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Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Winged Man by Jenny Kat Shepherd

Two minds... one thought.

Adrian winged his way through the air, his eyes searching the countryside below. Something called him to this area, time and again. But, what was out of the ordinary about this place? Sheep dotted the hills, lambs gamboled in the meadows, a girl sat reading.....wait.

Did she just shimmer?

A wave of energy knocked the wind out of his lungs and sent Adrian spiraling to the ground below. He had just enough time to fold his wings inside himself before he sprawled on the ground. For a moment, he lay motionless, then, with trepidation, he checked his limbs. He scanned them with the ability that had saved his people from extinction many times over. Being a flighted creature, his bones were of necessity more fragile than the humans among whom they lived . But, being able to tell when and if one were broken, and applying frigillious to it, had saved many an uomolato from detection or, worse, death.

After assuring himself the self-healing technique wouldn’t be needed this time, he rose and looked around. After flight, it took several minutes to orientate himself to being on the ground. Things looked much different from in air, but he much preferred the freedom of flight to the limitations of being grounded. However, that was the price that had to be paid for living in a modern world. Long gone were the days he’d heard about as a nestling, when men and uomolato lived side by side in piece.

The tune from a pipe floated over a small hill and he followed it. The odor of mint rose around him as he crushed the greenery with his feet. On top of the hill, he paused. There below... the girl sat, her book idle in her lap and her eyes turned his way. He began to draw back, but then realized there was no sign on her face that she saw him. He took a step closer, then another.

Her head cocked and her brow furrowed, as if she had heard something. Impossible. She could not have heard his feet on the soft grass. Could she? A suspicion grew in his thoughts. Slowly, deliberately he raised his right hand and waved. Nothing. She had to have seen him...unless she was blind. But, what was she doing with a book on her lap then?

Not wanting to startle her, he called out. “Excuse me, miss. But, I’m afraid I’m lost. Can you direct me to the nearest town?”

She scrambled to her feet and backed away. A large collie came bounding out from among the sheep and placed himself between the girl and Adrian, baring his teeth, growling as he did so. The girl shimmered once again, but this time Adrian braced himself.

“I’m not going to hurt...” He shook his head, surprised at the strangled sound which issued from his throat. It reminded him of the time he’d been kneed in the groin. Fortunately the pain didn’t accompany it, but it was puzzling. Even more puzzling was the slight smile that crossed the girl’s lips.

A low growl came again from the dog, which was stilled by the mere touch of the girl’s hand on his head. With no hesitation, she walked up to Adrian. As she drew near, it was as if a cloud of flowers surrounded him like a cloud. He breathed in the strange aroma and his brain whirled. His body reacted as if he’d taken the strongest aphrodisiac in the world.

Her hands brushed his face, his eyebrows.

Who is this woman?

A thought echoed in his brain. You may call me Laila.

Adrian’s last coherent thought as Laila pushed his shirt of his shoulders and flicked his nipple with her tongue was I have died and this is heaven.

All was sensation. Sinking down into the soft grass, the aroma of mint mixing with the aroma that was Laila. He didn’t know where his clothes went, but her lips were on his cock. A moan issued from his throat and he was powerless to escape, even if he had wanted to. As she slid her mouth down the length of him, he grasped her head. Her silky hair fell against his thighs and lay against his balls.

As she raised her head and began flicking the head of his cock with the tip of her tongue, he pulled her up against him. Her clothes were gone as well and her hard nipples raked against his chest. With a low growl, a claiming growl, he gathered her in his arms and launched into the air. Her arms clasped around his neck and her legs around his hips as he drove himself into her. A sharp intake of breath was the only sound she made as Adrian claimed her for his own high above the ground, holding her ass as she met each thrust with an equally eager one of her own.

The security of her thoughts filled Adrian as she released her grasp around his neck. She leaned back and he captured her breast in his mouth. The taste of strawberries filled his mouth as he sucked and nibbled on the tits she offered. Holding her secure with one hand still on her ass, he pinched and rolled the free nipple with his other.

Their thoughts mingled and, as their fluids merged, so did their minds. Adrian felt every shudder and every shock that went through Laila’s body as she reached her climax. In all the times he’d had sex, there had never been a mingling such as this. He felt her throbbing not only against the outside of his cock, but deep inside as well. Her orgasm became one with his own and, spent, they drifted silently down to earth.

Her thoughts brushed his own. It was foretold a man would come from the sky to rescue me from my curse and that only then would I be able to speak. Her thoughts because speech and Adrian fell asleep with the words “I love you” ringing in his ears.

About the Author: Jennifer Katherine (Jenny Kat, to her friends) Shepherd writes erotic romance for the fanciful in mind. Her stories are seldom set in the everyday world, but in worlds far away. No matter how far away the worlds are, though, romance is romance. Passions ignite when Jenny Kat’s characters get together. Check out the wild women of The Menagerie at and see what they are talking about at

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