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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Perchance to Dream by Mysti Holiday

Maura never slept well when Jim was away, when she couldn’t curl up next to him like two spoons in a drawer. She hated sleeping pills, hated the way she felt in the morning, so she did what she could to exhaust herself.

First, a three mile run followed by fanatically corralling every dust bunny in the small house. She played ball with the dog until the normally inexhaustible retriever curled up in a corner in surrender.

And still she wasn’t ready to face bed alone. Maybe a little nookie with BOB would help. Sex with Jim surely made her good and drowsy. God, she loved her man. Damn his job that took him away so regularly.

She took a long, hot bath first, letting the warmth and wetness relax her body. She smoothed lotion on her long, toned legs like she was preparing for her lover. Dabbed a bit of perfume on her wrists, her throat. She released her hair from its French twist and brushed it ‘ til it gleamed.

Slipping into a black silk teddy with an open crotch, she crawled in between her satin sheets and reached into her nightstand drawer.

The vibrator was shaped like an animal, a tiny anteater with an abnormally long tongue on top. She turned it on and let that tongue lap at her clit, then let the tip of the vibrator gyrate its way slowly inside her wet hole. She licked the fingers of her free hand and played with her nipples, tugging at them and rolling them between index and thumb. Every tug made her gut clench, every lap of that anteater’s tongue sent heat and cream into her sheath.

The phone rang beside her and she glanced at the caller ID through slitted eyelids. Jim. She snatched the phone off the hook.

“Jimmy,” she moaned. “I miss you.”

He groaned low in his throat. “Are you touching yourself, Maura? Did you shove that fake cock into your hot cunt?”

“Mmm...but it’s not you.”

“Move it around, baby. In and out, harder and faster, and moan for me. I’m there, shoving myself into you. How does it feel.”

“Oh, God, good. What do you do next?”

The bedroom door opened and, startled, Maura dropped the phone.

“Surprise, baby.” Jim grinned and tossed his cell phone to the floor, stripping as he approached the bed. “Got done two days early and couldn’t wait to get home. Looks like you couldn’t wait, either.” He leaned down and covered her hand, the one holding the vibrator, with his own. Holding it in place, he covered her mouth with his, claiming her with a hot, moist kiss.

She opened to him, swirled her tongue around his and all but purred at the feel of his skin on hers. He moved away, stopping her hand from removing the vibrator inside her.

“Leave it.” He smiled. “I have something else in mind.” She cried out when he turned her over and slid a hand under her belly, lifting her ass in the air. He unfastened the little bit of material that held the crotch of the teddy in place and pushed the silky material up past her waist. He patted her exposed cheeks, then pressed a kiss to each one. “Oh yeah, baby...that’s what I’m talking about.”

He pushed the vibrator deeper and she thought she’d die from the rubber tongue flitting across her clit. “I’m going to come, Jimmy. I want you inside me. Ohhh...” she moaned the word as an orgasm coursed through her. “Damn you.”

He pulled the vibrator out a bit, just enough to keep that anteater from caressing her hypersensitive clit and leaned down to whisper in her ear. “Keep that right there, Maura. In just a minute, you shove that inside you and I’ll be inside your other hole.”

He brushed a finger up her ass, circling it around her tight entrance and she thrilled at the thought of being full up, as full as she could be. A shiver danced across her skin. “Yes.”

Jim squeezed lube into her crack and slipped a finger inside, wiggling it around until her muscles relaxed. Once she did, he inserted a second and scissored them, widening the gap.

She balanced herself carefully on one elbow and reached back to encircle his cock with a hand. It was hard and warm and throbbed at her touch. She moved, up and down and up and down, turned on even more at the sounds he made.

“I’ve been ready for you for days,” he said and pulled away. “You keep that up, I’ll come in your fist. I’m not waiting any longer.”

“Take me, Jimmy. I’ve been ready for days, too.” She braced herself, shoving the vibrator deep inside just as he entered her from behind. The fullness took her breath away and she moved her vibrator in time with his thrusts. This time, when the lapping tongue on the vibrator brought her to orgasm, he came with her.

He pulled out slowly and lay beside her, a fine sheen of sweat on his skin. She slipped the vibrator out and dropped it on the floor before turning to grin at her husband.

“I love you,” he said and dragged a sheet over their bodies. Once they were covered, he pulled her against him, pressing her ass against his softening cock. His arm circled her waist firmly and she sighed.

“I love you, too.”

And, safely tucked up against the warm body of the man she adored, Maura dropped into a deep, dreamless sleep for the first time all week.

About the Author: Mysti Holiday is the pseudonym of a SAHM who dreams of warm climes and hot bodies. She's married to a wonderful man who happily offers himself for research, and she spends most of her days dreaming of uncomfortable situations in which to place her characters. Visit her website at

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