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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Wednesday Spotlight: April Vine

April Vine is one of four Wilder Rose authors known collectively as the Scarlet Redhots. They have an anthology scheduled to be released with the individual stories all based on the late Dan Fogelberg’s “Same Old Lang Syne.”

All of the stories started with the same premise, but quickly took on their own individual lives, with the characters and settings as different as the authors involved in this project.

April believes that love is the strongest emotion known to mankind and romance is one expression of it. She started off rather tamely in her romance writing, but then decided to let her characters share their bliss with the world instead of making them hide it in a darkened room with the sheets over their heads.

She brings that enthusiasm to her newest work, part of the abovementioned anthology, to “Blindfolded by Lust,” available now.

A blindfold of silk to heighten all senses, adding sultriness to pleasure, mystery to identities…

Five years ago, Kelly Paton's friends devised a New Year's resolution to relieve her of her virginity and catapult her platonic relationship with David van Wyk into a mind-blowing passion-fest. But not only did the blindfold conceal Kelly's vulnerability, it also masked the identity of the virile man who took as he pleased.

Nothing could have stopped Adam van Wyk from the blindfolded beauty dressing his brother's bed. After all, she was only David's present to himself, a dalliance while he waited on the virgin heiress he was in love with. Or was she?

Five New Years' later, David once again has Kelly within arms' reach but the wounds of betrayal aren't quite healed. Can Adam resist reliving the tempting memories and put his brother's happiness before his own, or will he risk it all and finally claim the one woman he's ever loved?

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