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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thursday Spotlight: Whiskey Creek Press Torrid

Mystic Stones by Kiki Howell
Editor: Gail Simmons
Cover Artist: Jinger Heaston

From Kiki

I have always loved to read, spending hours lost in a book. Getting caught up in the characters lives, I am easily transported into another place in time where I get to be someone else, someplace else, and experience something new. I am the same way when I write. Creating magical lives with just words has become an amazing and a humbling obsession.

Haunting libraries and bookstores is one of my favorite ways to pass time. My ideas for stories often spring from non-fiction and are spun into fantasy. Being bewitched by books on Wicca, Mystic Stones was woven from a spell that utilized the mystical properties of a gemstone. My research began in the legend and lore surrounding my own personal gemstone, the aquamarine. Centering my romance in “Aquamarine Love,” on the emotional expressions attributed to the stone, I allowed my hero and heroine to be called together by its powers.

Once I wrote one story, I had to write another. I took the black onyx, believed for protection by making oneself invisible to the negativity of others, and used it to let a real witch escape unnoticed from the Witch Hunters. As I wrote “A Witch’s Protection,” it felt like I was able to settle a score with such a horrific moment in history.

“Sexual Healing” was a story I had previously written, but set aside. I realized how the story would profit from the healing magic of the stones. Undecided as to the right stone, I gave my hero a whole bag!

The last story I wrote was “The Stone Hex.” With further reading, I had found out about how the beautiful designs on the sides of barns were called Hex Signs thought to ward off evil by the Pennsylvania Dutch. The setting of this story became an old abandoned home my friends and I used to dangerously explore in the hills of Southern Ohio where I grew up.

Before I knew it, I had an anthology. I was very excited to find it a home at Whiskey Creek Press Torrid, and to have the very talented Jinger Heaston adorn the book with such a fantastic cover.


Throughout history, many have believed in the magical powers and healing properties of gemstones. In Mystic Stones, the skeptical are forced into believing by their own needs and desires.

Because of the gemstones they possess…

In Aquamarine Love, Nadia’s desperation could lead her to her destiny;

In The Stone Hex, an old witch’s curse could ignite the first sparks of attraction between Rachael and Gabe;

In A Witch’s Protection, attraction could save Emaline from torture at the hands of the witch-finders;

And in Sexual Healing, love may save David and Catherine from themselves.

In these stories of sex and redemption, witches and ghosts — the characters will tug at your heart and arouse your passions. Become enchanted with the mystical powers of the gemstones while being swept away by the romances of those in their mists…

Excerpt From Aquamarine Love in Mystic Stones

The aquamarine stone that hung around her neck lay cold and hard, pushed between her naked breasts by the breeze of the Cretan Gulf. Her toes dug into the sand in avoidance of the slightly chilled water. Wanting no barriers, Naida had stripped herself of clothing. In a moment of clarity, however, she hoped she was hidden enough by the crag of rocks jutting out from the land on her left, and the boats on her right. It was midnight of the August full moon. She slowly entered the water. After three quick steps, a wave washed up over her naked waist. She stopped in a wide legged stance allowing the moving water to rush back and forth between her thighs. That long ignored area clenched up causing an undeniable ache through her stomach and heart. After three more slow steps, a wave washed up over her chest. She searched the water for any signs not even sure what she was looking for. The movement of the water tracked the moments passing her by. She felt overwhelmed by the unknown.

Naida grabbed the blue stone hanging over her chest hoping for the calm it was supposed to provide. There was no telling how old the stone actually was. It had been passed down generation after generation through the first-born females in her family. She searched her mind for the ancestral tale of the aquamarine. It told of a mermaid, a lonely woman, and the sea. As she remembered it, the woman had sat crying one night at the edge of the same waters Naida entered tonight. A mermaid had emerged from the water with the stone as an offering, a gift for the sad and lonely woman. The song of the mermaid could not exactly be remembered all these years later, but the powers of the stone she sang of were still told. Naida could hear her mother telling her to wear the aquamarine always over her heart. It would bring her the peace needed to make full use of her inner powers, enhancing her connection to her higher self, so that, when the stone brought to her the man she was destined to love, her eyes would be open to him. Once she married, the stone would bring her and her lover the mutuality needed for a lasting relationship. Then, when a daughter was born to her and became of childbearing age, she was to pass on the stone with the story of its powers.

And yet, Naida, now in her late twenties, was often anxious despite the stone and very much alone. Her grandmother blamed Naida’s choice of a new modern, hectic life at the University of Crete in Rethymnon, where she worked. Naida’s love of learning had led her to become a professor. Wrapped up in research, many full moons had passed her by as she ignored the calling of the water. Her grandmother and her mother still called to remind her every full moon to go to the sea to immerse the stone in the water to recharge its powers. Yet, more often than not, she didn’t even answer the phone as she worked through the night.

Although calmer now, it was in a numbing state of despair that she walked back out of the water only to crumple onto the shoreline as her tears began to fall and join the sea. So out of touch was she that she did not hear the wary footsteps of a man approaching her.

A hand on her back made Naida sit up knocking into this man’s bare chest. Instinct had her trying to elbow her unknown attacker, but he caught her arms, wrapping himself around her like a straight jacket to protect himself. The glow of the stone on her chest stopped them both. Her labored breathing caused it to rise and fall shedding blue light over her jutting nipples. His knees dropped to the sand so that he was now straddling her. Naida could feel the heat of his hands on her arms, the tickle of his chest hair on her back and the strength of his thighs around her legs. The feeling of his cold skin burned through her as the backs of his fingers pushed between her breasts to grab the stone. At that moment, Naida felt nothing but peace in her heart and arousal in her soul. The tiny chill of the midnight water lapped at them. And, she curled back against him resting her weight upon his chest leaving her legs spread open wide beneath her.

“My name is Naida,” she said, her voice coming out small against the sound of the waves and the wind.

“The stone?” he questioned, as his hand came to rest on the full of her breasts still gripping the stone.

“It is an Aquamarine. It brought me you.”

In another time and another place that statement would have sounded too bizarre to say out loud. She hoped somehow he had felt the call.

“Naida.” He said her name in a way that left her unsure if he was trying to clarify her correct name or to just grasp onto some sort of reality with the sound of his own voice.

“Yes,” she answered.

She closed her eyes a second to force other senses to reassure her of his presence. She felt his hand gently put the stone back against her skin. Sensation lingered as he let his hand brush over her one breast and come to rest over her nipple. She breathed in deeply, serenity pushing her erect nipples harder into his fingers. She had not even asked his name, and yet she felt no fear of him, only a yearning deep within her. She laid her head back onto his shoulder to look into his eyes. He kissed her softly while he slid a hand to her stomach. Inch by inch she felt his hands lower till they met with hair.

“Naida,” he breathed out her name as his hands slid to her thighs.

“Touch me. I have waited so long for you.”

She felt him breath deeply in and out. She felt his cock bump against her as his hands remained on her thighs torturing her. He tightened his grip on the fullness of the flesh there.

“You can touch me,” she said as she straightened her back a little to kiss his neck. She opened more so that his hands fell into her moistness. She felt the pressure of his hands tensing. Her clit throbbed wanting to escape the skin separating it from his fingers. As the pressure of his hands became more intense, the roughness of his skin became more apparent. Her hands went instinctively to his. She forced the first two fingers of his right hand onto her aching opening. The muscles clenched at the intrusion. She rocked the first two fingers of his left hand between her folds to her clit. He took over from there working her as she pumped her hips. Then, he took his hands from her.

Crawling around her still on his knees, he ran his hands down her arms as he laid her back onto the sand just where the crest of the wave lapped. Pulling her legs out from under her and placing them around him, he looked at her as if mesmerized. The moonlight shone through the hairs on her mound. The stone continued to glow further illuminating her skin. He pushed down his pants revealing a need for her. A spot of liquid glistened blue on the tip of his engorged cock.

“Naida,” he sighed her name as the tip of his penis pressed against her moist opening.

“I’m Damian,” he stated as he plunged his dick into the tightness of her pussy.

Their breath caught simultaneously. He pushed in and out of her along with the rhythm of the waves. She pulled his chest down onto her own, so that the stone was against his heart also. They climaxed together with muscles clenching and limbs shaking for what seemed like a glorious eternity, then his full weight collapsed onto her.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wednesday Spotlight: Whiskey Creek Press Torrid

Casino - Star Shine by Sultry Summers
Editor: Gail Simons
Cover Artist: Rika Singh



Sultry has changed since Sheila Eskew chose the pseudonym Sultry Summers as her erotic persona. At one time Sheila had several pieces out under her own name, longer works, not as much ‘erotica’ in the story but with plenty of steamy romance. Those works, though well reviewed and received, enjoyed short published lives since the publishers weren’t around long - live and learn. At some point those really wonderful stories will come back out, probably hotter and yes, written as Sheila.

For now Sheila seems to be in a more productive mode writing erotica as Sultry. I’m a hopeless romantic when I write erotic/erotica. Sex should improve the plot and story not be the story. It should build a relationship; lovers should worship each other’s bodies and souls, even with some hot alternative sex in the mix, and I’m a big fan of HEA’s. This motivates my stories and probably always will. There might come a time when I’ll write a HFN ending with a lot of meaningless, yet fulfilling for now, sex but I don’t see it in the next ten minutes.

