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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wednesday Spotlight: Whiskey Creek Press Torrid

Casino - Star Shine by Sultry Summers
Editor: Gail Simons
Cover Artist: Rika Singh



Sultry has changed since Sheila Eskew chose the pseudonym Sultry Summers as her erotic persona. At one time Sheila had several pieces out under her own name, longer works, not as much ‘erotica’ in the story but with plenty of steamy romance. Those works, though well reviewed and received, enjoyed short published lives since the publishers weren’t around long - live and learn. At some point those really wonderful stories will come back out, probably hotter and yes, written as Sheila.

For now Sheila seems to be in a more productive mode writing erotica as Sultry. I’m a hopeless romantic when I write erotic/erotica. Sex should improve the plot and story not be the story. It should build a relationship; lovers should worship each other’s bodies and souls, even with some hot alternative sex in the mix, and I’m a big fan of HEA’s. This motivates my stories and probably always will. There might come a time when I’ll write a HFN ending with a lot of meaningless, yet fulfilling for now, sex but I don’t see it in the next ten minutes.

Actually, I like being Sultry. As a Gemini, Sultry is my other self – my freer self, my butterfly – like the one tattooed on my right ankle.
Authors are always asked what inspires them, or motivates the story they’ve just published. The answers vary with the story, at least for me, but I suspect it does for us all. I get inspired from a song I’ve heard a million times and loved each time, but that ONE time it hits the right chord and BAM a story pops into my head. Then there was that motorcycle trip through a certain section of the Blue Ridge Mountains that inspired several good plots – but hey, that’s a ‘give-me’ – who wouldn’t get inspired there?

Writing as Sheila – I really lean toward the Science Fiction and Fantasy – romance has to be there – it’s just meant to be. Even H. G. Wells and Jules Verne put a little romance in their Science Fiction.

As Sultry Summers, born one hot, stormy Florida afternoon, (the power took a hit from lightning), the Science-Fiction and Fantasy is going to be there – most of the time. I’ve begun to write some contemporary here and there and the first one is due out in August.

One of the best places I find ideas are the pictures furnished to us by NASA. When NASA was created it did so much more than hand the American public a Space Program and a window to the future. It gave us Science Fiction come true.

I love to look at the pictures they furnish us from Voyager, Hubble and the various other deep space probes. It doesn’t take more than one or two pictures and I’ll come up with…something. It so happened I was viewing their website and talking with my daughter, an aspiring Astrophysicist and–WOW. A picture came up of two nebulas–breathtakingly beautiful, far out in space. Click. I said to her–“What a place to hide.”

She said, “Hide what?”

A little later on, possibly a day even, the History Channel ran the story of Las Vegas. Click.

The two just fell into place and the plotting started. That’s the way an author’s head works, at least this author’s head. I ride my bicycle, a great way to plot while spinning (and watching traffic). Over the next few–not days–but possibly longer, I jotted down notes here and there and finally pulled them together on a document on my laptop. Over a period of time I came back and changed things. I don’t really recall when the total plot came together, it just did. With Casino I wanted some BD/SM elements and I always remember the old bodice rippers I grew up with, so there is a little of that in there. I like a strong male with a gutsy female who fights back.

The slave auctions of old ‘Bagdad’ came to mind and it seemed to fit in so well, especially after Blaze, my heroine, battled the space pirates. When they found they could get a better deal on her after learning Blaze was a virgin, they sold her to the Casino instead of the villainous woman general who paid them to abduct her. My hero, Lord Kalx, a gallant lord and one with special male prowess, still enjoyed himself until he could buy Blaze and did so with the most dutiful intentions to his world—or used that as his reasoning. Actually he couldn’t get her out of his head. Of course being the strong heroine Blaze was, she fought against her captors and tried to escape. It didn’t matter that her captor was a man or a woman either.
More often my strong heroine will fight against the ‘right’ captor despite what their bodies are telling them. Their heads are telling them not to be dominated. Of course in the end she’s in his arms and it appears he’s won, but has he? Men always think they do. Ha!

