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Sunday, January 11, 2009

2008 by Genre: All Contemporary Reviews

♥ Contemporary ♥

A Little Taste of Red by Beth Wylde
A Matter Among Men by Destiny Blaine
A Matter of Trust by Zena Wynn
A Mermaid's Kiss by Joey W. Hill
A Valentine's Gift For Tori by Zenobia Renquist
Addicted by Devon Gray
The Agency: Serpent's Kiss by Michelle Hasker
All or Nothing by Tonya Ramagos
Animal Attraction by Paige Tyler
The Art of Ethan by Cara North
Art of Sensuality by Jax Cassidy
Bad Enough by Lara Dien
Beast Of Burden by Tami Sinclair
Bedroom Behavior 101 by Sophia Rae
Bedside Manner by Sophia Rae
Bid For Love by Savannah Chase
Big, Blooming and Wild!: Greenhouse Effect by Nia K. Foxx
Big, Blooming and Wild: Texan Bound! by Dawn Montgomery
Big, Blooming and Wild: Two Fine For Pine by Isabella Jordan
Binding Ben by Violet Summers
Blackout by Dara Edmondson
Blind Love by Nina Pierce
Blood Noir by Laurell K. Hamilton
Bound By Magic by Amanda Cummings
Bound By Melody by Hunter Raines
Bourbon Street Heat by Lisa Perry
The Boy Next Door by G.A. Hauser
Brothers At Arms by Desiree Lee
Burnin' For You by Jamie Lynn Miller
By the Book by Dee Dawning
By the Moonlight by Jaxx Steele
Candy Kisses by Honey Jans
Captain's Surrender by Alex Beecroft
Carnal Inheritance by Kate Hill
The Cat House: Cats and Dogs by Julia Talbot
Cat O' Nines: Cat's Meow by Lia Connor
Cattleman's Club 1: Patton's Way by Jenny Penn
Caught Running by Madeleine Urban and Abigail Roux
Caught off Guard by Tonya Ramagos
Christmas Cake by Victoria Blisse
Christmas Rescue by Sultry Summers
Christmas Stalking by Selena Kitt
The Collector 5: The Crystal Flacon by Jeanne Barrack
Cowboy by Delilah Devlin
Cowboy Games by Wendi Darlin
Crossing the Line by Cat Johnson
Cuff Me Lacy by Demi Alex
The Curse of Albrecht Manor by Christopher C. Newman
Cursed by Rhianne Aile
The Dance by Jami Davenport
Daringly Delicious by Leigh Ellwood
Dark Dichotomy: Misbehaving by Aubrey Ross
Deal With This by Lucy Monroe
Deception by Jenny Penn
Deep Breathing by Darcy Campbell (Second story of two in an anthology)
Desire for Three by Leah Brooke
Devil's Dance by Scarlett Sanderson
Devon Falls: Fiery Magic by Raine Delight
Devon Falls: Red Hot Magic by Raine Delight
Diggin' Up Bones by Michelle Houston
Djinn by Kathleen Brandt
Double Booked by Sommer Marsden
Dream Strokes by Desiree Holt
Drive Me Crazy by Janna Lee Hayes
Elevator Magic by K.Z. Snow
Enthralled by Laura BaumbachEnthralled 2: Breathing by Laura Baumbach
Escape In Passion by Sheila Stewart
Executive Decisions: One Night Only by Marteeka Karland
Fairy Kisses and Magical Dreams by Raine Delight
Finding Cupid by Daisy Dexter Dobbs
The Firm: Charmer by Tuesday Morrigan
Fool's Gold by Ericka Scott
Foretaste of Forever by Christina Phillips
The Fortuneteller's Lay by Lara Dien
Game On by Liza James
The Good Thief By: James Buchanan
Gothic Cowboy (The McGillis Family Chronicles Book 2) by Laura Billingsley
Gray Badge of Trust by Gracie McKeever
Guilty Pleasures by Renee Knowles
Heat Stroke: Cat Got Your Tongue? by Melinda Barron
Heroes of Silver Springs 2: Twin Games by Tonya Ramagos
Hexed by Blayne Edwards
Hired Hands by Wendi Darlin
Hooked by Kate Davies
Horsefall: Tail of Two Brothers by Jade Buchanan
Hostages of Love by Sophie del Mar
Hot-Blooded by KyAnn Waters
Hungarian Masquerade by Lara Dien
The Huntsmen 2: Bareback by Amber Green
In Her Wildest Dreams by Kimberly Dean
In His Sleep by Hollie Brooks
Insatiable Passion by Nicole L. Pierce
Island Treasure: Book 1 by Rusty Wicks
It's All In The Jeans by Tory Richards
Jule Reigh and the Jim Stone Affair by Lani Aames
The Lady of Sexuality by Rorry Lynch
Last Glass of Wine by Bekki Lynn
Law of Averages by Wylie Kinson
Leopard Tails 2: Submissive by Isabella Jordan
Let's Get Physical by Cherie Amour
Love and Seduction in Las Vegas by Dee Dawning
Love Cuffs by Ashlyn Chase and Dalton Diaz
Love, Lust and Deception by Samantha Lucas
Love, Lust and Scandal in Professional Football - Sports Wives 1 by Destiny Blaine
Love You, Loveday by G.A. Hauser
Lust Knows No Boundaries by Destiny Blaine
Lyrical by Victoria Blisse
Madam Periwinkle's Erotic Delights: Better Than Chocolate by Lacey Savage
