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Monday, December 29, 2008

Monday Spotlight: Jennifer Haley

What gave you the idea of the anthology premise?

I’d just heard that Dan Fogelberg, one of my absolutely favorite musical artists of all time, had passed away December 16, 2007. I thought about his song “Same Auld Lang Syne” which is a true story about him meeting his old lover in a grocery store on Christmas Eve. They get to talking, have a couple of beers in her car. She tells him about her life, he does the same. Then she leaves and as he walks away, the snow turns into rain...then the few bars of Auld Lang Syne end this truly poignant song. I got to thinking...what would happen if two estranged lovers met during Christmas and didn’t walk away?

What drew you to choose the four authors you chose?

Well, they were all authors I’ve worked with and I love their distinctive voices—plus their ability to write quickly and under deadline and give me a good first draft was quite important. Their assignment was to write a reunion/holiday story where the girl doesn’t get away...and to make sure it was hot, hot, hot! Each story is set in a different location—Devon’s in Seaside, Florida, Paisley’s in Vermont, Ana’s in New Mexico and April’s in South Africa! Each author brings their distinctive voice and such different, sexy premises! I love each and every one—the books, and the authors!

Did any one story surprise you in any way?

They each surprised me! I gave each author the same instructions, we approved the synopses, but each story took on the flavor of the author writing it. I love the heroes. Devon’s hero is a musician; Ana’s used to be. April’s hero is an IT billionaire who travels the world and Paisley’s is a maple farmer in Vermont. All four are as different as can be, but they’re all sexy as hell!

And, as an added bonus, enjoy this tribute to Dan Fogelberg and the song that inspired this anthology.

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