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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Author Interview: Sapphire Phelan

Whipped Cream is happy to welcome Sapphire Phelan, author of erotic and sweet paranormal, fantasy, and science fiction romance. Her newest work, Unwitting Sacrifice, an erotic Lovecraftian horror novella, is being released by Under the Moon on November 8. As Pamela K. Kinney, she also writes horror, fantasy, science fiction, as well having a non-fiction ghost story, Haunted Richmond, Virginia published. She lives in Virginia with her husband and two cats, Ripley and Bast.

I asked Sapphire how she distinguished between erotica, erotic romance, and pornography.

“Pornography is sex without any feelings,” she told me. “Just the act to ‘get’ off. Erotica is a sensual act, but the people involved don’t have to be in love with each other to have relations, and it doesn’t need to have a HEA at the end. Erotic romance is two people in love doing an act to shows how much they care for each other. There is usually an HEA with this.”

She disagrees with what she sees as the public misconception that erotica is porn or that writers of erotic romance or erotica are writing “dirty sex stories.” She said, “Erotica is not just about physical sex, but of the mind and soul as well.”

Sapphire said there’s most definitely a line between porn and erotic romance she would never cross. “Sex between a minor and an adult,” she said, “Sorry, that is terrible. As a mother, I would never write anything like that. Also, a human having sex with a real animal.”

Along with her erotic fiction, Sapphire has two “sweet” stories out: a super hero romance story, To Save the Day, is an Amazon short, and the other, “Old Friends,” can be found in Cobblestone Press Quarterly’s December 2007 issue.

I asked her who she would be if she could be any person...and she has her sights set high. She said, laughing, “A best selling author?”

On a personal note: her favorite food is sushi; she can’t bring herself to eat any kind of melon (even watermelon); and when I asked if she could tell the difference between Coke and Pepsi, she said, “You’re talking to a Coke fan here, so yes!”

But, there’s a lot more to Sapphire/Pamela than meets the eye. As I said in the first of this interview, along with erotic romance, she writes nonfiction, horror, fantasy, and science fiction. She’s not alone in her love of science fiction, because her husband is a big fan as well. She enjoys designing and sewing costumes to wear at sci-fi conventions. As a matter of fact, she and her husband both enjoy costuming and conventions, but she admits that her writing has taken lead in the enjoyment race.

Along with her writing and her costuming, she also has film and stage credits to her name—both acting and directing. You can find a list of her credits here.

As you can see, Sapphire keeps herself busy, mostly being at her desk writing. “And, yes,” she confessed, “the house and husband sometimes suffer for it!”

You can read more about Sapphire and her works at her website.

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