Actually, I like being Sultry. As a Gemini, Sultry is my other self – my freer self, my butterfly – like the one tattooed on my right ankle.
Authors are always asked what inspires them, or motivates the story they’ve just published. The answers vary with the story, at least for me, but I suspect it does for us all. I get inspired from a song I’ve heard a million times and loved each time, but that ONE time it hits the right chord and BAM a story pops into my head. Then there was that motorcycle trip through a certain section of the Blue Ridge Mountains that inspired several good plots – but hey, that’s a ‘give-me’ – who wouldn’t get inspired there?

Writing as Sheila – I really lean toward the Science Fiction and Fantasy – romance has to be there – it’s just meant to be. Even H. G. Wells and Jules Verne put a little romance in their Science Fiction.

As Sultry Summers, born one hot, stormy Florida afternoon, (the power took a hit from lightning), the Science-Fiction and Fantasy is going to be there – most of the time. I’ve begun to write some contemporary here and there and the first one is due out in August.

One of the best places I find ideas are the pictures furnished to us by NASA. When NASA was created it did so much more than hand the American public a Space Program and a window to the future. It gave us Science Fiction come true.

I love to look at the pictures they furnish us from Voyager, Hubble and the various other deep space probes. It doesn’t take more than one or two pictures and I’ll come up with…something. It so happened I was viewing their website and talking with my daughter, an aspiring Astrophysicist and–WOW. A picture came up of two nebulas–breathtakingly beautiful, far out in space. Click. I said to her–“What a place to hide.”

She said, “Hide what?”

A little later on, possibly a day even, the History Channel ran the story of Las Vegas. Click.

The two just fell into place and the plotting started. That’s the way an author’s head works, at least this author’s head. I ride my bicycle, a great way to plot while spinning (and watching traffic). Over the next few–not days–but possibly longer, I jotted down notes here and there and finally pulled them together on a document on my laptop. Over a period of time I came back and changed things. I don’t really recall when the total plot came together, it just did. With Casino I wanted some BD/SM elements and I always remember the old bodice rippers I grew up with, so there is a little of that in there. I like a strong male with a gutsy female who fights back.

The slave auctions of old ‘Bagdad’ came to mind and it seemed to fit in so well, especially after Blaze, my heroine, battled the space pirates. When they found they could get a better deal on her after learning Blaze was a virgin, they sold her to the Casino instead of the villainous woman general who paid them to abduct her. My hero, Lord Kalx, a gallant lord and one with special male prowess, still enjoyed himself until he could buy Blaze and did so with the most dutiful intentions to his world—or used that as his reasoning. Actually he couldn’t get her out of his head. Of course being the strong heroine Blaze was, she fought against her captors and tried to escape. It didn’t matter that her captor was a man or a woman either.
More often my strong heroine will fight against the ‘right’ captor despite what their bodies are telling them. Their heads are telling them not to be dominated. Of course in the end she’s in his arms and it appears he’s won, but has he? Men always think they do. Ha!

To keep it interesting no two plots are the same and in the next one coming, Troy: Lovers Lost In The Mists, the plot is totally different—back and forth in time to ancient Troy and Greece; love on the beach under an Aegean full moon.

After that in my first contemporary, Mistress Says Faster, motorcycle hijackers and…well…bad boys, bad boys, what ya gonna do? Fall in love?

Sultry Summers

Intrigue, sex and planetary domination are swiftly flowing stellar undercurrents at Casino Star Shine.

Sold by space pirates to Casino - Star Shine, Blaze is determined to escape before she is sold at their virgin auction. Her escape attempt is foiled as, tackled by Casino guards, she tumbles at the feet of Lord Kalx.

Attracted to the fiery duchess, Kalx’s vacation of gaming and exploring erotic escapes with the Casino’s trained ladies dulls. Biding his time until he can buy Blaze at the auction, he meets an ominous woman general. She’s rumored to be intent on buying Blaze as a ransom in exchange for a rare mineral found on her world, and Kalx senses her malicious intent. Outbidding the general, he wins Blaze and marries her to unite their two worlds.

A relationship of master versus slave/wife turns to one of trust, respect and love. However, the general is determined to snatch Blaze by any way possible, including murder.

Without further conversation they entered the elevator. Still silent, he noted the girls' curious looks at each other, but didn’t tell them where they were going. Kalx decided to enjoy their talents in the privacy of his suite, perhaps on the domed terrace under the stars visible at the edge of the nova. If Narf was out, the twins could take care of his needs. He looked at each one, sure they were capable.
Putting an arm around each of their slender waists he drew them closer. One thing Narf knew was his taste in women. He didn’t like women skinny, or fat, but with some meat on their bodies, muscular, a woman a man’s hand could feel comfortable on.
Kalx had guessed correctly, Narf was out for the evening. “Girls, go out on the terrace,” he instructed them, “collect all the pillows large and small, make us a playpen of our own out there. I’ll get our drinks ready.” Both looked at him strangely, as if no other master had ever given such a command, or fixed refreshments himself. “Go on!” he smacked them with the flail. Giggling they hurried off to do his bidding. He watched them, through the terrace glass doors, getting their nest ready and joined them with a pitcher of drinks and a tray of snacks Narf left in the refrigerator.

Kalx listened to his instincts, and they were usually correct, as they were this evening. “Sit down girls, take off those collars. You won’t need them.” He chuckled and took off his own clothing, down to his loose pants, then handed each a drink. Nestling down in the cushions between the girls, after each accepted her drink, he was comfortably sandwiched between them. Kalx, already aroused from watching the playing in the pit room, didn’t waste any more time, he sipped his drink and turned to the twins.

“You are both lovely, but then as twins,” he chuckled, “you would be.”

“Thank you milord,” they chimed in unison.

Draining his drink he looked to each, “Which one to kiss first. Hmm.”

The girls solved the dilemma and both kissed him, one on the mouth; the other took his aroused cock from his loose pants into her rose tinted mouth. Kalx groaned, while the twin covering his mouth fenced with his tongue. He unfastened her bra-like top to fondle her breasts. She caressed his chest with the softest hands he thought had ever touched his body, while her sister removed his pants.

Returning to fondling his balls, her delicate hands and fingers stimulated his anus. In a rush of arousal and culmination of ecstasy, his cock stiffened and climaxed into her mouth. Instantly the twin kissing him dropped to his cock to join her sister drinking down his cum, licking and laving him.

Kalx cried out in his climax. So intense was the explosion he expected his cock to be drained, but found in a minute or so he was ready again. His hands ran through the long blonde hair of the two twins.

“Oh, girls, that was astounding.” The two seemed happiest when they pleasured him, laughing merrily, continuing to suck and lick his cock. One produced a jar with a cream of mysterious origins which she massaged into his anus, her soft fingers working slowly into his back opening keeping his cock amazingly ready and hard.
Sweet soft hands pushed his shoulders down into the cushions. Two legs spread and stood over him while she slowly slipped off her thong panties and spread her own nether lips for his viewing arousal. She slowly massaged her ripe coral hued nether lips, her clit hard and erect as a little cock. Her head tipped back, lost in her own world of self-induced ecstasy, she dropped to her knees, close to his mouth. Kalx watched, spellbound by the look of rapture on her face, joining her
fingers with his, entering her flowing, wet cunt repeatedly until she was close to climax.

Her sister still sucked his aroused cock, dancing over his balls and anus with her soft, delicate, and knowledgeable fingers. She caused such ecstasy in his body he felt himself floating,another orgasm building. Humming, tingling waves of sunbursts rushed through him leaving him gasping for air, under her control. She wouldn’t allow his release.

Tria, the sister who knelt over him, her beautiful green eyes staring down into his as she fingered her clit, slowly lowered her hairless vulva to just above his mouth. A heady sent of musk spring flowers surrounded him and he didn’t think it possible but his cock seem to stiffen more and he reached to further explore her sex.

“Would milord like to taste?” she asked with a seductive slur, her face glowing. He answered her by removing his fingers and teasing her clit with his tongue, the taste of her juices trickling into his mouth. It was he who was teased. With both hands on her rounded hips he pulled her closer to feast on her sex.

“Now you’ll be the one to scream in ecstasy my little twin, your sister can be next. Do you taste the same?” he questioned and quicker than he expected, she was crying her release. Now he knew their game and he contained his second climax, saving it for what he would do to them.

Gently laying her down among the cushions he beckoned her sister to take her place, almost hesitantly she complied, with a little fear in her face, his mighty erection seemingly limitless.

“Have you never been so satisfied so quickly little twin?” he teased. “I see why Narf gave me that flail. You two like to play games. I’ll give you both a few lashes for this game.” His tone bordered on the sinister.

“No,” she squeaked, “milord.” He laughed and she soon lay next to her sister. Now he stood over them, deciding which he would impale her first on his engorged cock. Taking the one who first thought she would tease him, he spread her legs and slowly slid his hard, hot engorged cock into her hyperstimulated body. A groan issued from her half open mouth. Kalx pushed as she did causing her to shriek in a climax. Kalx noticed her sister, the shyer one, start to move away.

“Stop!” he commanded, and the flail struck her backside. “Where do you think you are going?”

“Milord…I…” she stammered. “I fear…we always give pleasure but rarely receive it…like this.” Kalx had a wicked gleam in his eyes suspecting the little twin had told him the truth. Their patrons thought little of the girls’ needs and enjoyed receiving but rarely did the girls have the pleasure returned.

