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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thursday Spotlight: KyAnn Waters

So some might say the deadliest catch would be a vampire, because well, a vamp’s mate eventually becomes one of the undead. Unless you are Loni Soleil in my story, Hot Blooded – available at She has special abilities because she is the offspring of a human mother and a father from a distant star.

But I’m referring to another one of my favorite things. I am obsessed with the Discovery Channel television show, The Deadliest Catch. And it isn’t because Mike Rowe who has the hottest voice in television is narrating the show. Talk about instant arousal. Considering the show takes place during the harsh, frigid winter on the Bering Sea, his voice sends a flash of heat to all the pleasure points.

Not that I would want a job on one of those crab boats, because most who know me, know that I get motion sickness on elevators, but the raw masculine strength of those guys is definitely the qualities that make up tough, rugged and wild heroes.

The show is on Tuesday nights on the Discovery Channel. Turn it on if you want turned on. And then follow up with Mike’s show, Dirty Jobs. Now there are a lot of dirty jobs I’d sign up for if he asked me to with that damned sexy voice of his.

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