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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Author Interview: Devyn Quinn

Whipped Cream is pleased to welcome Devyn Quinn, author of Man After Midnight, being released this month as well as "Personal Possessions," one of her favorite stories, in the anthology Dangerous Ties.

I asked her what, in her opinion, made a good erotic story.

"My characters have to have some sort of emotional connection, even if they are little more than strangers," she said. "There has to be a spark between them that is realistic and makes enough sense that they would want to engage in physical relations."

She also told me, "I have never written an embarrassing scene that I know of. I like to think I tailor the scenes to fit the needs of my characters in a way that will engage the reader into believing the people presented are really involved with each other."

Devyn didn't start off writing erotic romance. She wrote straight paranormal romance and gothic romance off and on for years. One of her former e-publishers approached her and suggested she give erotic romance a try. The rest, as they say, is history. She was not an overnight success, however. She told me that her writing path can be described as having evolved "very slowly and painfully, through many years."

She said she finds writing erotic romance more of a challenge, because "it's difficult to keep the sexual situations fresh and challenging for the reader. There are only so many ways to describe the physical act, so the author of erotic romance has to delve even deeper (no pun intended) to make what is a pretty cut and dried physical act something new and refreshing for the reader."

Erotic romance is more than just "porn with a fancy name," which is what Devyn sees as the biggest public misconception about erotica. "Anyone can write a sex scene," she said. "Few authors can write a good sex scene that gets the reader involved in the emotions of the characters."

If someone is interested in writing erotic romance, Devyn feels it's important for aspiring writers to read works by authors whose work they admire. That way they can learn the mechanics of the language, scene set up, and characterizations. It's also important to hone their craft, to study the market, but then to find their own niche. "Writing what's hot or what's popular on the genre market," she warned, "just makes you a pale imitator of what's already being sold. Be original, be daring, and be bold!"

I asked Devyn how she researched her books.

"Depending on the subject, I try to find a few books and articles covering the subject so that when I have to use realistic details, locations, etc. I will have at least a working idea and can add a bit of authenticity," she said. "The rest I make up to suit myself."

Body piercings are very popular in erotic fiction and Devyn shared with me why she thinks body piercings are seen as sexy and what part of her body she would pierce herself.

"I think pierced ears or a little stud on the side of the nose is cute," she said, "but anything more than that looks tacky! I think it’s the idea of pain and penetration of a sensitive area that turns some people on."

For some more things about Devyn you may not know:

She loves Fire Roasted Tomato and Olive Oil Triscuits and eats them daily.

She can't stand yoghurt, and she can absolutely tell the difference between Coke and Pepsi (even though she didn't confess which one she prefers).

Her favorite letter is M, which she described as "a nice strong letter."

And, her strangest habit is that her animals (dog, cats, and ferrets) all sleep in the bed with her.

Finally, I asked Devyn who she would be if she could be anyone. She laughed and replied, "I would be me, but more beautiful, successful, and filthy rich." You can keep up with Devyn on her website,

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