He enjoyed watching them squirm in ecstasy, especially two as adorable as these. He laughed. “You are next my dear, lie down, spread those sweet legs. You’ll get a little extra attention,” he assured her as her sister lay beneath him in the last throws of her climax. Kalx turned to her sister.

He presented his still hard cock to her. “You see, in my race of humans, the second climax takes much longer.” He smiled down into her pale face. “Something you didn’t know?”

She shook her head.

“Now you do. You may lick it again please.” She did as he instructed but only for a moment until he moved, pulling his well sized cock down between her breasts, over her navel, gently pushing it between her hairless nether lips to enter her core. “Lea, you may lick my balls please,” he waited until Lea complied and slowly pushed deeper into her sister’s sheath producing a loud and satisfied grunt. “Are you so frightened now?”

“No…milord,” she gasped, “Oh!”

“Thank you, Tria, you may stop.” Kalx pumped into her sister until Lea cried out her climax and expected him to soon do the same, begging him to. Kalx laughed. When he knew she could no longer continue, his gaze turned again to Lea.

Without a word she lay down and opening her legs, held her nether lips open for his access. Soon both again found their release.

“You are both quite—sweet.” He cuddled them close, kissing each on their foreheads, then pulled a large cover over them and all fell into a sound sleep. He would have to remember to thank Narf for another spectacular night. The general crossed his mind. He would see to her as well.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tuesday Spotlight: Whiskey Creek Press Torrid

Modern Day Vampires: Vampire 101 by Paige Tyler
Editor: Sara Kent
Cover Artist: Rika Singh

A Note From Paige

I've had a thing for vampires ever since I first saw the tall, dark, and hunky Angel on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so when I decided to write a vamp paranormal romance, I thought why not write about a heroine who was as into him as I am? Of course, Savanna, the sexy heroine in my new book Vampire 101, ended up getting a little more caught up in the whole vampire thing than I think I would like. For one thing, she likes to hang out at Goth clubs on the weekend, figuring that's as close to the dark, brooding Angel as she's ever likely to get. Now, I can honestly say I've never done that! It was fun to write about it, though.

Since she's read just about every vamp book ever written, and watched every television show and movie ever made about them to boot, Savanna considers herself somewhat of an expert on the subject. Of course, she doesn't really believe in her heart that vampires exist. It's just fun to think they do. She'd be happy just to find someone with a few vamp-like qualities - hence the Goth clubs. But then her whole world is turned upside down when she's bitten by a real-life rogue vampire and left for dead outside a Goth club. That's when she discovers—the hard way—that they really do exist after all. And when the sinfully handsome vampire Kaige, the hero of Vampire 101, comes to her rescue and saves her life by turning her into one, she learns that everything she thought she knew about vampires is wrong.

But just because she was wrong about the details doesn't mean that she isn't in for the wildest, craziest, most sensual ride of her life! Time to hold on tight and find out how a modern vampire really lives!

VAMPIRE 101 - Blurb

Being a Vampire Isn't What It Used to Be!

Savanna Royce is a weekend Goth-girl who has always been fascinated with vampires. She doesn’t really believe in them, of course, but that changes when she is bitten by a rogue vamp and left for dead.

Fortunately, two-hundred-and-seventy-eight-year-old vampire Kaige Travers is there to rescue her. Unwilling to let her die, he turns Savanna into a vampire to save her life, not knowing if she’ll thank him or hate him for it.

While Kaige is teaching Savanna what she needs to know about being a vampire, neither of them can deny the chemistry that’s there. Somewhere between getting her registered at the local vampire admin office and teaching her how to order blood on the internet, they fall for each other, fast and hard.

Just as things are heating up between the sheets – and everywhere else – they encounter one minor problem. The rogue vampire who attacked her is back and this time, he wants to finish the job he started.

Excerpt from Vampire 101

Heart hammering in her chest, Savanna lifted her head to see a tall, dark-haired man coming into the room. Even as fuzzy as she was, there was no mistaking those rugged good looks. He was the guy she remembered leaning over her.

“You’re awake,” he said. “That’s good.”

His voice was deep and velvety, just like she remembered. Savanna jumped to her feet and she backed away from him on wobbly legs.

“Who are you?” she demanded. “Where am I?”

The man held up his hand in a placating gesture. “Just take it easy. I’m not going to hurt you,” he said. “My name is Kaige Travers, and you’re in my house.”

Savanna’s eyes narrowed suspiciously. What the heck kind of name was Kaige, anyway?Probably fake. “Why did you bring me here?” she asked, not bothering to return the introduction.

Kaige regarded her thoughtfully for a moment. “How much do you remember about what happened at the Goth club?” he asked.

Savanna’s pulse began to race. He couldn’t possibly be referring to that crazy stuff from her dream. “What are you talking about?”

He hesitated. “You were attacked. I had to bring you here to save your life.”

She frowned. “What do you mean, you brought me here to save my life? Why didn’t you just take me to a hospital? What kind of attack?”

“The hospital wouldn’t have been able to do any-thing for you,” Kaige said. “That guy who dragged you into the alley…he was a…you were…” He sighed. “You were bitten by a vampire.”

Savanna stared at him in disbelief. Okay, that did it. No more Goth clubs for her. She might like to dress all in black and pretend that vampires really did exist, but she knew enough to separate fantasy from reality. Unlike the handsome, but obviously insane, Kaige Travers.

“Look,” he said. “I know it sounds crazy, but –”

“It doesn’t just sound crazy, it is crazy!” she snapped. “Vampires aren’t real.”

Kaige folded his arms across his broad chest. “Actually, they are.”

She laughed. “Right. Next you’ll be telling me that I’m a vampire because I got bitten by one. Sorry, but I think you have your vampire and werewolf lore mixed up. In order to become a vampire, a person has to have their blood drained, and then they have to drink the blood of the vampire who bit them. Are you telling me that the guy who bit me gave me his blood?”

The muscle in Kaige’s jaw flexed. “The vampire who bit you left you to die. I was the one who turned you.”

Savanna blinked. “You?” she said incredulously.

He nodded. “After I chased the other vampire off, I gave you my blood.”

“Please tell me you’re joking,” she said.

“It was the only way to save your life,” he said.

Savanna’s stomach churned. It was one thing to think vampires were sexy, but the idea of drinking blood was too disgusting for words. She swallowed hard. “So, you’re telling me that you’re a vampire?”

He nodded. “Yes.”

“Riiiiiight,” she said, drawing the word out. “Look, no offense. I mean you’re hot and everything, but you’re definitely not vamp material. Take it from me, I know.” She picked up her evening purse from the bedside table. “Now, if you don’t mind, I’m going to go ahead and leave.”

Alarm flickered in Kaige’s golden brown eyes. “You can’t leave yet. You’re still weak. You need more blood.”

Savanna made a face at that, her stomach churning again. “What I need is a shower and a cup of coffee.”

Giving Kaige a wide berth, she headed for the door. As she did so, she glanced at her reflection in the mirror over the dresser and immediately stopped when she saw the puckered red scars on her neck. She reached up to lightly run her fingers over them.

“Now do you believe me?” Kaige asked.

He had moved across the room to stand behind her and she met his gaze in the mirror. She was tall, but even in the high-heeled boots she was wearing, the top of her head didn’t quite reach his chin.

She lifted her own a fraction of an inch. “No. If I were a vampire, I wouldn’t have a reflection. Neither would you.”

He muttered something she didn’t catch under his breath. “You’ve been watching too many movies. Of course we have a reflection. We’re vampires, not ghosts.”

Savanna spun around to face him. “You’ve got an answer for everything, don’t you?”

His mouth quirked. “But unfortunately none of them seem to be enough to make you believe me.”

“Because what you’re talking about is crazy,” she told him. “Vampires don’t exist.”

Kaige lifted a brow. “You certainly seem to know a lot about vampires considering you don’t believe in them,” he said, folding his arms over his chest again.

Savanna felt her face color. “Just because I’m into vampires, that doesn’t mean I think they’re real. Or that you’re one of them.”

His eyes narrowed. “What if I could give you proof?”

“What kind of proof?” she said.

Kaige didn’t answer, but simply opened his mouth. As she watched, his canines elongated before her very eyes, and then retracted.

Savanna backed up until she hit the dresser. Holy crap! “Where the heck did you find a dentist to do that?”

He clenched his jaw. “I didn’t have a dentist do it. I’m a vampire. They come with the title.”

She chewed on her lower lip. This guy really believed what he was saying, she realized. And while the fangs did look sexy as hell on him, the whole thing was still way too weird even for her.

“I’m out of here,” she said, heading for the door.

He followed her down the hall. “Look I won’t stop you from leaving, but if you start feeling weak, you need to come back here immediately.”

She glanced over her shoulder at him as she hurried down the stairs. “Oh, sure thing. I’ll do that.”

“And watch out for the sun,” he said when she yanked open the front door.

She turned to give him a superior look. “Let me guess. Because I’ll burst into flames, right?”

His mouth tightened. “No, but you will get one hell of a nasty sunburn faster than you ever thought possible.”

Savanna just shook her head. The guy might be gorgeous, she thought as she closed the door behind her, but he was also completely certifiable!