To keep it interesting no two plots are the same and in the next one coming, Troy: Lovers Lost In The Mists, the plot is totally different—back and forth in time to ancient Troy and Greece; love on the beach under an Aegean full moon.

After that in my first contemporary, Mistress Says Faster, motorcycle hijackers and…well…bad boys, bad boys, what ya gonna do? Fall in love?

Sultry Summers

Intrigue, sex and planetary domination are swiftly flowing stellar undercurrents at Casino Star Shine.

Sold by space pirates to Casino - Star Shine, Blaze is determined to escape before she is sold at their virgin auction. Her escape attempt is foiled as, tackled by Casino guards, she tumbles at the feet of Lord Kalx.

Attracted to the fiery duchess, Kalx’s vacation of gaming and exploring erotic escapes with the Casino’s trained ladies dulls. Biding his time until he can buy Blaze at the auction, he meets an ominous woman general. She’s rumored to be intent on buying Blaze as a ransom in exchange for a rare mineral found on her world, and Kalx senses her malicious intent. Outbidding the general, he wins Blaze and marries her to unite their two worlds.

A relationship of master versus slave/wife turns to one of trust, respect and love. However, the general is determined to snatch Blaze by any way possible, including murder.

Without further conversation they entered the elevator. Still silent, he noted the girls' curious looks at each other, but didn’t tell them where they were going. Kalx decided to enjoy their talents in the privacy of his suite, perhaps on the domed terrace under the stars visible at the edge of the nova. If Narf was out, the twins could take care of his needs. He looked at each one, sure they were capable.
Putting an arm around each of their slender waists he drew them closer. One thing Narf knew was his taste in women. He didn’t like women skinny, or fat, but with some meat on their bodies, muscular, a woman a man’s hand could feel comfortable on.
Kalx had guessed correctly, Narf was out for the evening. “Girls, go out on the terrace,” he instructed them, “collect all the pillows large and small, make us a playpen of our own out there. I’ll get our drinks ready.” Both looked at him strangely, as if no other master had ever given such a command, or fixed refreshments himself. “Go on!” he smacked them with the flail. Giggling they hurried off to do his bidding. He watched them, through the terrace glass doors, getting their nest ready and joined them with a pitcher of drinks and a tray of snacks Narf left in the refrigerator.

Kalx listened to his instincts, and they were usually correct, as they were this evening. “Sit down girls, take off those collars. You won’t need them.” He chuckled and took off his own clothing, down to his loose pants, then handed each a drink. Nestling down in the cushions between the girls, after each accepted her drink, he was comfortably sandwiched between them. Kalx, already aroused from watching the playing in the pit room, didn’t waste any more time, he sipped his drink and turned to the twins.

“You are both lovely, but then as twins,” he chuckled, “you would be.”

“Thank you milord,” they chimed in unison.

Draining his drink he looked to each, “Which one to kiss first. Hmm.”

The girls solved the dilemma and both kissed him, one on the mouth; the other took his aroused cock from his loose pants into her rose tinted mouth. Kalx groaned, while the twin covering his mouth fenced with his tongue. He unfastened her bra-like top to fondle her breasts. She caressed his chest with the softest hands he thought had ever touched his body, while her sister removed his pants.

Returning to fondling his balls, her delicate hands and fingers stimulated his anus. In a rush of arousal and culmination of ecstasy, his cock stiffened and climaxed into her mouth. Instantly the twin kissing him dropped to his cock to join her sister drinking down his cum, licking and laving him.

Kalx cried out in his climax. So intense was the explosion he expected his cock to be drained, but found in a minute or so he was ready again. His hands ran through the long blonde hair of the two twins.

