostly find what I need. If you look in the right places it's a fount of information on all kinds of things and is fairly easy to find with sources to it."

Her fiancé is a big supporter and reads everything she writes. "Some of it, such as the m/m stuff, he isn't the biggest fan of," she admitted. The rest of her family have copies of the book, but haven't read it yet.

"I don't really want them to read it. Even though the warning of what it is was imparted I don't think it fully prepares them for what is contained in the pages! Beyond that they say nothing about it. Up to the point I managed to get it published they really didn't know I wrote anything. Or, if I mentioned I was working on a story, did they think I was serious about it," she shared with me.

She told me that the first sex scene she ever attempted was the most embarrassing. "Like most, I suppose, I did a great imitation of a cherry through the whole thing," she told me, "and couldn't believe, when done, that I had written such a thing. But, since then, it hasn't bothered me one darn bit!"

I asked her, "What is your favorite erotic book?"

"Fanny Hill," she replied. "That was really the first one I ever read, and I loved it. Though, the darker side of me does like The Story of O. It, in its own way, is a classic as well."

When Danyealle isn't writing, she can usually be found on the internet. "I loves my 'interwebs' and always find wonderful, interesting things to do! How can one ever get bored with the whole of the internet to explore? It's always changing and more stuff being added. You can always find something to do. Normal times, when I see a website on TV or hear something I've not heard of before I write it down in a little notebook that sits on my desk. Then, when I can't find anything to do, I pull that out and start looking things up. It always takes me on an interesting journey and I learn many new things."

On a personal note:

For eating off another's tummy: "The old staple whipped cream. Yummy, a bit chilly and so much fun!"

Favorite food: "I love my mashed potatoes and gravy! It's my all time favorite and has been since I was a kid. YUM!"

Food she can't bring herself to eat: "Rice! To me, it looks like maggots and I cannot force myself to gag it down."

She can also tell the difference between Coke and Pepsi. "I do NOT like Coke and can tell when someone passes it off as Pepsi!" she assured me.

Finally, I asked, "If you could be anyone you wanted, who would it be?"

"My cats," she said. "They have a great life! They also see the toilet as the petting chair. We won't elaborate from there..." You can keep up with Danyealle on her blog,

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