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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wednesday Spotlight: Jodi Lynn Copeland

What is your latest release and the inspiration behind it?

Escape To Ecstasy was released from Kensington Aphrodisia the last week in January. It is now in stores across the country, as well as available online through the various vendors, like and Ecstasy is a contemporary erotic romance, but it has shades of suspense. It also has a lot of emotional punch. This is probably my favorite novel to date because it does pack that extra punch. So far most of the reviews I’ve received on it agree to this end. A reviewer/reader who gets an author’s work is truly a great reward!

When I first considered writing Ecstasy it was to revolve around an island of men with the supernatural powers to heal a woman’s spirit and soul. However, my editor wanted me to stay in the contemporary vein. So I lost the supernatural power aspect, but kept the rest of that angle. The private island is set off the coast of Maine and houses a sensual healing resort for women only. However, some of the men who are the healers need some healing help of their own. When they least expect it, they get just that from their leading ladies in this two-story combo.

The first story features a recluse heroine and a hero who considers himself responsible for a man’s death during his teen-age years. The second story is a reunion romance for the resort’s owner and his one-time girlfriend. Both contain the same set of characters, so after the first story ends, the reader gets to continue on their involvement with the heroine and hero from story one.

You can check out a brief excerpt from Ecstasy here:

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