“Oh, girls, that was astounding.” The two seemed happiest when they pleasured him, laughing merrily, continuing to suck and lick his cock. One produced a jar with a cream of mysterious origins which she massaged into his anus, her soft fingers working slowly into his back opening keeping his cock amazingly ready and hard.
Sweet soft hands pushed his shoulders down into the cushions. Two legs spread and stood over him while she slowly slipped off her thong panties and spread her own nether lips for his viewing arousal. She slowly massaged her ripe coral hued nether lips, her clit hard and erect as a little cock. Her head tipped back, lost in her own world of self-induced ecstasy, she dropped to her knees, close to his mouth. Kalx watched, spellbound by the look of rapture on her face, joining her
fingers with his, entering her flowing, wet cunt repeatedly until she was close to climax.

Her sister still sucked his aroused cock, dancing over his balls and anus with her soft, delicate, and knowledgeable fingers. She caused such ecstasy in his body he felt himself floating,another orgasm building. Humming, tingling waves of sunbursts rushed through him leaving him gasping for air, under her control. She wouldn’t allow his release.

Tria, the sister who knelt over him, her beautiful green eyes staring down into his as she fingered her clit, slowly lowered her hairless vulva to just above his mouth. A heady sent of musk spring flowers surrounded him and he didn’t think it possible but his cock seem to stiffen more and he reached to further explore her sex.

“Would milord like to taste?” she asked with a seductive slur, her face glowing. He answered her by removing his fingers and teasing her clit with his tongue, the taste of her juices trickling into his mouth. It was he who was teased. With both hands on her rounded hips he pulled her closer to feast on her sex.

“Now you’ll be the one to scream in ecstasy my little twin, your sister can be next. Do you taste the same?” he questioned and quicker than he expected, she was crying her release. Now he knew their game and he contained his second climax, saving it for what he would do to them.

Gently laying her down among the cushions he beckoned her sister to take her place, almost hesitantly she complied, with a little fear in her face, his mighty erection seemingly limitless.

“Have you never been so satisfied so quickly little twin?” he teased. “I see why Narf gave me that flail. You two like to play games. I’ll give you both a few lashes for this game.” His tone bordered on the sinister.

“No,” she squeaked, “milord.” He laughed and she soon lay next to her sister. Now he stood over them, deciding which he would impale her first on his engorged cock. Taking the one who first thought she would tease him, he spread her legs and slowly slid his hard, hot engorged cock into her hyperstimulated body. A groan issued from her half open mouth. Kalx pushed as she did causing her to shriek in a climax. Kalx noticed her sister, the shyer one, start to move away.

“Stop!” he commanded, and the flail struck her backside. “Where do you think you are going?”

“Milord…I…” she stammered. “I fear…we always give pleasure but rarely receive it…like this.” Kalx had a wicked gleam in his eyes suspecting the little twin had told him the truth. Their patrons thought little of the girls’ needs and enjoyed receiving but rarely did the girls have the pleasure returned.

He enjoyed watching them squirm in ecstasy, especially two as adorable as these. He laughed. “You are next my dear, lie down, spread those sweet legs. You’ll get a little extra attention,” he assured her as her sister lay beneath him in the last throws of her climax. Kalx turned to her sister.

He presented his still hard cock to her. “You see, in my race of humans, the second climax takes much longer.” He smiled down into her pale face. “Something you didn’t know?”

She shook her head.

“Now you do. You may lick it again please.” She did as he instructed but only for a moment until he moved, pulling his well sized cock down between her breasts, over her navel, gently pushing it between her hairless nether lips to enter her core. “Lea, you may lick my balls please,” he waited until Lea complied and slowly pushed deeper into her sister’s sheath producing a loud and satisfied grunt. “Are you so frightened now?”

“No…milord,” she gasped, “Oh!”

“Thank you, Tria, you may stop.” Kalx pumped into her sister until Lea cried out her climax and expected him to soon do the same, begging him to. Kalx laughed. When he knew she could no longer continue, his gaze turned again to Lea.

Without a word she lay down and opening her legs, held her nether lips open for his access. Soon both again found their release.

“You are both quite—sweet.” He cuddled them close, kissing each on their foreheads, then pulled a large cover over them and all fell into a sound sleep. He would have to remember to thank Narf for another spectacular night. The general crossed his mind. He would see to her as well.

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