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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tuesday Spotlight: The Wilder Roses

From the Wild West, to the Deep South, and to distant shores, enjoy the erotic romance of the past. The Scarlet Rose line of the Wild Rose Press encompasses all genres. The common thread is the hotter than hell stories that make you ache to be burned.

In the historical subcategory at, you’ll find stories like A Lesson in Pleasure by Crystal Jordan.

From the moment their king called her husband to the Crusades, Lady Eleanor prayed for his safe return. While in the Holy Lands, Sir Gavin sent home extraordinary riches: tapestries, spices, oils. Tucked between the lush fabrics was a wicked book depicting lovers entwined–exotic ecstasies a lady could never even imagine.
Eleanor has spent many a lonely night dreaming of Gavin pleasuring her in such ways, but when Gavin returns, he seems cold and distant, and Eleanor fears she's lost the only man she's ever loved. Using the book as her guide, can she teach her lord a lesson in pleasure and regain his love?

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