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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Bonus

by Syrell Starr

Jared’s gaze roamed the elaborately decorated room with a practiced eye. Office Christmas parties always bored him, but as Vice President of Automotive Investigations, his presence was mandatory.

He snagged a glass of wine when the waiter made rounds and studied the other guests. He’d booked a room in the five-star hotel, so he wouldn’t have to worry about driving home late. His gaze fell on Eunice, one of the legal secretaries that worked for the firm. Her quiet presence intrigued him.

The high-pitched drumming on a wine glass signaled the beginning of the company speech. Harold Whitaker delivered the boring litany of accomplishments for the year. When he finished his pep talk, he motioned for his wife, Sarah to take center stage.

She sauntered forward and bowed. “Now for the fun part. You each drew names and became secret Santas for that person. You must figure out who your secret Santa is. Clues should be included with each gift. Correct guesses go into a drawing for an added bonus. Let the games begin.”

A whoosh of red and green swept past Jared in a bid to find individual gifts. Jared was in no hurry. He enjoyed watching the humorous moment. When the area cleared, only one present remained.

Resigned, he tore his open.

The contents made his mouth gape. Inside was a gift basket of sexually suggestive items more appropriate for someone in a relationship. A grin spread across his face, and he laughed. This had to be a gag gift from one of the guys.

He unfolded a piece of scented parchment hidden between two silk scarves and was rewarded by a photograph that took his breath. Lying nude on a bed of lacy pillows, the woman had voluptuously full breasts, a tiny waist, and generous hips. His gaze drank in her tempting curves, and he hardened. With her face turned from the camera, he could only guess her identity.

“Hey, Jared, have you discovered your Santa yet?” Clarence asked.

“No.” Warmth invaded his skin, and he loosened his tie. “But I’m working on it.”

The only possibility was too far-fetched to consider. He searched the room for Eunice and narrowed his eyes in speculation. She looked uncomfortably bored and jittery at the same time. He glanced at the photo again and his pulse quickened. A sudden urge to whisk her off to his room made his cock throb in anticipation.


“Has Jared discovered you’re his secret Santa yet?”

Eunice shook her head. “He hasn’t even bothered to approach me. You’d think he’d figure it out. I gave him a silk tie with cats all over it.”

“I bet he knows and didn’t feel obligated to seek confirmation.” Sarah tilted her head. “You really should tell Jared how you feel. You two would make a great couple.”

“He’s too …” She struggled to describe her superior. “Too debonair. Besides, office romance never works.”

“You rarely see each other. I can’t see how it would be too distracting.” Sarah glanced at her watch. “You’ll have to excuse me. Time to draw a winner.”

While Sarah handled the entries, Eunice stole glances at Jared. His short cropped brown hair, green eyes, and square jaw line made him the subject of torrid daydreams. A designer suit accentuated his trim waist and broad shoulders.

“Okay folks, we have a winner. Jared Burkett, you’re one lucky man.” Sarah lifted an expensive bottle of wine.

Jared uncurled his lithe body and came forward. “Thank you. But I plan to share this with my secret Santa. Eunice, come here.”

Her heart skipped a beat. Had he really called her name? A gentle nudge from behind made her come out of her stupor. The moment she stood in front of him, he looped an arm about her shoulders and pulled her to his side.

“Thank you for my gift.”

Heat warmed her skin. “It was nothing special.”

“Well, you got my attention.”

With a plain silk tie? “I guess it wasn’t too hard for you to figure out.”

“Oh contraire.” He grabbed her hand and headed for the exit. “But there’s still a mystery to solve. Let’s go upstairs and enjoy this wine in privacy.”

“Perhaps I best go home. It’s been a long day.”

He stopped and gave her a curious glare. “Darling, when a woman gives a man the kind of gift you gave me, she better be willing to share the pleasure.”

“But it was only silk…”

“Only?” He led her to the elevator before she could protest. “You’ve no idea how desirable I find you right now. Scarves, scented oils, handcuffs, and a photo all add up to more than ‘only silk’.”

He propelled her into the elevator. All of a sudden, the blood drained from her face. She must’ve switched the gifts. At her roommate’s insistence, she’d bought risqué items for Nelda’s boyfriend since Nelda didn’t have time to shop. Worse yet, she’d directed Eunice to pose nude for a photo she could put inside the package. Eunice should have declined, but Nelda was recovering from an appendectomy and didn’t want the scar to show.

Before Eunice could process her mistake, she found herself inside Jared’s spacious room.

The moment the door closed, he set the wine down and advanced. With the grace of a stalking cat, he pulled her to him and kissed her. She leaned into his body for more. The sound of a zipper being pulled sparked keen awareness for her surroundings and the inevitability of more than just kissing. Cool air touched her back and she shivered.

He pulled away and gazed at her with sultry eyes. “Hmm. Shall we see how closely the photo resembles the real thing?”

Her shift slid down her thighs and she trembled with need. “Guess you’ll never believe that gift was a mistake?”

“Never. That gift was ambrosia to an otherwise dull evening. And you, my pet, just became my Christmas bonus.”

About the Author: Syrell Starr is the product of two very independent thinkers who taught her to believe in the moon.. She derives pleasure from fanciful musings and hopes to share her love of storytelling with readers who possess a passion for titillating scenes. Visit her blog.

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