Madam Periwinkle's Erotic Delights: Outlook Orgasmic by Hannah Beckham
Madam Periwinkle's Erotic Delights: Toys for Trish by Celia Kyle
The Marriage Clause by: Yvette Hines
Mary and the Bear by Zena Wynn
The Mask She Wears by Jennifer Leeland
Masked Encounter by Samantha Gentry
Master Sergeant by Kelli Zel
The Masters: Samson by Kate Hill
Mating Claire (Sea Island Wolves: Book 1) by Jenny Penn
Mercury's War by Lora Leigh
MerLion's Pleasure by Diane Taylor
Michael Angelo by Diane Merlin
The Midnight Rose by April Vine
Mile High by G.A. Hauser
Mission: Carnal by Mary Winter
Mission: Raw by Mary Winter
Mr. Right by Lara Santiago
Model Soldier by Cat Johnson
Moonlighting by Kris Eton
My Immortal by J. K. Coi
Naked Bluff by Betty Hanawa
Nature's Pentacle by Eden Rivers
Neptune's Lair by Dorothy McFalls
Night Ride by Desiree Holt
Nine Inches of Snow and the Ebony Princess by Gracie C. McKeever
Nothing But Trouble by Jamie Hill
Oh Yum! - Impulsive Pleasures by KyAnn Waters
One Good Man by Shara Azod
One Night With You by Jane E. Jones
Pack Mentality: Natural Selection by Julia Talbot
Parallel Attraction by Michelle Houston
The Perfect Tool by Lara Santiago
Pick of the Litter by Wendy Stone
Pirate's Booty by Teresa Noelle Roberts
Pleasure After the Pain by Savannah Chase
Power Games by Madeline Oh
Private Dancer by Ann Cory
The Professor's Spring Fling by Annick Claire
Protective Custody by Paige Tyler
Rekindling the Spark by Nicole Gestalt
Riding the Rail by Julia Devlin
Roman Rhapsody by Rita Trevalyan
Rookery Cove: Kidnapping Karisma by Tuesday Morrigan
Rookery Cove: Nipped by Celia Kyle
Rookery Cove: Ocean's Call by Dawn Montgomery
Rookery Cove: Pixie's Prisoner by Lacey Savage
Room to Play by Lena Austin
Rough and Ready by Wendi Darlin
Rough Justice by KyAnn Waters
Ruling Lacey by Cyan Bell
Samantha and Her Genie by Daisy Dexter Dobbs
The Secret She Keeps by Jennifer Leeland
Seduced by Darkness by Delilah Devlin
Seduced in Seoul by Helen Hardt
Serena's Song by Raina James
Sex, Lies and DVDs by Lynne Logan
Sexy Games by Madeline Oh
She's On Top by Susan Lyons
Sin is Not a Four-Letter Word by Aliyah Burke
The Sins of Their Fathers by Lara Santiago & Emma Wildes
Sizzle and Burn by Lexie Davis
Snowbound: A Snowball’s Chance by L. Shannon
Snowbound: Are We There, Yeti? By: Celia Kyle
Snowbound: Captive Heat by Lexxie Couper
Snowbound: Her Feral Mates by Ruth D. Kerce
Snowbound: Lunar Seduction by Kira Stone
Snowbound: Mister Abominable by Cassandra Kane
Snowbound: Night Shift by Lacey Savage
Snowbound: Saved By A Vampire by Silvia Violet
Snowbound: Snow Angel by B.J. McCall
Snowbound: Snow Dream by Michele Bardsley
Snowbound: White Wedding by Cat Marsters
Spicing it Up by Mia Bailey
Steamy Encounter by Samantha Gentry
Stormy Nights by Tonya Ramagos
Submissive Games by Madeline Oh
Summer Love by Rusty Wicks
Sundown Investigations: Here Kitty Kitty by: Cat Masters
Superstar by Roxanne Springer
Talk Dirty To Me by Christine Daily
Taming the Beast by Jinx Williams
Tartan Interlude by Selena Illyria
Tartan Surprise by Selena Illyria
Tempt Me With Darkness by Shayla Black
Time Traveler: An Erotic Trip Into The Past - The Great Pyramid by Etienne D'Artagnon
Time Traveler: An Erotic Trip Into The Past - Stonehenge by Etienne D'Artagnon
To Have and To Hostage by G.A. Hauser
Torrid Teasers Volume 45: Epic Turns & Dark Memories By Piper Evyns
Truth or Dare by Syrell Starr
Turquoise Dreams by Betty Hanawa
Twisted Reality by Darcy Campbell (First story of two in an anthology)
Under Cover of the Night by Megan Hussey
Unexpected Encounter by Samantha Gentry
Vampire Queen's Servant by Joey W. Hill
Viva Los Regalos: Cocked Dice by Emma Ray Garrett
Walls by Bridget Midway
Warlord by Jaid Black
Wassail Woes by Diane Taylor
The Way to Olympia by Amanda Carrell
Welcome To Eden by Rynne Raines
What She Wants At Midnight by Kimberly Dean
When Adam Met Jack by G.A. Hauser
Wild Card by Lora Leigh
Winning Virgin Blood by Destiny Blaine
Winning Virgin Love by Destiny Blaine
Winning Virgin Lust by Destiny Blaine
Wish Upon A Djinn by Sammie Jo Moresca
Yeti! Again? by Celia Kyle
Zara's Bois 2: Ingénue's Choice by Gracie McKeever
Zara's Bois 3: Bouncer's Folly by Gracie C. McKeever

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