5 Cherries from Whipped Cream Reviews!
"Absolutely delightful and wickedly tempting, Ms Tyler has put a new spin on the vampire curse giving it a fresh look. Filled with deliciously sinful love scenes written to set the sheets on fire and characters that will make your mouth water and leave your eagerly flipping to the next page to see what happens next. Guaranteed to tease the senses, push you to the brink and leave you squirming in your seat!"

Read Chapter One!

Watch the Trailer!

Buy it at Whiskey Creek Press Torrid!

For more of my sexy, erotic fiction, visit my website at

Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday Spotlight: Whiskey Creek Press Torrid

Siren Warrior Chronicles by Michelle Marquis and Lindsey Bayer
Editor: Sue Vetter
Cover Artist: Nancy Donahue

The Inspiration for the Siren Warrior Chronicles by Michelle Marquis

I’m afraid have a confession to make.

For those of you who know me and have read my e-books, this revelation won’t come as much of a surprise. But others might be a little stunned to read my secret truth.

What is this deep, dark mystery you may ask?

Well here it is: I have always loved the flawed characters in books and movies. The meaner and rottener they are, the better. But don’t get me wrong, not just any dastardly ne’er-do-well will do. No, the bad men and women I love best are those that struggle against their baser instincts and manage to reconnect with their humanity in the end. In other words, they become heroic despite themselves. Now that, dear friends, is a tale worth telling.

The Siren Warrior Chronicles is such a tale. This series is an ongoing story full of love and loss, triumph and sacrifice. At the center of these books is our strong willed heroine Gypsy Theron, a roguish general’s nineteen year old daughter who is more like her father than either of them can handle. Gypsy has decided to become the one thing her father will never support; a warrior. But our heroine is no wilting flower and she’s determined to get her way, even if that means she must lay down her life to achieve it. Can she overcome her family, her lover, and her culture to ultimately achieve her life’s dream? Perhaps, if her heart is strong enough, but Gypsy sure will have her work cut out for her…

So if you’re looking for an erotic science fiction adventure this spring and summer, make sure to stop by Whiskey Creek Torrid and pick up your copy today.

For more information about me and my e-books, please stop by my website at

Happy Reading,
Michelle Marquis


Books 1-3 of the Siren Warrior Trilogy

On the harsh and brutal planet of AEssyria women are expected to be quiet, obedient and demur, but poor Gypsy Theron is none of those things.

To the great chagrin of her parents, Gypsy Theron is a hellion and growing up the daughter of a famous AEssyrian general hasn’t helped matters. Now, at nineteen, it’s time for her to choose her own career and she’s chosen to be a warrior. Unfortunately for her, that’s an impossible dream for a woman.

Colonel Caraculla is a Razorback AEssyrian and General Gavin Theron’s right hand man. He’s served under Gavin for a very long time and the two are as close as brothers. But Gypsy is about to storm into his life and steal his heart away, and his love for her will not only strain his friendship with the general, it will cost him everything.

The Siren Warrior Chronicles by Michelle Marquis and Lindsey Bayer


The clang of steel was music to her ears. They’d been sparring behind the villa for almost two hours and she could tell Caraculla was completely distracted. Gypsy parried a horizontal chop from his saber with ease and playfully stabbed at his belly. “You’re getting old and slow,” she said, laughing and slicing the air.

“I have a lot of things on my mind,” he said, grabbing his canteen and gulping down some water. Some of it ran down the sides of his mouth, trickling down his throat and making damp ribbons over his thick chest. He was a bewitching sight in his sexual frustration. He tossed the canteen down and his nostrils flared as he approached her for another attack. Gypsy took advantage of his poor guard and kicked him in the chest, knocking him back about three feet.

Now he was pissed.

Leaning his head back, he sent a chilling reptilian screech into the early morning air. If she’d been his real enemy, she probably would have gotten a face full of venom. As it was, she just grinned. He was so damned sexy. With startling speed, he charged her. She sidestepped him and attacked him from the side as he passed close. Despite being so close, she never made contact. He blocked her with a slide slice and launched a few angry chops designed to drive her back. She tripped over a root and fell on her butt, wincing as he came down over her. He stared into her eyes, panting. Some sweat from his face dripped onto her cheek. Gypsy’s cheeks flushed with heat. “That,” he said, placing his saber to her neck, “is a kill.”

Laying her saber down, she leaned into him and touched her lips to his. The kiss was hot and short, but potent. She scooted back to get up, but he wasn’t going to accept a brief kiss from her. Caraculla put down his weapon and pulled her against him, claiming her mouth with his own. Suddenly, Gypsy was engulfed in a heated passion she never knew was in him. He pushed her down on the ground, his mouth spreading fire everywhere it went. A moment later, all thoughts of practice evaporated from her mind.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

For a Spanking Good Time by Syrell Starr

Dana Short stared at the only birthday card she’d received, a sappy note from her insurance agent. She tossed the card on the coffee table. “It’s my own damn fault.”

She picked up the erotic book she’d bought and settled down to start chapter two. Her thighs tingled as she envisioned herself as the heroine, locked in a clash of wills with the sexy hero. What she wouldn’t give to live out her biggest sexual fantasy without embarrassment or worse, feeling like some pervert.

Her ex-boyfriend had called her a freak for wishing what he considered kink in their relationship. He was one of the reasons she’d left her small hometown for Dallas. Her cheeks flamed with the memory, and she pushed it away to concentrate on the story.

The doorbell rang, and she started. Marking the page, she set the paperback down and opened the door.

“Are you Dana Short?” A man in snug fitting jeans read her name off a card.

She tried to see his face through the arrangement of lilies. “Yes.”

He pulled the flowers from his face. “Then these must be for you.”

Her fingers wrapped around the vase, but she was too arrested by his handsome features to pay attention to the task. She took a step back, tripped on her too-long pajama bottoms, and sent the blooms flying.

The man ducked, but not before a spray of water showered his shirtfront. The plastic container hit the carpet and flowers scattered about the damp floor.

“I’m so sorry,” she gushed and bent to scoop up the flowers.

“Are you all right?” He picked up the vase and let her stuff stems back inside.

“Just clumsy.” Warmth tinged her skin. “Oh gosh, come in and let me get you a towel. I can’t believe I did that.”

He hesitated before crossing the threshold. She went to the kitchen in search of a towel, leaving him alone. When she returned, he held her book in one hand and the card in the other.

“Flowers, a birthday card and …”

She snatched the book from his fingers and handed him the towel. “It’s my birthday, and I’m entitled to a little recreational fun.”

He blotted his wet shirt. “No one to celebrate with?”

She shrugged. “I’m new in town.”

“Me, too.” The corners of his mouth curved, displaying straight white teeth against a tanned complexion. “Do you have plans for dinner?”

“Are you asking me out?”

“Yep. Here, sign for the flowers. I’ve got other runs to make, but if I hurry, I can finish and come back in about two hours. Sound good?”

She nodded, too dumbfounded to speak.

“Oh, and wear something simple like a sundress.” He nodded toward the erotic book. “I don’t want to fight my way through layers of clothing when I – give you your birthday spanking.”

She glanced at the sleezy cover of a woman’s bare bottom draped over hard thighs. A Spanking Good Time blazed across the top. Her insides flip flopped.

Dana stumbled and fell into Conner’s embrace. She giggled, having enjoyed their date immensely. He regaled her with stories of his childhood, putting her at ease and making her laugh. Conner O’Brien. She couldn’t believe she’d been so silly as to accept the date without first learning his name. Now, she knew all about him. The twenty-four-year old businessman had been doing a favor by taking care of deliveries for his brother’s nursery. She owed Daniel O’Brien a big kiss for sending the sexy auburn haired man her way.

“You’re either very clumsy, or you like letting me play hero.” He gave her a hug and led her the rest of the way to her apartment.


She unlocked her apartment door and swept inside. Connor followed and nodded to the pile of gifts he’d brought earlier. “Ready to see what I got you?”

“You didn’t have to, you know. You hardly know me.”

He ran hands through thick black hair. “I have ulterior motives.”

“Such as?”

“Such as playing the lead role from that book you were reading.”

“Connor …”

He grabbed her hands. “I think it’s very sexy that you’re interested in spanking. Not many girls like to experiment in what some would consider kinky sex. If I’m wrong about you, I’ll apologize now and leave, but if I’m right…”

She hung her head. “I’ve never been spanked, but I fantasize about it all the time.” She couldn’t believe she was telling him this.

He threw his head back and laughed. “My dream girl come true.”

Pulling her across the room, he pushed her onto the couch and handed her a gift. She tore into the gaily, wrapped box and withdrew a stuffed puppy. The next two gifts were similar in context; a piggy bank and a funny, singing bear.

She reached for another, but he stopped her. He held out a different box. “Open this one first, and if you’re not ready for sexual adventure, we’ll shelve it for the next time.”

She took it and opened the present to find a box of condoms. Butterflies danced in her stomach, and her knees shook. More than anything, she wanted to experience sex with this man. He pulled her close and kissed her. Desire flared, and she melted into his arms.

When he pulled away, he placed the last gift in her hands. Trembling fingers tore into the paper. From the box, she withdrew a paddle that said, For a Spanking Good Time.

She stared at the gift for an eternity before he drew her slowly across his lap. Without a word, he lifted her sundress and slipped her panties to her knees. She tensed but relaxed when the smooth wood slid across her skin. The sensations were incredible, everything she’d dreamed of. Then the first crack of warmth exploded across her buttocks. She sighed.

One down and twenty to go. Tonight was going to be the best birthday ever.

