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Saturday, April 25, 2009

For a Spanking Good Time by Syrell Starr

Dana Short stared at the only birthday card she’d received, a sappy note from her insurance agent. She tossed the card on the coffee table. “It’s my own damn fault.”

She picked up the erotic book she’d bought and settled down to start chapter two. Her thighs tingled as she envisioned herself as the heroine, locked in a clash of wills with the sexy hero. What she wouldn’t give to live out her biggest sexual fantasy without embarrassment or worse, feeling like some pervert.

Her ex-boyfriend had called her a freak for wishing what he considered kink in their relationship. He was one of the reasons she’d left her small hometown for Dallas. Her cheeks flamed with the memory, and she pushed it away to concentrate on the story.

The doorbell rang, and she started. Marking the page, she set the paperback down and opened the door.

“Are you Dana Short?” A man in snug fitting jeans read her name off a card.

She tried to see his face through the arrangement of lilies. “Yes.”

He pulled the flowers from his face. “Then these must be for you.”

Her fingers wrapped around the vase, but she was too arrested by his handsome features to pay attention to the task. She took a step back, tripped on her too-long pajama bottoms, and sent the blooms flying.

The man ducked, but not before a spray of water showered his shirtfront. The plastic container hit the carpet and flowers scattered about the damp floor.

“I’m so sorry,” she gushed and bent to scoop up the flowers.

“Are you all right?” He picked up the vase and let her stuff stems back inside.

“Just clumsy.” Warmth tinged her skin. “Oh gosh, come in and let me get you a towel. I can’t believe I did that.”

He hesitated before crossing the threshold. She went to the kitchen in search of a towel, leaving him alone. When she returned, he held her book in one hand and the card in the other.

“Flowers, a birthday card and …”

She snatched the book from his fingers and handed him the towel. “It’s my birthday, and I’m entitled to a little recreational fun.”

He blotted his wet shirt. “No one to celebrate with?”

She shrugged. “I’m new in town.”

“Me, too.” The corners of his mouth curved, displaying straight white teeth against a tanned complexion. “Do you have plans for dinner?”

“Are you asking me out?”

“Yep. Here, sign for the flowers. I’ve got other runs to make, but if I hurry, I can finish and come back in about two hours. Sound good?”

She nodded, too dumbfounded to speak.

“Oh, and wear something simple like a sundress.” He nodded toward the erotic book. “I don’t want to fight my way through layers of clothing when I – give you your birthday spanking.”

She glanced at the sleezy cover of a woman’s bare bottom draped over hard thighs. A Spanking Good Time blazed across the top. Her insides flip flopped.

Dana stumbled and fell into Conner’s embrace. She giggled, having enjoyed their date immensely. He regaled her with stories of his childhood, putting her at ease and making her laugh. Conner O’Brien. She couldn’t believe she’d been so silly as to accept the date without first learning his name. Now, she knew all about him. The twenty-four-year old businessman had been doing a favor by taking care of deliveries for his brother’s nursery. She owed Daniel O’Brien a big kiss for sending the sexy auburn haired man her way.

“You’re either very clumsy, or you like letting me play hero.” He gave her a hug and led her the rest of the way to her apartment.


She unlocked her apartment door and swept inside. Connor followed and nodded to the pile of gifts he’d brought earlier. “Ready to see what I got you?”

“You didn’t have to, you know. You hardly know me.”

He ran hands through thick black hair. “I have ulterior motives.”

“Such as?”

“Such as playing the lead role from that book you were reading.”

“Connor …”

He grabbed her hands. “I think it’s very sexy that you’re interested in spanking. Not many girls like to experiment in what some would consider kinky sex. If I’m wrong about you, I’ll apologize now and leave, but if I’m right…”

She hung her head. “I’ve never been spanked, but I fantasize about it all the time.” She couldn’t believe she was telling him this.

He threw his head back and laughed. “My dream girl come true.”

Pulling her across the room, he pushed her onto the couch and handed her a gift. She tore into the gaily, wrapped box and withdrew a stuffed puppy. The next two gifts were similar in context; a piggy bank and a funny, singing bear.

She reached for another, but he stopped her. He held out a different box. “Open this one first, and if you’re not ready for sexual adventure, we’ll shelve it for the next time.”

She took it and opened the present to find a box of condoms. Butterflies danced in her stomach, and her knees shook. More than anything, she wanted to experience sex with this man. He pulled her close and kissed her. Desire flared, and she melted into his arms.

When he pulled away, he placed the last gift in her hands. Trembling fingers tore into the paper. From the box, she withdrew a paddle that said, For a Spanking Good Time.

She stared at the gift for an eternity before he drew her slowly across his lap. Without a word, he lifted her sundress and slipped her panties to her knees. She tensed but relaxed when the smooth wood slid across her skin. The sensations were incredible, everything she’d dreamed of. Then the first crack of warmth exploded across her buttocks. She sighed.

One down and twenty to go. Tonight was going to be the best birthday ever.

About the Author: Syrell Starr is a product of two very independent thinkers who taught her to believe in the moon. She derives pleasure from fanciful musings and hopes to share her love of storytelling with readers who possess a passion for titillating scenes.

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