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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Author Interview: Eden Rivers

Whipped Cream is happy to welcome Eden Rivers, author of Broken Pentacle which was released on August 19. Broken Pentacle is a sequel to Nature’s Pentacle, however can also be read as a stand-alone. Both of these, along with Eden’s other books, have paranormal elements. She credits growing up in New England and developing a fascination for things that go bump in the night. “Everyone needs a little magic in life,” she told me.

Eden told me one way she knows she’s written a good erotic story is “when my husband tells me a scene is a real scorcher.” She then added, “Mostly I go with what I like myself when I read erotic romance or erotica: the depth of character, the emotional intensity, the strength of the plot, the romantic conflict, and of course, the heat index.”

She also told me her husband is her biggest fan. “He reads everything I write,” she said, “often more than once. His opinion of my early-stage manuscripts helps me fine-tune my ideas. My sister is my other biggest fan, and her editing advice is awesome. I can’t possibly say how much I appreciate their help and unwavering support.”

One of the misconceptions about erotica that Eden sees is that erotica is just about sex. “Good erotic romance,” she said, “has to have every single quality you’d find in a strong traditional romance, as well as red-hot erotic love that’s closely woven with emotional intensity, plot development, and the growth of the characters.”

I asked Eden sex scene she found most embarrassing to write. “Oddly enough,” she told me, “it’s one of my favorite scenes. When I wrote the m/m/f/m foursome with simultaneous penetration near the end of Nature’s Pentacle, I blushed as I wrote it. When I reread it, I blushed more. I kept thinking, wow, did I really write this foursome on the kitchen floor? But then during edits, I read it again and loved the tenderness between the characters. The sense that they might be about to lose what mattered most. I just loved it.”

Her most embarrassing moment in real life, however was a few years before writing this scene and included not a foursome, but one other person...well, besides the police. She and her boyfriend were caught parking her senior year in high school.

Eden told me in addition to reading and writing, she enjoys gardening and yoga. As a matter of fact, you can see some beautiful pictures of her garden on her website. She told me that what she enjoys eating depends pretty much on the mood she’s in. Some of her favorite things are, she said, “cookies fresh from the oven, chocolate, and fresh baked bread.” But, she shared she’s also given to “sudden and irresistible food urges. One day it might be fried rice, the next chocolate brownies, and the next fresh baked bread, hot from the oven.”

She couldn’t choose just one food she can’t stand to eat. “First, I can’t stand the thought of any form of meat or fish prepared raw,” she said. “To this list you can add anything slimy (caviar, snails, squid), or smelly (beets, sauerkraut). Otherwise, I’m not a picky eater--honest!”

I asked Eden to pretend she could entertain a character from a book for an evening and to tell me about it. “I’d spend an evening with Jean-Claude, the Master of the City in Laurell K. Hamilton’s Anita Blake Vampire Hunter novels. I envision a romantic meal at an expensive restaurant, a walk through the dark streets of the city, and then some intimate moments that would conclude—of course—with a vampire bite.”

Perhaps the intimate moments would include some warm, melted chocolate for body art, and later, delicious eating, because she told me that even though she once had a very interesting experience with cinnamon schnapps in college, the chocolate still gets her vote.

Finally, I asked Eden, “If you could be anyone you wanted, who would you be?”

“Me—on the NY Times Bestseller list and independently wealthy,” she said. “If you’re going to dream, you may as well dream big!”

You can read more about Eden and her works at her website.

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