About the Author: Syrell Starr is a product of two very independent thinkers who taught her to believe in the moon. She derives pleasure from fanciful musings and hopes to share her love of storytelling with readers who possess a passion for titillating scenes.

Author Interview: Jane Leopold Quinn

Whipped Cream would like to welcome Jane Leopold Quinn, author of The Keeper, which was released last month by Phaze Books.

I asked Jane how she judged what made a good erotic story while writing her own.

"I always say if it turns me on while I'm writing, then it's good," she told me. "I like it to be really hot and lush and romantic. Sweet and tender, too. It's not just body parts, although they are key—obviously. It's the emotions engendered by the characters for each other that I like to portray. I also like there to be a bit of a surprise for them. Surprise that their feelings become so profound and important to their future."

Even though are an erotic reader or writer the desire is to read and writing something that's hot, the only purpose of erotica is not sexual, she said, even though that's what Jane considers the biggest public misconception.

"To me, it's taking a love story and blowing open the bedroom door and the mind," she said. "Sex is physical. It involves skin and sweat, body parts and bodily fluid. Those are the good parts of sex. And it's also true that the mind is the most important sexual organ in love making. By the way, I personally believe that the terms erotica, erotic, and sensual romance are at times interchangeable. I consider myself a writer of sensual romance that includes some graphic words, but the main focus is in the writing of LOVE scenes."

I asked Jane how she did her research for her books.

"I won't talk about my personal sexual research," she replied with a wink, "but most of my research is from reading other novels for style. If I'm writing historical, I have several books about the old west and Roman times to leaf through. For some quick information, I'll Google. I have books about different terms to use for body parts." She warned, "You have to be careful not to get 'lost' in those books. Some of the terms are mind-boggling."

Jane didn't always set out to be a writer. In fact, she said that one day she wasn't a writer and the next day she was.

"That's the absolute truth," she said. "I was telling a friend about these fantasies running around in my mind. I said they weren't just sexual, there were characters and a plot and action. She said, 'Why don't you write them?' It was just that suggestion, and I bought a spiral notebook, took pen to paper, and wrote three full length novels. I always knew that my fantasies were pretty hot, but didn't realize that would translate to my writing. When the story got hot, I had to double think myself. I was a bit shocked at what was coming out and had to decide if that was the way I wanted to go. The truth is if it's in you, embrace it. Erotic writing is an art and also very hard work, which makes it extremely satisfying in the end."

She did her first writing by hand, finding the brain/hand coordination very intimate.

"That really worked for me," she explained, "but now I do all my writing on the laptop. You have to type it in anyway. You might as well start with the computer. And, actually, since I write full time now, the laptop is always open. When I wrote while still working at a full time job, I didn't carry the laptop every day—too hard to haul it in on the bus to downtown Chicago."

I asked Jane what was sexy about piercings and what body part she would pierce.

"Whew!" she said. "I've never considered anything other than pierced earlobes for myself, BUT I think a pierced nipple is pretty sexy. On a man or a woman. I wrote a ménage story—"His, Hers, & His" in Goin' Down Book Two (AMP, 7/08). One of the male characters has a nipple ring. I found that really hot to write about. The thought of the heroine taking that nipple ring between her teeth and gently tugging gives me a rush every time with its contrast of pain and arousal."

Jane said she finds all writing challenging, no matter what genre you write in, because every genre has its own strengths and you use different parts of your brain. "I'm very comfortable writing erotic romance," she explained, "but would have difficulties with fantasy or futuristic. So, I guess writing fantasy or futuristic would be extremely challenging for me. I could 'dial down' my romance to focus on less graphic stories, though."

She also shared with me that she feels you have to love the genre to be able to write erotic romance. If the genre makes you uncomfortable, that will show in your writing.

Some authors she thinks write excellent erotic fiction are Emma Wildes, Pam Rosenthal, Lisa Marie Rice, Shannon McKenna and, the author of Jane's favorite all time erotic book The Lady's Tutor, Robin Schone.

Finally, I asked Jane what advice she would give a new writer just starting out.

"Write the words as they come out of your mind," she said. "Don’t censor yourself, don’t edit yourself until after the first draft is written."

She went on to say that she doesn't necessarily follow her own advice, since she tends to self-edit every word. She did say, though, "Every person brings a personal perspective to a story. Only you can tell the story in your own way. You can’t copy someone else’s style. You don’t always understand what your style/voice is at first. Just get going and write until you feel comfortable with the process. Before you know it, you will proudly announce to the world that you’re a writer." You can keep up with Jane on her website, http://

Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday Spotlight: KyAnn Waters

It has been a blast to be here all week. To cap off my week of favorites, I’ll share my upcoming release from Samhain Publishing. Wanderlust will be available May 5!

The world is waiting for her…and he’s waited long enough.

Meg Snow is having hot and wild sex with Cory Traven…in her dreams.

Four years ago he had his chance for a relationship with her. Instead, he joined the military, leaving her to endure Milcott, South Dakota on her own. Now it’s her turn for adventure and a chance to banish those erotic Cory fantasies once and for all—on a singles cruise to Jamaica.

Cory has come home for what he’d denied himself four years before. Meg. But she’s made it clear she wants anyone except him. There’s only one way to show her that what she wants and what she needs are two different things. How? Storm the beaches of Jamaica. Infiltrate his way into her bed. Breach the walls of her heart.

And show her that paradise is not in the Caribbean, but in his arms.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thursday Spotlight: KyAnn Waters

So some might say the deadliest catch would be a vampire, because well, a vamp’s mate eventually becomes one of the undead. Unless you are Loni Soleil in my story, Hot Blooded – available at She has special abilities because she is the offspring of a human mother and a father from a distant star.

But I’m referring to another one of my favorite things. I am obsessed with the Discovery Channel television show, The Deadliest Catch. And it isn’t because Mike Rowe who has the hottest voice in television is narrating the show. Talk about instant arousal. Considering the show takes place during the harsh, frigid winter on the Bering Sea, his voice sends a flash of heat to all the pleasure points.

Not that I would want a job on one of those crab boats, because most who know me, know that I get motion sickness on elevators, but the raw masculine strength of those guys is definitely the qualities that make up tough, rugged and wild heroes.

The show is on Tuesday nights on the Discovery Channel. Turn it on if you want turned on. And then follow up with Mike’s show, Dirty Jobs. Now there are a lot of dirty jobs I’d sign up for if he asked me to with that damned sexy voice of his.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wednesday Spotlight: KyAnn Waters

So I am going to the Romantic Times convention this year in Orlando. Stop by and say hi if you see me.

But my favorite vacation destination is Disneyland in So Cal. I’m sure that will change when my boys are older, but right now, I can’t think of a place where we have had more fun as a family. The boys are not at all happy that I’ll be in Orlando without them. After all, Mickey Mouse lives there too. For me, I’ll be at the convention plotting stories about the big bad wolf. Or if the time allows, working on the sequel to All Lycan’s Eve. Melville and Jewels have their own story and I can’t believe it’s been more than a year since my first release with Ellora’s Cave where you met Kean and Callie in All Lycan’s Eve.

You can read Kean and Callie’s story at Ellora’s Cave.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tuesday Spotlight: KyAnn Waters

I’m a lover of strong alpha heroes. I want a bad boy who has a tender spot for his woman, or a man who can be ruthless in business and isn’t afraid to mix it up to protect someone he loves. But I also loves those heroes who act on instinct and are cunning in the pursuit of their mate.

So speaking of sexy, alpha types that make your thighs quiver and your knees weak . . .

Have you seen the trailer for X-Men: Origins? Squee. I am so excited. There are several blockbusters coming out this summer that are on my must see list. X-Men is at the top. In fact, I’m going to let my boys play hookie from school on May 1. One word – Wolverine. Or two words, Hugh Jackman.

Another movie at the top of my list is Terminator Salvation but then I’ll see anything with Christian Bale. Damn, that man is hot.

If you want to chat with me about movies, books or anything else, you can join my chat loop Erotic Cravings with Eden Rivers, Liza James and Meagan Hatfield.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Monday Spotlight: KyAnn Waters

Hi everyone,

I am so happy to be here this week. My name is KyAnn Waters and I write erotic romance for Ellora’s Cave, The Wilder Roses, and Samhain Publishing. I dabble in just about every genre, but contemporary is my favorite. Which brings me to my favorite things.

Alone time is my most cherished activity. I’m married and have two little boys. I stay involved with their activities so between basketball, soccer, volunteering in the school, being the kids' taxi, and basically I am the locator of all things lost, (like my son’s math book, or his shin guards, or even the remote for my husband - lol) I stay busy.

So after my husband leaves for work about noon, I close the drapes, turn off the television, brew a fresh pot of coffee and just enjoy the silence. I turn on the computer, pull up my current story, and write.

You can check out my stories at

Stop by the spotlight each day for another chance to win. At the end of the week I will give one lucky winner the Ellora’s Cave card deck and another winner a digital copy of With or Without You – available at Samhain Publishing.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Author Interview: Devyn Quinn

Whipped Cream is pleased to welcome Devyn Quinn, author of Man After Midnight, being released this month as well as "Personal Possessions," one of her favorite stories, in the anthology Dangerous Ties.

I asked her what, in her opinion, made a good erotic story.

"My characters have to have some sort of emotional connection, even if they are little more than strangers," she said. "There has to be a spark between them that is realistic and makes enough sense that they would want to engage in physical relations."

