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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wednesday Spotlight: Wendi Darlin

Brown Bagging It by Wendi Darlin

I love my e-reader and I love ebooks, so don't take what I'm about to say the wrong way. I'm not discounting the green factor and all the trees we save. I'm not denying the convenience of carrying loads of books with you wherever you go. I'm not about to deny the cost factor in this challenging economy.

But come on, is it just me, or do you always wonder if the people you see out in public with their e-readers might be hiding something? That maybe they’re reading stuff as hot as you are?

It's like the paper sacks that some people leave over their beer in public. The brown long neck is still sticking out the top. We can still smell it on your breath! We know you've got the good stuff and not a cola in there.

So what about that lady sitting there across from you at the DMV, waiting to renew her driver's license? Why is she crossing and re-crossing her legs so much? Didn't she just scoot around in her chair a minute ago? Are these seats really that uncomfortable?

Maybe they are.

Or maybe she's reading something that would give the poor old man next to her a boner for the first time in years if he got a gander at the cover.

We won't ever know, will we? But the good thing is-- no one knows what we're reading either. Long live e-readers that allow us to take our books out in public without offending anyone or having to defend ourselves and our taste in reading material.

And as an added bonus you can't smell it on our breath.


Kim S. said...

Ha! That's the MAIN reason I love my ereader!! I keep a "nice" book loaded all the time(one which I will read also) and that way when someone askes what I'm holding and to see it, then what books I am reading, I show them the "nice" book and then happlily go back to reading my juicy books!! I get no questions, comments or judgements on what I'm reading.(actually I don't care what people think of what I read, but when I'm with my children...well, I've had a few people make remarks(pass judgement!))

Annnnd, I can possibly get someone else interested in eBooks!!

Wendi said...

LOL, Kim! I do the same thing! And you're right, we definitely introduce people to ebooks by carrying our readers out in public. I always get questions when I'm getting my hair done. :)

And I'm pretty sure my hairstylist, sneaks peeks over my shoulder to catch a glimpse of the hot stuff. LOL