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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Author Interview: Mistress Rae

Whipped Cream is pleased to welcome Mistress Rae. Mistress Rae is the pseudonym of Cinsearae Santiago. Between her two personas, she stays busy. She's the creator of the Abraxis series, the Blood Touch series, and Dark Gothic Resurrection, an ezine dedicated to vampire, goth, creepy, and paranormal themes.

I asked Mistress Rae how she distinguished between erotica, erotic romance, and pornography.

"Porn, to me, is two characters simply getting off," Mistress Rae said. "They could be complete strangers or barely know each other. There's no emotion, other than lust, between the two. The choice of wording used to describe the sex act itself is another thing—it might sound vulgar or animalistic. The story itself may be plotless.

"Erotica may use strong wording, but there's a plot and a certain spark felt between the characters. Creative foreplay might be used before the act and is often sensual in itself.

"I would say erotic romance is the milder of the bunch—using very little strong wording and the characters might have developed a relationship before becoming intimate."

Personally, Mistress Rae said she would never write any of the "nasty" stuff. "I'd never write about beastiality, or the use of bodily waste," she said. "I don't see anything sexy about that!"

I asked her if she'd always written erotica or if it had evolved from something else. She laughed and said, "A bit of depravity more than likely. And a lot of daydreaming! Seriously though, when I write the stories are a combination of erotica and paranormal romance, and maybe a bit of light horror wedged in there somewhere. I never fared too well trying to write mainstream or normal-sounding stuff. It just seems too limiting." She laughed again. "I hate limitations."

Her family knows she's published and they are proud of her for that, but she doesn't encourage them to read her books. "I remember when my mom had one of my books and only got through the first five pages before I snuck into her room and stole the book back," she confessed. "Other than that, none of my family has ever read a thing I've written. That would be the ultimate embarrassment for me."

On a personal note, I asked Mistress Rae what she thought about piercings. "If my tummy was firmer, I'd go for my navel," she told me. "I've seen a lot of pretty navel jewelry, and it'd be a perfect focal point when bellydancing! I don't consider body piercing 'sexy' if it's put in stranger places, or the jewelry sticks out horribly."

And, she can't bring herself to eat tofu. "I have absolutely no clue what the hell it is—and it looks too much like mucus," she said.

She's never known anyone who could tie a cherry stem with their tongue. "I would love to see someone do that. Holy cow...that would impress me big time!"

When Mistress Rae isn't writing (or doing cover art or working in one of the many creative fields she's involved in), she has a very interesting, albeit strange, habit. She enjoys finding and collecting skulls. "Hopefully, I won't need to go into detail with this," she said with a laugh.

Finally, I asked her what advice she would give to other authors who were thinking about writing erotica.

"Talk with other writers who write in the genre and join writers groups," she said. "Listen to what works and what doesn't. It changes constantly."

You can keep up with Mistress Rae on her website,

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