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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Spring: A Time to Mate by Ellen Margaret

The rain ceased to fall and the sound of birdsong filled the air. The sun began its ascent in the morning sky. It kissed the soil with warm rays and bathed the seeds with life giving energy. Tiny shoots emerged and put out little leaves. Small rodents and hedgehogs clambered out of their winter homes and stretched stiff limbs. They stared into the clear blue sky and smiled. It had been a long, sleepy winter but now spring had come. It was a time to rejoice and wander off looking for food but,the second task after awakening was to go in search of a mate.

Yerfana stretched her arms high above her head. She gazed around her little home. The table and chairs were coated in a thick layer of dust. The door swung on broken hinges. It had been a long winter and the weather had been unkind. That was obvious from the damage within her home.

She tossed aside the blanket that had kept her warm all winter. Naked,she glanced in the broken mirror and gave a loud gasp. How she had changed. She ran her hands over her full breasts and felt her rounded hips. Her legs were longer and, deep in her womb, she felt an ache. It was an ache that told her it was time to find a mate.

She stared at the mess and gave a little giggle. She had no time to clean. There were other things on her mind. She put on a thin, transparent garment spun from spider web and ran out into the warmth of the day.

She was not alone. Faeries were emerging from their little, brightly painted mud and straw homes. Children played with acorns. Not so long ago, she would have played with them. How she had loved to play and fly and swim. Raveboe had been her best friend. He would have been her chosen mate but he had been taken away by a Wocklaero who had stormed into their land two summers before. The Faery Elders told her he
was gone forever for those who went to the dark land of Wockdoom were never seen again. She knew not why Raveboe had been taken for he had been such a small faery. The elders said that the children were taken for food and experimentation by the Wocklaero. Over three hundred children had been taken in the previous ten years, all of them male.

Yerfana cried whenever she thought about Raveboe.

She saw Derelos approach her, leaning on his gnarled walking stick. He was the oldest inhabitant of the kingdom.

"Good Spring, Derelos," she said. She gestured to her curvaceous body."I am ready to bear a babe."

"Yes, you are, but now is not the right time."

"Why not?"

"Yerfana, you have woken later than the rest of us. I bring you bad news. We have been under attack for a week."

"Is it the Wocklaero again?"

"Not this time. The attack comes from the Underworld. Creatures spew up from the bowels of the planet. They are monstrous. They capture our kind and tear them from limb to limb and then they devour them."

She paled. "This was written in our Ancient Scriptures. This is the end time. The Yfaerend."

"It was prophesied."

"I know, but the prophesy also said that an army would rise up against the creatures from the Underworld." She stared at the faeries around her. "We have no army."

"No, we do not." Derelos glanced behind. "I must go. I see an elder I must speak with. Yerfana, do not venture too far."
She flew off and she did venture far. Her depression was great for she feared for her people. She flew to the lake. The place where she had seen Raveboe taken.

She removed her garment and swam under water, in the clear lake. When she came up, standing on the edge of the lake, was a male faery. She gasped, not because she feared him but because he was so big and handsome. Suddenly, all thoughts of her people's plight were lost,submerged beneath the avalanche of female hormones. Sex was the only thing on her mind as she climbed out of the lake.

"Who are you?"

He ran a hand through thick, blonde hair. "Your mate."

She did not question it.

He took off his tunic and removed his boots and his breeches.

Yerfana gazed in longing at his broad chest and bulging biceps. She stroked his firm buttocks and then ran her hands along the length of his shaft.

"You are beautiful," he murmured, dipping his head so that he could flick his tongue across her pink nipples.

She sighed and continued to stimulate his hard member. "I ache to be shafted," she said, lying down and spreading her legs.

"I have long ached to shaft you," he said, sliding inside her.

"You do not know me." She clung to his back and allowed the exquisite sensation to grow in her womb. When she reached her first orgasm,she screamed in delight.

He silenced her with a kiss and ejaculated into her. "You are mine, Yerfana."

She gazed into his eyes and with it came recognition. "By the Faery gods, you are Raveboe!" she spluttered, still glorying in the feel of him inside her. "The Wocklaero took you!"

He stroked her cheek. "They took many of us but only to train us to fight. The Wocklaero have never been enemies. The Faery Council fell out with them over a simple misunderstanding. The Wocklaero knew the creatures were coming from the Underworld and that is why they took us.Now, we are here and we can defeat them."

She cried copious tears of joy. "Raveboe, I love you and know you are going to save us. "

He winked at her. "Yes, lovely faery, I am."

About the Author: I am a writer from the UK and I live in the lovely Cotswold Hills. I am married with four grown up children and last year we became grandparents. It has always been my passion to write and I write in various genres - from historical romance to fantasy and the paranormal. My first novel, Like Lazarus, was published with Midnight Showcase Fiction and others have followed, including the sequel, Loving Lazarus. Find out more about me on my website -

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