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Monday, February 2, 2009

Monday Spotlight: Phaze

Phaze Books is the erotica and erotic romance imprint of Mundania Press, LLC. Established in November, 2004 with five titles, Phaze Books has in the last five years grown to offer 200+ titles and counting in eBook and trade paperback. Phaze Books is proud to include among its roster a number of nationally bestselling authors, award-winning writers, and popular names in the romance genre.

Phaze Books has maintained a visible presence at various romance writer/reader conferences over the years, and select print titles are shelved in independent and chain bookstores across the United States. Phaze Books has produced several Romantic Times BOOK Reviews Magazine Top Picks, multiple ARIANA winners, an EPPIE winner, and several winners and finalists of reviewers awards. We have published authors who have appeared on USA Today and New York Times besteller lists, as well as being bestsellers. Our goal is to offer more quality romantic fiction in the years to come.

Phaze Books is most proud of our affiliation with Phaze Books' author and editor Alessia Brio's Coming Together series. ALL print & ebook royalties (author/poet, editor, and artist) are donated to charity of each anthology collection.

Our current Coming Together collection that was released January 18th, 2009 is our Coming Together: At Last anthology. This collection contains stories and poetry with interracial romances and couplings where race is not the issue. The theme of all stories is hope. We had so many wonderful entries that we had to create two collections! In Volume I, we have Aurora Black, Alessia Brio & Will Belegon, Saskia Walker, Cerise Noire, RaeLynn Blue & Shara Azod, Lee Benoit, Jeremy Edwards, Andrea Jackson, Sergio Ortiz, Zoe Nichols, Seressia Glass, Lisabet Sarai, Yvette Hines, and Jax Cassidy. And in Volume II, we have Steve F. Young, Aliyah Burke, Ralph Greco, Tex Randall, Jude Mason, Sacchi Green, Chloe Waits, Jolie du Pré, Jae Knight, Allison Wonderland, Selena Kitt, J.M. Jeffries, Andrea Dale, Robert Buckley, Bridget Midway, and Chloe Waits. The introduction for both collections is written by New York Times bestselling author of the Vampire Huntress series, L.A. Banks.

All proceeds of this sale will go to Amnesty International. "The stars seemed to line up for Phaze Books with this collection," says Phaze Books publisher, Kathryn Lively. "First we release a collection of work involving interracial romances at a time when our nation has just sworn in our first African-American president, who is, himself, the result of an interracial relationship. Our anthologies were released the day before Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and two days before President Barack Obama
took office. And at the president's ball, President Obama and the First Lady danced to the song 'At Last'. I don't think we could have planned this better if we tried."

For more information on Phaze Books, please check out our site at And for more information on the Coming Together series, go to


"Enough Said" by Bridget Midway from Coming Together: At Last- Volume II

Autumn opened her eyes and rolled onto her side. She crawled over the bed to the nightstand and dove into the drawer where she found a friend she hadn’t used in long, long time. The bright pink plastic phallus hummed and vibrated as soon as Autumn turned the switch at the bottom.

This unique vibrator worked in water. Remembering its capabilities, Autumn ran to the bathroom and turned on the shower in the cramped stall. Without taking off the T-shirt, she got inside, letting the cool water attempt to lower her overheated flesh.

She put one foot on the wall next to the faucet and braced her free hand on the built-in soap dish. She slipped the vibrator inside of her, slow at first. Once she got it all the way inside, she let out a long, low cry. The feeling couldn’t match Sean’s dick but it was very close.

Autumn moved the vibrator in and out of her at a faster pace. The music echoed in the bathroom. The sound, the smell, the feeling, they were all like Sean, almost. It would be things like this that would have to pacify her in his absence.

Her leg supporting her body trembled as she leaned her head back. Autumn’s stomach compressed into a ball as she squeezed her nipple. The build up to the orgasm churned at a slow pace, but at least she knew she could get there. With Sean, he could look at her and she wanted to claw her clothes off and spontaneously combust right on the spot.

As the climax started to build, her strength began to wane. Autumn slipped down the wall as she continued to piston the vibrator in and out of her greedy cunt.

“Sean! Sean! Sean!” Even with her eyes closed, she noticed an immediate shift in the lighting in the stall, as though someone had flashed a light on her.

Autumn opened her eyes and turned to the glow. Sean stood next to the shower stall with the curtain pulled back and carrying a self-satisfied grin. Without a word, he covered her hand holding the vibrator and he removed it from inside of her. Not bothering to turn it off, he tossed it to the floor.

Autumn hooked her hand behind his head and pulled him, clothed and all, into the small stall. Sean craned his head down to kiss her while both of their hands worked on his shorts, trying to undo them and get them down.

Once his cock was freed, Sean took no time in looping his arm under her propped up leg as he guided the head of his penis to her pussy. He stared into her eyes as he pushed his way inside of her.

Autumn clawed his wet shirt clinging to his back and wrapped her other leg around his body. Just like she liked, just what she wanted, he pounded inside of her fast and hard. Cramped space or not, he knew how to please her.

Sean massaged her breast as he kissed her, darting his tongue in and out of her mouth. Autumn’s hand moved up to the back of his neck to his head where she immediately noticed his new shorter haircut.

At that point, he let her breast go, brought her hand down, carried her outside of the stall to the counter, and left the shower running. The old Autumn would have yelled at Sean for getting the bathroom floor so wet. Now it seemed so trivial.

Sean cupped her ass cheeks as he slid himself in and out of her. Even with his tan, his cheeks flushed red. Autumn framed his face with her hands. His strong jaw line now had a fine sandpaper grit covering it. Trying to capture a new sensory detail, she smoothed her hands over his face, letting the prickly hairs tickle her palms.

As soon as Autumn felt Sean’s legs shaking, her pussy twitched, tightening around his shaft. The feeling provoked a moan from Sean. He squeezed her ass cheeks, then nibbled her earlobe.

She coiled her legs around his body and released a scream that would have been worthy enough to have the police alerted. It didn’t take Sean long to follow suit, letting out his own guttural growl to complement her shriek. His muscles tensed in an instant as she felt his hot cum bathing her insides. That feeling she wouldn’t be able to duplicate.

After a tense moment, Sean exhaled. His shoulders and back relaxed as he kissed the side of her face and moved to her mouth.

When he broke from the kiss, he said, “Marry me” with a smile.

“Ask me when your dick isn’t inside of me.” Autumn laughed.

The smile dripped down from Sean’s face. He pulled out of her but kept his hold on her. “Marry me.”

Autumn regarded him for a moment. She laughed at first, thinking the joke was still rolling until she noticed how stoic Sean’s face had become.

“Marry me,” he said again with the beat of their sex song playing in the background.

Autumn wriggled away from him. “No.”

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