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Friday, January 2, 2009

Friday Spotlight: Paisley Scott

Editor-extraordinaire, Jennifer Haley, hand-picked four of her authors to take part in an exciting anthology based on Dan Fogelberg's classic, "Same Old Lang Syne" about two former lovers who reconnect after years apart. We could do whatever we like and set it wherever we wanted. How could I refuse? My contribution, “Sugar Shack,” features headstrong journalist Catherine Bennett reuniting with oh-so-sexy maple farmer Luke Mackenzie.

Ten years ago, Catherine Bennett said goodbye to her fiancé, Luke Mackenzie, and his maple farm in Vermont. She wanted to be somebody. She wanted to break out of a small town existence and live the city life. But the higher she flew, the less satisfied she was in love and life. She had left her heart behind. And she'd never forgotten the sizzling sex with blond-haired, muscular Luke.

Now, when her job takes her back home to Vermont, old feelings flame to life. But is Luke still interested? Is he married? And can he ever forgive her for leaving him so long ago? Only one thing's for sure; there's still an attraction. And their reconciliation will burn hotter than the fireworks that light up the New Years Eve sky!

Reader Martin Schwartz says, "'Sugar Shack' is the perfect feel-good story to rescue snow-bound readers from the depths of cabin fever. Get it as a holiday gift to yourself. You don’t have to read it at Christmas time, but I do recommend reading it during the winter. Summer reading might result in spontaneous combustion."

Paisley Scott lives in the sultry south with her hunky husband and three very-spoiled dogs. Her stories keep the heat on high, the action blazing and the romance sizzling.


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