She also told me, "I have never written an embarrassing scene that I know of. I like to think I tailor the scenes to fit the needs of my characters in a way that will engage the reader into believing the people presented are really involved with each other."

Devyn didn't start off writing erotic romance. She wrote straight paranormal romance and gothic romance off and on for years. One of her former e-publishers approached her and suggested she give erotic romance a try. The rest, as they say, is history. She was not an overnight success, however. She told me that her writing path can be described as having evolved "very slowly and painfully, through many years."

She said she finds writing erotic romance more of a challenge, because "it's difficult to keep the sexual situations fresh and challenging for the reader. There are only so many ways to describe the physical act, so the author of erotic romance has to delve even deeper (no pun intended) to make what is a pretty cut and dried physical act something new and refreshing for the reader."

Erotic romance is more than just "porn with a fancy name," which is what Devyn sees as the biggest public misconception about erotica. "Anyone can write a sex scene," she said. "Few authors can write a good sex scene that gets the reader involved in the emotions of the characters."

If someone is interested in writing erotic romance, Devyn feels it's important for aspiring writers to read works by authors whose work they admire. That way they can learn the mechanics of the language, scene set up, and characterizations. It's also important to hone their craft, to study the market, but then to find their own niche. "Writing what's hot or what's popular on the genre market," she warned, "just makes you a pale imitator of what's already being sold. Be original, be daring, and be bold!"

I asked Devyn how she researched her books.

"Depending on the subject, I try to find a few books and articles covering the subject so that when I have to use realistic details, locations, etc. I will have at least a working idea and can add a bit of authenticity," she said. "The rest I make up to suit myself."

Body piercings are very popular in erotic fiction and Devyn shared with me why she thinks body piercings are seen as sexy and what part of her body she would pierce herself.

"I think pierced ears or a little stud on the side of the nose is cute," she said, "but anything more than that looks tacky! I think it’s the idea of pain and penetration of a sensitive area that turns some people on."

For some more things about Devyn you may not know:

She loves Fire Roasted Tomato and Olive Oil Triscuits and eats them daily.

She can't stand yoghurt, and she can absolutely tell the difference between Coke and Pepsi (even though she didn't confess which one she prefers).

Her favorite letter is M, which she described as "a nice strong letter."

And, her strangest habit is that her animals (dog, cats, and ferrets) all sleep in the bed with her.

Finally, I asked Devyn who she would be if she could be anyone. She laughed and replied, "I would be me, but more beautiful, successful, and filthy rich." You can keep up with Devyn on her website,

Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday Spotlight: Catrina Calloway


So, now you know, I enjoy writing erotic ménage romance. My heroines enjoy a relationship with two, hot, hunky, alpha-male heroes focused on her.


Excuse me while I go take a cold shower...

I’m back! And ready to talk scenes.

They’re not easy to write – at least, not for me. I want them to be perfect. They’re like a beautiful dance, choreographed by me, in my mind. Here’s the bottom line: If I’m not turned on after writing a love scene, I don’t think you will be either, when you read it.

I feel that way about writing in general. If I’m writing a sad part of the story, and I’m crying, there’s a good chance that you will be, too. Love scenes are an integral, expected part of a good romance book. I think they have to reflect the thoughts and feelings of the hero or heroine – and they have to make sense in the story, otherwise, it’s just not a romance.

While some people feel that romance stories are all ‘fluff’ and no ‘stuff’ – I think they’re wrong. A good romance reflects life and how we love. We’ve all felt intense feelings of love and attraction. We don’t just fall into bed with a lover (or lovers) – lots of ‘stuff’ goes on before that. Physical attraction, otherwise known as...chemistry.

I love books that describe the chemistry between two people. It makes me want to read more. I want to see if they’ll hook up and what happens when they do. Sometimes, that ‘hooking up’ makes their relationship complicated – they start to feel things they hadn’t counted on. Love isn’t ‘fluff’ and it certainly isn’t easy – ask anyone who’s ever been in love. If you’re not feeling the chemistry between the hero (or heroes) and the heroine, then I think the book falls short on delivering a good romance story.

I also think the characters have to fit a hot love scene. Meaning, are the characters doing something outrageous before that love scene? Something unexpected? I love characters that do the unexpected, characters that surprise me.

It makes me feel that perhaps, the author was just a little surprised, too, and that’s fine. Sometimes, the creative muse can lead you down a writing path you didn’t think you’d ever follow.

Happy reading!

Hugs from,
Catrina Calloway

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thursday Spotlight: Catrina Calloway


I’ve mentioned before that my writing had a profound effect on my fellow elementary school students.

The awesome realization that my writing could influence how someone felt transformed my life. From that point on, I wanted to publish a book. The subject matter remained a fuzzy question for a long time – until I started to read romance.

Wow. Talk about a life-changing effect. While some people snickered, telling me I was reading ‘trash’ I begged to differ. Romance books appealed to me – the settings, stories, and love scenes were right up my alley.

I read romance novels for years, realizing that ROMANCE is what I wanted to write.

So, I wrote. And wrote and wrote – on an old computer my husband set up for me...

In my basement.

I wrote for two years that way. Then I asked myself: “Is anyone else doing this? Is anyone else as crazy as I am?” Turns out, there were other people doing what I was doing (okay, so maybe they weren’t as nutty as me, and I have to tell you – some were nuttier, but still very nice people).

I joined my local RWA chapter (Romance Writers of America). I found a home there for a while – being among other authors. They gave me confidence. Urged me to pitch to editors and agents at the very first ‘Editors & Agents’ luncheon I attended.

I was scared! Terrified. But I did it. I learned how to pare down my books and sum them up in one sentence – the pitch. This was a turning point in my writing career – one editor liked my pitch, she agreed to read my work. I sent it off to her, keeping my fingers crossed, waiting for weeks for her answer...

She rejected it.

I learned not to give up – to just keep writing and submitting.

The first publisher that took my work was an e-book/print publisher. At the time, e-books were just coming on the scene. I was scorned by some of my fellow authors for giving my written work to an e-book publisher, but I did it any way.

That publisher went belly-up, and went out of business just as my second book took off...

Maybe my fellow authors were right...NOT!

I took a chance on another e-book/print publisher and met with success!

The world changes. E-books are gaining ground. I’m glad I never gave in to some of my fellow authors’ snide remarks about signing with an e-book publisher.

The road to success is bumpy. While mine has and will continue to have, I’m sure, quite a few more bumps and holes in the road, I wouldn’t change a thing.

So, if you’re writing, keep at it. Don’t stop, even if the road to success does. Find another path and take it.

Happy reading (and writing), everyone!

Hugs from,
Catrina Calloway

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wednesday Spotlight: Catrina Calloway


“...So, how come you decided to be a writer?”

I don’t think I ever ‘became a writer.’ I believe it’s something within you, deep inside, that springs forth one day when you least expect it. You discover that writing gives you pleasure – gives others happiness.

Maybe it’s a deep-seated need to please.

When I was a child, I loved writing stories. I remember that one of my elementary school teachers always encouraged me to read my stories in front of the class. What a captive audience! They laughed when they should, kept silent and listened when they should.

I realized something: I had power. The power to make people feel something – through the written word.

Today, writing is not only a form of income, but form of therapy, too. When I write, it frees my mind of troubles. Of course, I’m all caught up in the problems of my characters, but I feel this is where the therapy comes in: I can solve all their problems...

Or make them go away.

Simply by pressing the ‘delete’ key on my computer keyboard.

Now, I ask you: In real life, can you just press a button and make all of your problems go away?

Uh, no. You can’t. Sometimes, problems remain unsolved. Some things can’t be changed.

Writing allows me to have characters that always know exactly what to say and how to answer. How many times, in real life, have I been tongue-tied, unable to come up with something clever to say? Countless times.

Not my characters. They always have a jaunty comeback.

I always feel better after I write. Even on some of my worst days, writing has been a release – it has provided me some measure of comfort. At the very least, it has allowed me to forget my problems (sometimes, for hours).

So, who needs to pay a psychiatrist for therapy?

Not me.

I’ll just write.

Happy reading!

Hugs from,
Catrina Calloway

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tuesday Spotlight: Catrina Calloway


When I’m at an event or get-together, the subject of my writing is always mentioned. Then, someone sidles up to me and asks THE QUESTION:

“So, you’re a romance author – do you DO all that stuff you write about?”
(Note: waggling eyebrows usually follows this question)

No, I do not do ‘all that stuff’. However, I do live vicariously through my heroines.

Those lucky girls.

Here comes the next question:

“...Well then, how do you get your ideas?”

It’s simple: I read the news. Whether I read it on-line, in print, or catch it on CNN, I keep informed about what’s going on in the world. My stories/books are contemporary ménage romances, so I want to know what’s happening right now.

Something always catches my eyes or ears. The story line for Eight Erotic Nights came from a CNN broadcast about the ‘new homeless.’ It was the same for the idea behind my upcoming Halloween story, Body Count. I saw a documentary about a body farm – where the dearly departed leave their bodies to be studied in various degrees of decomposition on a ‘farm’ designated for that purpose. It fascinated me.

Sometimes, you just have to read, read, READ. The inspiration for another upcoming release, Kissed by the Sun, came from something I read about the Native American Montauk Indians. The meaning of the tribe’s name, ‘Montauk,’ caught my attention – hence another story idea.

