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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thursday Spotlight: Paige Tyler

A lot of readers like to know where I get my ideas for my books and what my daily writing routine is like, so I thought I'd give you a peek inside!

I'm not a "panster" at all, meaning I don't make up the story as I go. In fact, I work from a pretty detailed storyline. Sometimes, it can take a while for a story to come together, but my idea for a book usually always starts with a hero and heroine meeting in some unique fashion. At first, it's just that little seed, but I keep working on it, coming up with where the story takes place and what the characters are going to be doing. I like to have a really good feel for who the bad guy is and what kind of trouble the heroine is going to get into. For some reason, the heroine is always the one getting into trouble. LOL!

Once I have the basic ideas in my head, I put them all into an outline that includes thoughts on what the characters might say in a scene, whose point of view the scene will be from, even what kind of sex they're going to have!

The funny thing I discovered is that I do some of my best thinking while I'm in the bathroom getting ready in the morning. So, that's when I come up with most of my ideas! If I'm in a rut, sometimes I'll even go in there just to think! LOL!

As for my writing routine, it's pretty relaxed. On the weekdays, I start by doing Pilates after my hubby goes to work. While I'm doing that, I think about the scene or scenes I'm going to be writing that day, sometimes going over the dialogue between characters, sometimes thinking about a particular part of the storyline that's giving me trouble. After that, I head to the bathroom to shower and put on my make-up. Remember, that's where I do some of my best thinking! LOL! After checking my email, I take care of any miscellaneous stuff, like blogging. Then, I grab my laptop off the table, make myself comfortable on the couch, and get to work! I always try to write at least one chapter a week. It doesn't always work, but that's my goal.


Julie Robinson said...

Okay, Paige, that is too weird. I get some of my best ideas in the shower too. And after hubby and son leave in the morning, I do my yoga stretching exercises.

I like your goal of trying to write one chapter a week. Part of my lack of focus I'm realizing is that I don't set goals---or time limits on emails.

What you said about not being a pantser is so true. In fact, I can't believe that people who say they are don't have some idea of what they're going to do. Even when participating in Nano, you have to have some idea of where you want your story to go. The characters may do unexpected things, but still you have to have something in mind. Or maybe I'm just more left-brained than I think, or when I think :-)


Paige Tyler said...

Julie - That's too funny! I can't believe how alike we sound! A lot of readers are probably going to think it's funny, but I really do get my best ideas in there! LOL!

When I first started writing, I didn't use an outline, but then my hubby suggested it might be easier if I actually had something to work from. I was kind of resistant to the idea at first, but after using an outline, I wouldn't go back to being a panster! No way! LOL!