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Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday Spotlight: Lyrical Press

The Dark Side,
Writing A Darker Trinity,
By Candice Gilmer

“I feel like I was shown the pretty, shiny side of being a vampire, and I expected everything to stay shiny. Now I see the dark alley, where the nastiness happens, and I’m scared.” Nicole, -- A Darker Trinity, by Candice Gilmer.

A Darker Trinity is a paranormal, M/F/M romance novel about a woman who is lured into the dark, sexy world of vampires, among other mythical creatures walking the world.

I sat down and decided to write A Darker Trinity with the idea that, hey, since I liked to read the occasional M/F/M story, that it would be a breeze to write one.

And I was just certain that I would be able to do this with no problems.

Heh… Yeah.

You see, I’m a vanilla girl. Very vanilla—I like my sex scenes passionate, wild, and usually with just one partner. And when I do read M/F/M stuff, I remain rather particular, because I have issues with it being two clones of the same guy, just different names.

So I started with making my two lead men, Joseph and James, as different as possible. Their appearance was the anchor—Joseph is blond, fair complexion, while James is your dark haired hero. Think Obi-Wan Kenobi and Qui-Gon Jinn without the age difference. (Even though I’m a serious Star Wars nut, I never actually realized that parallel until just now…Hmmm…) One is fair haired and rather ornery, the other a bit more reserved, darker hair and complexion.

Which it’s easy enough to make people different looking in a story, but I had to make sure they spoke differently too, their mannerisms, all of that, were, just, well different. Yet they complimented each other.

I think I worked harder on this story than I ever have on anything before—not only did I have a baby in the middle of working on this novel, but I treaded through a slowly constructed world, one with depth and details, consequences and dangers, as Nicole calls it, “the dark alley,” of vampirism.

I don’t normally do dark—while as a writer, I usually go where the story takes me, I don’t normally follow the darker path. I may have a complicated storyline, but I don’t intentionally delve into the dark side, because, like some people are influenced by music, I’m influenced by my writing—if it’s dark, I tend to be darker. And that’s just ugly to live with.

So writing this book was a complete change of pace, and a different kind of challenge for me. And since I believe in the Happily Ever After scenario, and that it truly has to be a believable HEA, this one was even harder, because I wanted to create a fully functioning world where it was possible for a M/F/M partnership to survive.

And I think I accomplished my goals.

“I… I can’t even begin to think what I should say now.” Nicole’s eyes wandered from one beautiful man to the other. The coolness of the night seemed to sober her up, and suddenly, this wasn’t just a fun dance with strangers—they were all real people with real lives, real worlds to go back to.

Granted, she lusted after both of them. There was no denying that. Yet suddenly everything seemed too real, too existing. Consequences of her lust started running through her brain.

You can’t sleep with two men.

You can’t sleep with one and then the other.

You can’t pick from either of them… How she knew that, she couldn’t be sure, but trying to pick one over the other seemed wrong. The two of them went together, they matched each other in some strange way. And choosing between them would be like choosing between the left side of her body or her right.

“Good night?” Joseph offered.

“I suppose that would work,” Nicole replied. She reached out, putting her arms around James, and hugged him. “Good night.”

When she pulled back a bit, James held her close, and she put her arms around his neck.

“May I kiss you now?” James asked.

The tiny bit of worry in her was distilled by James’s gentle question. She wanted to kiss him. Hell, she wanted to kiss both of them. Maybe they’d allow it—a kiss from both, and she’d be set for life, fantasies of being with both of them. It would never happen, but the thoughts might keep her satisfied on those lonely nights in Boston.

She nodded.

James smiled. He leaned forward, the kiss soft at first, tasting her lips with a gentle caress, then his pressure increased, and his mouth opened. Her lips parted, and their tongues danced with each other. His hands roamed down her back, resting on her hips. With a soft nudge, he pushed her hips against his. Her hands roamed down his back to stroke his ass.

“I’m feeling rather lonely over here,” Joseph’s voice interrupted them.

Nicole released James, both of them laughing. Joseph didn’t give his friend much time to untangle himself from Nicole, shoving him away. He wrapped his arms around her hips, his lips hovering within centimeters of hers. Nicole returned his embrace, her hands exploring the top of his ass.

“Still feeling lonely?”

“Just so horny I can’t stand it.” He pushed her backward against the side of her car. His hips rocked into hers as he slammed her with a kiss so intense she lost her breath. In her mind, she knew this was wrong; that she shouldn’t be kissing one and the other like this—so brazen, so blunt for both of them, yet her body had other ideas. She couldn’t stop herself from the onslaught. Both of them were incredible, and desire burned inside her for each one.

Joseph’s lips parted, his tongue dipping in, a warrior on a mission. He dominated her, enveloping her with his kiss, making her knees go weak, and had she not been pressed against the car, she knew she would have fallen.

“All right, don’t eat her,” James said, his hand on Joseph’s shoulder, pulling the two of them apart.

“I was just getting to the good part,” Joseph said. And stole one last quick kiss.

“We should let you go home, get some sleep.”

Nicole nodded, her whole body on fire. “Yes, and get out my vibrator. Or did you two want to come and help me with that problem?”

Joseph opened his mouth to speak, but James put a hand on his shoulder. “Good things come to those who wait,” James said.

Laughing, she got in her car, though in that second she was a little disappointed. “See you around.”

They waved as she started the car, and remained in the parking lot until she was out of sight.

Yes, tonight would be a night for the handy-dandy battery operated device.

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