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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tuesday Spotlight: Catrina Calloway


When I’m at an event or get-together, the subject of my writing is always mentioned. Then, someone sidles up to me and asks THE QUESTION:

“So, you’re a romance author – do you DO all that stuff you write about?”
(Note: waggling eyebrows usually follows this question)

No, I do not do ‘all that stuff’. However, I do live vicariously through my heroines.

Those lucky girls.

Here comes the next question:

“...Well then, how do you get your ideas?”

It’s simple: I read the news. Whether I read it on-line, in print, or catch it on CNN, I keep informed about what’s going on in the world. My stories/books are contemporary ménage romances, so I want to know what’s happening right now.

Something always catches my eyes or ears. The story line for Eight Erotic Nights came from a CNN broadcast about the ‘new homeless.’ It was the same for the idea behind my upcoming Halloween story, Body Count. I saw a documentary about a body farm – where the dearly departed leave their bodies to be studied in various degrees of decomposition on a ‘farm’ designated for that purpose. It fascinated me.

Sometimes, you just have to read, read, READ. The inspiration for another upcoming release, Kissed by the Sun, came from something I read about the Native American Montauk Indians. The meaning of the tribe’s name, ‘Montauk,’ caught my attention – hence another story idea.

I think I like writing contemporary romance because the world around me is ripe with stories.

Would I ever consider writing another genre? Like historical romance? Maybe. I’ve toyed with the idea. I like building a world, although I believe that anything involving history must be accurate. It takes a lot of research.

So, now, I must run. My creative muse is all fired up from all this talk of ideas and world building.

I can hear my characters calling me – “Catrina, it’s time to play!”

It all happens in my head then I tap away on the computer keyboard and give you a sensual, erotic ménage romance.

Happy reading, everyone!

Catrina Calloway

Coming this October from Body Count by Catrina Calloway...a double dose of sexy evil is lurking this Halloween.

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