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Monday, February 9, 2009

Monday Spotlight: Jodi Lynn Copeland

Describe Jodi Lynn as an author:

My writing career began in 2003 with the publication of my first erotic romance, Uncharted Waters, through Ellora’s Cave. Since then I have published three dozen novels and novellas with six different publishers. The actual novel process for me began over a half decade before, when I wrote a romantic suspense/mafia type of trilogy as a sort of escapism during my junior year of college. Each of those books was huge—well over single-title length—and far from publishable. As published authors will so often tell those writers still attaining the published level, perseverance and continuing to study the craft paid off. Finding fellow authors through online groups and local in-person events played a big role in the sale of that first book, and continues to be a huge part of my every day experiences and motivation.

Since that first release in 2003 and several subsequent ones over the next couple years, my writing style has changed quite dramatically. I used to be a pantser, who would sit down to a blank screen or sheet and write away without any known plot. With more pressing deadlines, small kids, a day job, and so much else occupying my mind and time, these days I need to do at least marginal plotting in advance. Still, I like to leave some of the story component open, as not knowing exactly what will happen leaves for excitement on the author’s end, as well. My schedule has also changed a good deal. I used to write whenever the mood or inspiration hit. Now I write whenever time allows. This often means writing well after midnight and stealing half hour patches throughout the day.

To read about my journey and learn a bit more on me outside of writing, visit the “About Jodi” page on my website: Please note if you tour the site, I just put up the new look so some pages are still under construction.

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