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Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday Spotlight: Catrina Calloway


So, now you know, I enjoy writing erotic ménage romance. My heroines enjoy a relationship with two, hot, hunky, alpha-male heroes focused on her.


Excuse me while I go take a cold shower...

I’m back! And ready to talk scenes.

They’re not easy to write – at least, not for me. I want them to be perfect. They’re like a beautiful dance, choreographed by me, in my mind. Here’s the bottom line: If I’m not turned on after writing a love scene, I don’t think you will be either, when you read it.

I feel that way about writing in general. If I’m writing a sad part of the story, and I’m crying, there’s a good chance that you will be, too. Love scenes are an integral, expected part of a good romance book. I think they have to reflect the thoughts and feelings of the hero or heroine – and they have to make sense in the story, otherwise, it’s just not a romance.

While some people feel that romance stories are all ‘fluff’ and no ‘stuff’ – I think they’re wrong. A good romance reflects life and how we love. We’ve all felt intense feelings of love and attraction. We don’t just fall into bed with a lover (or lovers) – lots of ‘stuff’ goes on before that. Physical attraction, otherwise known as...chemistry.

I love books that describe the chemistry between two people. It makes me want to read more. I want to see if they’ll hook up and what happens when they do. Sometimes, that ‘hooking up’ makes their relationship complicated – they start to feel things they hadn’t counted on. Love isn’t ‘fluff’ and it certainly isn’t easy – ask anyone who’s ever been in love. If you’re not feeling the chemistry between the hero (or heroes) and the heroine, then I think the book falls short on delivering a good romance story.

I also think the characters have to fit a hot love scene. Meaning, are the characters doing something outrageous before that love scene? Something unexpected? I love characters that do the unexpected, characters that surprise me.

It makes me feel that perhaps, the author was just a little surprised, too, and that’s fine. Sometimes, the creative muse can lead you down a writing path you didn’t think you’d ever follow.

Happy reading!

Hugs from,
Catrina Calloway

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