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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Author Interview: Megan Hussey

Whipped Cream is pleased to welcome Megan Hussey, author of the upcoming Victorian Sensations being released this month by Firedrake Weyr. Megan also stays busy working in the women’s adult industry: she heads up the Playgirl Posse for Playgirl,, and PlaygirlTV, as well as doing some writing for Playgirl DVD box covers. Her take on erotica, erotic romance, and pornography? She smiled and said, “They’re all fun.” She continued, “To me, quality women’s porn and women’s erotic romance share many of the same qualities, in that they’re both explicit and tasteful, sexy and romantic.”

She feels the biggest public misconception about erotica is that erotic authors slide by on their sex scenes and that they have no genuine writing talent. “I work with so many talented authors,” she told me, “and every erotic work I read (and write, or so I hope), contains a cohesive plot, strong characters and elements of romance. Writing an erotic story carries the same degree of difficulty as any other story.”

In her own writing, Megan would never write anything violent or nonconsensual. “As a feminist activist I believe strongly in presenting positive, loving relationships,” she said. “My characters, both male and female, are both strong and sensitive.”

Megan doesn’t write just erotic romance, however. Her first two books, Jingle Bell Romance and Mauve Christmas, were both nonexplicit. “I wanted to write something my parents, nephews, and nieces could read,” she explained. “They were fun, and there's a possibility now that Jingle Bell Romance might become a movie. Even so, the heros were so hot it was hard to keep 'em dressed and outta bed.” She laughed. “I'm so bad.”

She admires and emulates “chicks who kick butt and do it with class.” Some of the women who have this quality and who she would be if she could be anyone she wanted include Queen Elizabeth I, Hillary Clinton, Gloria Steinem, or Xena, Warrior Princess. She added with a wink, “I also wouldn’t mind being the ‘towel girl’ on a Playgirl photo shoot.”

I asked her what food she considered best for eating off another’s tummy. She replied with a smile, “Whipped Cream, of course!”

She told me that her strangest habit is compulsive overwriting. “I keep a pen and notepad with me at all times.”

She looked around confused when I asked her what she could usually be found doing when she wasn’t writing. “You mean there are other things to do besides writing?” She laughed. “I love spending time with my family and friends, watching movies, reading and dancing.”

When I asked who would play her in a movie, Megan said, “I really admire actresses like Cate Blanchett and Helen Mirren, but would probably pick Kate Hudson because I've been told we look a little alike, which is very flattering; she's a very good actress as well and very funny.”

Finally, I asked Megan what advice she would give to a new writer just starting out. “Follow your dreams and don't let anyone tell you you can't do it,” she said. “If you have a story to tell, tell it and have fun!” You can keep up with Megan on her website,

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