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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tuesday Spotlight: KyAnn Waters

I’m a lover of strong alpha heroes. I want a bad boy who has a tender spot for his woman, or a man who can be ruthless in business and isn’t afraid to mix it up to protect someone he loves. But I also loves those heroes who act on instinct and are cunning in the pursuit of their mate.

So speaking of sexy, alpha types that make your thighs quiver and your knees weak . . .

Have you seen the trailer for X-Men: Origins? Squee. I am so excited. There are several blockbusters coming out this summer that are on my must see list. X-Men is at the top. In fact, I’m going to let my boys play hookie from school on May 1. One word – Wolverine. Or two words, Hugh Jackman.

Another movie at the top of my list is Terminator Salvation but then I’ll see anything with Christian Bale. Damn, that man is hot.

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