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Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday Spotlight: Whiskey Creek Press Torrid

Siren Warrior Chronicles by Michelle Marquis and Lindsey Bayer
Editor: Sue Vetter
Cover Artist: Nancy Donahue

The Inspiration for the Siren Warrior Chronicles by Michelle Marquis

I’m afraid have a confession to make.

For those of you who know me and have read my e-books, this revelation won’t come as much of a surprise. But others might be a little stunned to read my secret truth.

What is this deep, dark mystery you may ask?

Well here it is: I have always loved the flawed characters in books and movies. The meaner and rottener they are, the better. But don’t get me wrong, not just any dastardly ne’er-do-well will do. No, the bad men and women I love best are those that struggle against their baser instincts and manage to reconnect with their humanity in the end. In other words, they become heroic despite themselves. Now that, dear friends, is a tale worth telling.

The Siren Warrior Chronicles is such a tale. This series is an ongoing story full of love and loss, triumph and sacrifice. At the center of these books is our strong willed heroine Gypsy Theron, a roguish general’s nineteen year old daughter who is more like her father than either of them can handle. Gypsy has decided to become the one thing her father will never support; a warrior. But our heroine is no wilting flower and she’s determined to get her way, even if that means she must lay down her life to achieve it. Can she overcome her family, her lover, and her culture to ultimately achieve her life’s dream? Perhaps, if her heart is strong enough, but Gypsy sure will have her work cut out for her…

So if you’re looking for an erotic science fiction adventure this spring and summer, make sure to stop by Whiskey Creek Torrid and pick up your copy today.

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Happy Reading,
Michelle Marquis


Books 1-3 of the Siren Warrior Trilogy

On the harsh and brutal planet of AEssyria women are expected to be quiet, obedient and demur, but poor Gypsy Theron is none of those things.

To the great chagrin of her parents, Gypsy Theron is a hellion and growing up the daughter of a famous AEssyrian general hasn’t helped matters. Now, at nineteen, it’s time for her to choose her own career and she’s chosen to be a warrior. Unfortunately for her, that’s an impossible dream for a woman.

Colonel Caraculla is a Razorback AEssyrian and General Gavin Theron’s right hand man. He’s served under Gavin for a very long time and the two are as close as brothers. But Gypsy is about to storm into his life and steal his heart away, and his love for her will not only strain his friendship with the general, it will cost him everything.

The Siren Warrior Chronicles by Michelle Marquis and Lindsey Bayer


The clang of steel was music to her ears. They’d been sparring behind the villa for almost two hours and she could tell Caraculla was completely distracted. Gypsy parried a horizontal chop from his saber with ease and playfully stabbed at his belly. “You’re getting old and slow,” she said, laughing and slicing the air.

“I have a lot of things on my mind,” he said, grabbing his canteen and gulping down some water. Some of it ran down the sides of his mouth, trickling down his throat and making damp ribbons over his thick chest. He was a bewitching sight in his sexual frustration. He tossed the canteen down and his nostrils flared as he approached her for another attack. Gypsy took advantage of his poor guard and kicked him in the chest, knocking him back about three feet.

Now he was pissed.

Leaning his head back, he sent a chilling reptilian screech into the early morning air. If she’d been his real enemy, she probably would have gotten a face full of venom. As it was, she just grinned. He was so damned sexy. With startling speed, he charged her. She sidestepped him and attacked him from the side as he passed close. Despite being so close, she never made contact. He blocked her with a slide slice and launched a few angry chops designed to drive her back. She tripped over a root and fell on her butt, wincing as he came down over her. He stared into her eyes, panting. Some sweat from his face dripped onto her cheek. Gypsy’s cheeks flushed with heat. “That,” he said, placing his saber to her neck, “is a kill.”

Laying her saber down, she leaned into him and touched her lips to his. The kiss was hot and short, but potent. She scooted back to get up, but he wasn’t going to accept a brief kiss from her. Caraculla put down his weapon and pulled her against him, claiming her mouth with his own. Suddenly, Gypsy was engulfed in a heated passion she never knew was in him. He pushed her down on the ground, his mouth spreading fire everywhere it went. A moment later, all thoughts of practice evaporated from her mind.


Becky said...

I enjoyed reading the excerpt. The Siren Warrior chronicles sounds like it will be a good series to read.

Kim S. said...

Can I fight with him too?? Ymmmm!

This series sounds very interesting!

Pam P said...

I too like flawed characters, and strong heroines.

Good excerpt. Reptilian scream? Making me think of an older TV miniseries - V.