I think I like writing contemporary romance because the world around me is ripe with stories.

Would I ever consider writing another genre? Like historical romance? Maybe. I’ve toyed with the idea. I like building a world, although I believe that anything involving history must be accurate. It takes a lot of research.

So, now, I must run. My creative muse is all fired up from all this talk of ideas and world building.

I can hear my characters calling me – “Catrina, it’s time to play!”

It all happens in my head then I tap away on the computer keyboard and give you a sensual, erotic ménage romance.

Happy reading, everyone!

Catrina Calloway

Coming this October from Body Count by Catrina Calloway...a double dose of sexy evil is lurking this Halloween.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Monday Spotlight: Catrina Calloway


Give me a good romance novel where I can read about a tall, sexy, handsome hero.

Better yet – give me a good romance story with TWO tall, sexy, handsome heroes.

Imagine this: You’re the heroine in that story and you have two wickedly handsome men doting on your every need – your every desire.

Two heroes are decidedly better than one. In my erotic ménage romance stories, each man has his own unique personality. I make sure to portray them as guys, not cavemen. While they aren’t insensitive, they don’t pay too much attention to the heroine’ One might be more playful, the other serious, a deep thinker. They are alpha males to their very core, but they do have a sense of humor, brains, and determination. They are focused on the heroine. Their sexual attraction to her is intense, but it doesn’t overshadow their need to protect her or do what’s best for her. Sometimes, they’re ‘edgy,’ balancing between good and evil.

My heroines aren’t ordinary. They could be big, beautiful women with brains and business sense. They could be a woman who’s secretly longed for both men or someone with painful secrets.

I depict what it means to be in a committed ménage romance. The benefits as well as the pitfalls. It is ménage romance as a lifestyle – one that is not always understood by all the characters in my stories. That causes many obstacles on the road to romance for my threesome.

After all, isn’t that what a good romance is all about?

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’d like to go back to dreaming about two hot handsome hunks paying every bit of attention

Happy reading, everyone!

Catrina Calloway

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Author Interview: Beth Wylde

Whipped Cream is pleased to welcome Beth Wylde, author of "Perfect Fit" in About Toys: Strap-ons which is currently available from Torquere Press, and "Caught in the Act" in Swing! Adventures in Swinging by Today's Top Erotica Writers, which will be released April 24.

Beth has always loved the spicy stuff so for her writing erotica made sense, even though that wasn't her plan. She began by writing paranormal romance, but told me, "I couldn't keep things even remotely tame. I guess it's just my Wylde side coming out. I also didn't set out to write GLBT pairings either. I planned to write mainstream m/f stories. My first release, a short lesbian erotica titled 'Switching Sides,' started off as a mainstream love story and evolved from there. My main male character was being an ass so one of my background characters stepped forward and took over Elizabeth's introduction to sapphic love. 'Switching Sides' is still one of my favorite stories. I LOVE Kara!

"I guess I've found my niche. It's not mainstream, it's not romance, and it's a selective field where sales aren't massive but it works for me. I love what I write and I can't imagine writing anything else. "

I asked Beth how she distinguished between erotica, erotic romance, and pornography.

"This is an ongoing debate," she said. "To me, porn is mostly visual but it can also be a story that focuses only on the sex, no character description or development at all. Erotic romance has the love element and the love scenes are descriptive and fully consummated on the page. Erotica tends to be very explicit but there is still a story being told. The sex is graphic and may often contain themes beyond what some people are comfortable with like, BDSM or GLBT themes. The sex is a large part of the story but there is still a plot behind it all."

Beth admitted to me that when she's writing, most of the sex scenes she writes involve acts that turn her on personally. "If it disgusts me you won't find it going on in one of my books," she told me. "When two characters or more finally come together it should be so hot the computer screen feels like it's going to catch on fire." Then, she knows she's written a good scene.

Beth told me she can't name just one erotic author she would consider her favorite. "My bedroom looks more like a library than a place to sleep and my collection gets bigger every day," she said. "Most of my favorite erotica writers will be appearing in my upcoming GLBT BDSM anthologies. I'm asking authors who really rock my world to participate, so keep an eye out on my website."

Also Beth is partnered with some writers she thinks write excellent fiction in Broadly Bound, a GLBT BDSM anthology coming out in July from Phaze books. She calls it "a scorcher of an anthology that I am beyond proud of." The other authors are D.L. King, Syd McGinley, Kathleen Bradean, and Cassandra Gold.

Beth can, however, tell us her favorite erotic book. "There is one book that has really stuck with me over the years," she said. "It's an early Secrets anthology with a werewolf themed story in it by Mary Janice Davidson titled 'Love's Prisoner.' I absolutely love that story, and it made me want to write both paranormal themed work and erotica. My copy is so worn."

A lot of Beth's research for her stories is done online. "Thank goodness for the internet! I especially got heavy into the research for my story in Swing! and for the BDSM anthology," she explained. "I wanted to make sure my stories would not only appeal to the regular erotica readers, but to people who were familiar with or a part of the Swinging and BDSM lifestyle communties. I had several people giving me input about what was and wasn't realistic and I edited based on their input. I'm very pleased with the stories that resulted from my efforts. "

She also shared with me that she's not shy. If she wants to know something, no matter how risque, chances are she will ask about it. "I'm just very open and easy going." She smiled. "I tend to get in trouble because of that trait so I always try to stay busy. A bored Beth is a bad Beth," she added with a laugh.

I asked Beth what advice she had or research books she could recommend for writers starting out in writing erotica.

"Go to a big bookstore and browse through the erotica section. Check out the covers and the blurbs and pick up a few that tempt you," she said. "Reading is wonderful research and what better way to learn about erotica authors than to read some of the books they've written. (Some libraries in larger cities may have an erotica section but I know they don't in my little backwoods town so the bookstore in the next city is my only option) You can also email some of your favorite authors in the genre with questions. I love to get email and if I can answer it i will or try to find someone that can. I'm not telling you to send them a story to read because writing time is very limited and we have to work sometime but asking some info on the craft is always welcome, at least for me it is.

"Don't be afraid to approach authors or people living the lifestyle you want to write about. Adult toy stores are fun to shop through and can often inspire ideas too. Also, and this is just an afterthought, but if you find yourself too embarrassed to walk through the steamy section of the bookstore or to talk about or write a sex scene then erotica is probably not for you. It's a hot genre right now but not everyone is comfortable writing it and that's okay. "

There are three types of stories, so far, Beth has found that she will not write about. A lot of people consider them erotic, but she said, "I'm not one of them. Anything with underage sex. I'm not talking YA. I'm talking erotica with characters specifically under the age of consent. I know teenagers are having sex, but I do not want to read or write about it. I have young kids and that just freaks me out. Another no-no is stories dealing with incest. I just can't handle it. I'm sorry. And last, and this is my big one, NO non-consensual scenes. Forcing someone to do something they clearly don't want to do is not cool. Rape is not sexy!"

Finally, I asked Beth for one piece of advice for new writers just starting out.

"Do your research. I'm not talking about story content now. I'm talking about publishers," she explained. "The first thing you have to do is write, but once you get that story finished you want to give it the best home you possibly can, like your baby growing up and going off to live on her own. You want her to have it all. Only a good publisher can give you that security. I made an awful mistake jumping on the first contract I was ever offered, but it taught me a valuable lesson in what not to do. Now I check out each publisher before I submit to them. I browse through their websites. Find out about their promotional efforts and talk to some of their authors. If things look good I send in my story and cross my fingers. If I get a lot of negative feedback I move on." You can keep up with Beth on her website,

Friday, April 10, 2009

Friday Spotlight: Devyn Quinn

One of the things I am told an author is supposed to have is a website. It is the one thing that drives me batty, as it never seems like I have a very good one at all. On days when I am bored, I will spend the day surfing the net and looking at author websites. Inevitably I end up comparing mine to theirs. And I am usually left wishing mine were better.

Since I am not one of those writers rolling in dough, I do my website myself. I am, for the most part, self taught. When I decided I need a website and wanted to venture onto the world wide web, I got myself a slew of books and began to work on my own site. The first thing I found out is that I have no idea how to match colors. None. Nada. Nil. Must be why I was kicked out of art classes in school. I have zero talent for design. Having zero design talent also means I can't do jack with Photoshop and other graphic software. The few basic things I have pulled off look, to me, like a monkey on crack did the work.

Not good at all.

So with my hopeless lack of talent and a purse that's not overflowing with the dollars, I was delighted to find that magical thing called FREE TEMPLATES. Yes, you read that right. I love free templates and am always trolling the net looking for the latest design I can modify and make my very own. I'm shameless and will take any template that looks decent. I don't care that that template might be used by ten thousand other desperate, talentless souls. What matters is I can plug in my info and make it mine. All mine.

Recently I discovered Wordpress and the endless supply of free templates that other talented people have designed and made available. I am in heaven! They are all free. And what's more, most templates are easy for those not versed in CSS and other programming to modify and use. Even better, there are graphics! Lots of free graphics. No more am I futzing with Photoshop, frustrated because I can not find the right graphic for my header. When I get bored with a look, I simply buzz through the billions of designs and pick me a new one.

