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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Thursday Spotlight: Phaze

The Dom Next Door

Professor Alex Johnson is a teacher by day, Dom by evening. Nadia Flemming is his next door neighbor. While she is attracted to the slightly nerdy conservative Brit next door, she is also a bit intimidated.

Alex decides to show Nadia that he isn't the shy, sweet man she's always believed him to be, and sends Nadia on a journey of sensual delights that rocks her world.
Violet Summers is a married mother of three beautiful children, including one set of twins, one rambunctious puppy, and one husband, except when she’s a single mom of one spoiled teenaged God-child, three spoiled kitties, and two spoiled, elderly parents. Both of Violet’s personalities
are very busy!

No, Violet has not suffered a psychotic break yet (though she may after dealing with creating web-pages and MySpace accounts). Violet is actually the writing team of Sierra Summers and Violet Johnson.

Neither woman can remember quite when she started writing, though VJ has a vague memory of a story written in the seventies about a girl named Carmel (that’s Car-MELL) who wore designer Sassoon “shapes,” or jeans. It was not, she says, her finest work.

Both women read voraciously, and in a multitude of genres. Sierra classifies them as “readers, as opposed to readers of romance. This means when we write, we’re as concerned with the story as we are with the sex.” That said, Sierra has been known to boycott books where the characters
haven’t “done the deed,” by page 125.

Sierra and VJ live in Southeast Michigan, and the spice of the Metro-Detroit area often flavors their work. “Why look for a more glamorous setting,” VJ asks, “when we’ve got the beautiful, re-vitalized Downtown area to draw from?”

Violet Summers writes in a variety of genres, from contemporary to paranormal; from soft BDSM to fantasy. The two things all her stories have in common is their deeply emotional stories and their scorching erotic love scenes.

Sierra and VJ love to hear from their readers. You can contact them at You can find them online at, and


Violet Summers' "The Dom Next Door"

Alex had been on simmer all day. Nadia's call, and the knowledge that all the tools he needed to restock his private dungeon were sitting in her living room just waiting for him, had kept his cock on high alert and his nerves on edge. Hell, he'd barely been able to concentrate on his lecture on the relationship of Byron to Percy and Mary Shelley. In fact, the kinky implications of that little trio only added to his sexual tension.

Sadly, as exciting as the prospect of replenishing his little corner of heaven was, he didn't have anyone to share it with at the moment. Alex was a Master, with a capital M. He trained both Doms and submissives, shepherding them into a mutually satisfying, safe, sane and consensual lifestyle. His most recent trainee, a sub named Ben Reynolds, had left Alex for the love of his life, Stacey Stanton. Alex smiled at the thought. Ben and Stacey had both been his pupils in the art of Domination and submission, and he liked them both a great deal. The idea that he had something to do with reuniting them gave him a warm glow down deep. Unfortunately, he thought wryly, it does nothing for the raging inferno down a bit lower.

Alex dismissed his final class fifteen minutes early, finally unable to resist the call of the delivery at Nadia's. As he drove toward their small cottages, he considered the prospect of a new trainee. This one needed to be a female. While Ben had been eager to learn, Alex's tastes had never leaned toward men, and Ben was about as heterosexual as they came. No, Alex's next pet had to be a female. His aching cock wouldn't stand for anything less.

Immediately his mind jumped to the woman he'd like to train. Nadia. Beautiful, funny, sensual Nadia. For the last three years she'd dominated his fantasy life, her golden hair cascading over her shoulders, her damp red mouth pursed around his dick, her full, natural breasts swaying as he spanked her lush, round ass. In his fantasies Nadia was the perfect sub, sassy and vulnerable an irresistible combination.

Unfortunately, she'd made it abundantly clear she saw him as nothing more than a friend. A pizza and movie buddy. And Alex valued that friendship too much to jeopardize it by pursuing more.

With the lingering vision of Nadia on her knees before him, naked with her wrists bound behind her back, he pulled into his driveway and headed across the lawn. He had a key but, as usual, her door wasn't locked. He opened it quietly, not wanting to disturb her if she was working, and felt the breath freeze in his chest at the sight that met his eyes.

Nadia. On her knees before him. She wasn't naked, but she was clutching a black rubber butt plug that put all sorts of ideas into his mind.

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