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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thursday Spotlight: Wendi Darlin

Darlin, Party of Three? By Wendi Darlin

I've come to the conclusion that I'm a prude. Yes, I write erotic romance. I even toss in some mild kink every once in a while. I write m/f/m menage and a little m/m on occasion. But I can't wrap my head around more than three moving bodies at once.

LOTS of readers buy multiple partner and menage stories. I swear these books sell by the truckloads. And for some fans, three is not enough. Lots of wonderful writers write stories that involve mind boggling numbers of lovers. But I don't think I could.

I was looking at one such book not too long ago and if I remember correctly, the ratio was 1:6. That's one female to six men. In erotica shorthand, we're talking, f/m/m/m/m/m/m.

Ok, excuse my bluntness here, but that's a lot of cock. I couldn't help but think, do they stick 'em in her ears?

NO. They don't! But you get the idea. It's a little overwhelming for me as a writer to even think about the logistics and coordination a single scene like that would require. Trying to imagine an entire book makes my head spin.

I'm not judging or putting down this combination at all. I respect all the subgenres of erotica, that don't cross legal or depraved lines. It's fantasy, not reality. The characters are in a safe sexual environment and they want to be there. So I'm fine with it.

I've just never read a menage that involved that many people, but I'm sure at some point I might. Curiosity will demand it. But for now I'll limit my bed parties to three.

“Darlin, party of three, your table's ready. Next scene we'll seat you in the bedroom.” See how easy that is? I like easy.


Kim S. said...


You're killing me here!! LOL And I thought F/M/M/M was wild and sexy!!

(pssst....what's the name of the book with the ear pluggin????)

Wendi said...

LOL! Kim, check out Siren Publishing's Menage Amour line. I believe there are several authors there who are pushing beyond the traditional 1:1 or 1:2 ratio. Obviously, I'm not one of them. :)