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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Author Interview: Dalton Diaz

Whipped Cream is very pleased to have with us this week Dalton Diaz, who recently released Love Cuffs, co-written with Ashlyn Chase.

Dalton told me her favorite erotic romance author was Joey Hill, who she describes as “an amazing writer.” She believes Emma Holly, Susan Lyons, and Lora Leigh also write excellent erotic fiction. “When I’m in the mood to laugh and play, it’s Ashlyn Chase and Chris Tanglen,” she said. “When I read these authors, I’m interested in how the story is going to play out as well as the blistering sex scenes. They all understand that the sex is integral to the story, plays into the story, instead of it being gratuitous. In other words, yeah, I'm going to enjoy reading a good sex scene no matter what, but I'd much rather read about two characters that I care about making love.”

This also ties in to what Dalton told me she thought the biggest misconception about erotica is: that it’s about the sex instead of the characters having the sex. “I want to be inside those character's heads as they're having their minds (and other things!) blown,” she told me. “It's what the characters are feeling emotionally as well as physically, and having it all described in arousing detail. The world has seen enough of the slot A, B, and C cardboard sex pornography. There's nothing to that but the sex, which is, to me, the grand difference between erotica and pornography. Give me erotica any day!”

Natural Law, by Joey Hill, used to be her favorite erotic book. That is, until Rough Canvas, also by Joey Hill, came out. “How can anyone not love Marcus and Thomas and the love they have for each other?” she asked. “You can see their growth from start to finish. Not to mention the hot sex! It has everything you could want in an erotic romance.”

I asked her about her current works and she told me that if she could entertain anyone from a book it would be Seth Foster, a bisexual lawyer from her current WIP. “He keeps trying to steal the show!” she explained. “The poor guy is bound by rules being set by the hero and heroine of the book, so my only rule would be... no clothes. The rest would be up to him because he's just too cool a guy to resist. I hope you will soon be meeting him.”

When she’s not writing, she told me she can usually be found reading and doing research. “They're both research, really,” she said, “though one can sometimes be tedious, and the other is never disappointing. I let you guess which is which!”

She also told me that the hands-on research has also been embraced by her writing friends. “I have one critique partner who questioned the physical placement of a body part and got her husband to give it a test,” she told me. “She emailed me the results, not only proving her point, but mentioning that her husband told her - in complete awe - that she has the best hobbies!”

On a more personal note: she does know someone who can tie a cherry stem with their tongue. She’s not naming names, but says it’s a well-known author. “I can only watch in awe,” she said. “I imagine it would be a good tongue exercise, though, and it would be fun to see the look on people's faces if you succeed, male and female alike. Huh. I'll have to give it a try.”

Her favorite food is dark chocolate and almost anything covered in dark chocolate. Two exceptions to this? Scallops and Brussels sprouts. Those she wouldn’t eat even if they were covered in dark chocolate. As a matter of fact, she told me, “Both are completely banned from my house.”

You can read more about Dalton and her works at her website.

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