That, to me, dear readers, is wonderful! Sometimes the best things in life are, indeed, free. :)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thursday Spotlight: Devyn Quinn

I'm not a writer who writes every day. I'm not even a writer who writes every month. I'm a writer who has to let the story sit, to percolate, until it's ready to be written. And then I write. I finished my last full book at the end of Jan 09. Since that time I haven't written a word. Not because I couldn't be writing. Not because I don't know the plot of my next book. The simple fact of the matter is that the book is not ready to be written. And until it's ready, I won't be writing a single word.

Why is that?

It's just the way things come together in my mind, I guess. Once I have settled on a plot, I need to let it perk in my mind. It needs to boil, bubble, toil and trouble for a bit. The characters need to grow, mature and form. I need to think about them, have conversations with them. Get to know the people inhabiting that stage in my mind where their tale will unfold. Until I reach the point, I don't write. I don't care how close to deadline it is, how many days have ticked away where I have done nothing constructive. Until a book is ready to be written, I won't write it. It will tell me when it's ready, let me know when it is time to put the things in my mind on paper.

Until then, nada.

A lot of writers have various ways they approach their craft. There is a ritual, a few magic things that must be at hand before actual writing can commence. I, for instance, have to have a few things within easy reach. This includes a several pieces of blank white paper and very sharp pencils. When I am writing on the computer, I often stop typing and write things out by hand, testing to see how it looks on the page. I suppose I could accomplish the same thing on the screen, but sometimes I need to write things out and arrange them on paper before I commit them to type on the screen. It gives me a way to fool around without actually committing myself to any certain structure or dialogue. Another thing I insist on is having my music loaded and ready to play. Since joining the digital revolution, I've put all my music on the computer in MP3 format. That way it is all right there and ready for selection. I need my music to write by, certain types of music for certain types of scenes. I have themes and playlists for every scenario, from murder and mayhem to sexy rhythms for those heat between the sheets scenes. If I am not in the mood, how can my characters be?

Another thing I need at hand is something to drink. Though I am a Red Bull junkie, I have tried to cut that habit out. I can drink a six pack, no problem. Same with soft drinks, coffee, etc... Except all that stuff is bad for you. I've tried to switch to diet soft drinks or bottled water, just to be a bit healthier. Sometimes though, I have serious work to do and I've got to reach for the Red Bull and damn the overdose of energy drink.

And since my deadline for my next book is creeping up in May, I'll be sitting down to write and reaching for the tools that will allow me to get cracking on my next book.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wednesday Spotlight: Devyn Quinn

Anyone coming into my house will immediately notice one thing: it's full of animals! That's right. I am one of people who could be called a "pet nut." Not only do I have cats--a lot of cats--I have 5 ferrets and a dog.

How did this happen?

I'm not perzactly sure. I have always had pets. But when I moved to the place I currently live, there was a slight population explosion at my house. Living in a small rural area one of the first things you'll find out is that resources are limited. Especially in the area of animal control. There is none here. None. Thing is, there are tons of dogs and cats and kittens and puppies running around homeless and starving.

Not on my block. While it is true I cannot save all the animals, I can and have saved some. Each season, wild cats have kittens on the property and each season I am outside, looking under the decks and in the woodpiles for kittens. Sometimes I can catch these wild little boogers, sometimes I can't. Those that are caught are given flea treatments, collars, the whole nine yards. Many often find they like the house cat life and never leave. Others return to live outside on the property, where food is always provided for wild and tame cat alike. I can't help it. I like cats. I like having cats around. If it means I have to scoop a lot of poo, well, so be it.

I like ferrets, too. It was entirely by accident that one came into my life. I was called to pick one up and find her a new home. When I arrived, I found the sorriest little animals you've ever seen. Not only was the little creature living in a cage of filth and excrement, her poor little body was covered with fleas and sores. The people were feeding her pieces of bread and water. They had no business having a ferret, or any animal for that matter. I quickly squelched the desire to kick the living poo out of the owner and took the ferret off to what I had hoped would be a good new home.

Turns out the new owners took one look at this miserable little animal and turned her down.

So home I trot with my first ferret. I knew nothing about ferrets, except they looked like long rats. It took a bit of research to learn about them, and it took a bit of time to get the ferret cleaned up and living decent again. I had meant to find her a home, but the ferret ended up staying. Since she looked so pathetic in her cage, I began to let the ferret out. Well, in no time at all, the ferret was out of her cage more than she was in it. Didn't matter that she was digging holes in my carpeting or in my cushions. She was happy and got along with the cats and the dog. That's what counts. But she was lonesome. So I went and bought some more ferrets for her to play with. Through the years one ferret became 4 ferrets, and then 5. And they don't live in a cage. As for the litter training, we're working on that.

And, of course, there is my Shih Tzu, Tess. Tess is almost 5 now. She was one of those animals you don't plan to get, but do because they are little and cute. And sick. Tess came with health problems, including a heart murmur. I chose her specifically because she was little, cute and sick, and came from an elderly woman who was puppy milling to make ends meet. The old lady had explained that Tess was sick and she couldn't afford to take her to the vet. She still wanted 200 for the dog, but that didn't matter. What did matter was that here was a cute little pup that needed some help. So I forked out the money and whisked Tess off to the vet. Thanks to good care, she recovered and outgrew the heart murmur. And it didn't matter that the new pup chewed the corners off my walls, or peed all over my carpets until she was housetrained. After all, those things can be replaced. And as long as I have one of those handy-dandy things called a carpet cleaner at hand, I suppose we will survive.

So if you should ever happen to come over to Devyn's house, be prepared to meet the fur family. You will be mauled by ferrets, licked by a dog and wear the hair of multiple cats. :)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tuesday Spotlight: Devyn Quinn

I'm often asked this question: What does a writer read?

Since I write fiction, I spend most of my time living in a universe of my own creation. The places my mind takes me (and some of those places I imagine make people wonder where they can get the crack I must smoke to make stuff up) range far and wide. Sometimes my mind is lurking in cemeteries, lurking in shadows as I disturb uneasy graves. Other times I'm in a more contemporary mode, wondering what would happen if I took a piece of my real life and added a dash of fantasy, say about a handsome coworker... Through it all, though, one thing remains constant. I make it all up.

SO I must read a lot of fiction to be able to write it. Right?


I rarely read fiction. Pick your jaw off the floor now. The sentence you read is correctly written. I don't read much paranormal or erotic or contemporary fiction. Sure, I've read my share. Who hasn't? When I was growing up, I spent a lot of time with authors like Stephen King, Anne Rice and too many others to mention. I literally devoured books, every damn gothic and paranormal romance I could get my hands on in the 70's and early '80's. I read so many that I had 5 library cards to juggle, so I could have the maximum amount of books at any given time. It was nothing for me to read 2-3 paperbacks in a day.

And then I had a bright idea. After getting a kernel of an idea, I decided I wanted to write my own stories. To me, that meant putting other fiction authors down and concentrating on my own. I haven't regretted that choice, but why, you wonder, did I make it?

Simple. One, as a new writer I didn't want to do as many others unintentionally do and try and copycat the styles of my favorites. That's a common thing new writers fall into, imitating the voice of a style they admire. I will cop to trying my best to imitate Stephen King, all the while swearing I was an original. I wasn't. I was just tossing out all I recalled of King's style, and not doing a very good job. Two, I didn't want their ideas creeping into my mind. Yes, I know I write, for example, vampires. so do Anne Rice and King and countless other authors. As a newbie I decided the one thing I didn't want to be was intimidated. Opening a book and see that someone is doing your genre better than you ever could will scare the pants off any new writer. How can you possibly be as good as they are? After all, that writer is published. And you. You're a beginner without a single credit to your name.

Pretty scary stuff.

So I put down the fiction and picked up non-fiction instead. What's more, I found it to be just as original and entertaining as fiction. Sometimes even more so. And I was delighted to learn that there were thousands of books waiting for me on the subjects I most love dearly, history and biography. I love Hollywood and its history. I adore reading biographies of the actors and producers, directors and moguls that make up the business of entertainment. I can't get enough of biographies on famous faces like Marilyn Monroe, Bette Davis, Clark Gable, Mary Pickford, Sam Goldwyn, and all the old stars from the beginning. I admit Hollywood loses its allure when it comes into the 70's... Admittedly I draw the line on current personalities. I want a beginning, a middle and an end to their lives and careers. I'll wait until Brad Pitt is 80 or 90 to read his bio. Of course, I'll be 80 or 90 myself, but hey, I can be an optimist. I also love history, especially the English royal family and I cop to be a Princess Diana fanatic and have read every book I can find on her. I've also covered the rest of the royal family, as well as general English and Irish history. Accounts of WW 2 and other battles fascinate me, as does the rise of Hitler and the Holocaust.

So many books to read, and so little time. I am sure you can see why my time to read fiction is limited. Not that I am knocking anyone's choice in reading fiction. After all, I do write it. I simply prefer to keep my professional side and my pleasure side separated now.

Do I cheat and pick up a fiction book now and again, you might ask.

Why sure. Every now and again a title catches my eye and I just have to put down the bio and take a peek into another writer's world. Fiction is like chocolate. If I eat a lot, I'll get fat. If I just nibble, I'll keep my girlish figure.

So what do I read when I am cheating on my non-fiction books? Well, I love to take at authors like Kate Douglas, Red Garnier, Sara Reinke, and Stephen King--to name a few of my many favorites.

So what do you, dear reader, prefer? Give me a shout out at and tell me who some of your favorite authors and subjects are, and why you enjoy them so much!