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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Turnabout's Fair Play by Kealie Shay

Malcolm forced heavy eyelids open and rolled his stiff shoulders. At least, he tried to roll his stiff shoulders. “What the hell?” he muttered when he couldn’t, tugging futilely at the bonds restraining him. “She didn’t!” It looked like he’d been bound with his own restraints.

“Oh, she did…” Keeara’s soft voice drew his attention to the doorway of the bedroom.

“Kee, untie me… NOW!” Malcolm demanded. He wanted out of these restraints. He didn’t miss the shiver that ran down his woman’s body. She stood in the doorway watching him, not moving an inch.

“Uh-uh,” Kee murmured. Malcolm was stunned and blinked in surprise that his sweet little submissive had actually told him no. Her eyes were downcast but he read defiance in every line of her body.

“What the hell is going on, Kee?” He tried to soften his voice, put her at ease, but she still wouldn’t meet his eyes. He tried again. “Why did you do this?” There, that had sounded less hostile.

“I need something from you, Mal,” she whispered.

Every muscle in his body tensed. What was going on? She knew he would give her anything… anything, but permission to walk away from him. That he would never give her willingly. It was too late for that. He searched her face; he wouldn’t survive losing her. He closed his eyes and clenched his fists, prepared to tear the bed apart to get free. Her whimper made him focus on her, instead of his roiling thoughts. He looked into her face and saw pleading even desperation. Mal swallowed and steeled himself to let her go.

“What do you need from me, baby?” He was surprised at the gentleness in his voice, but it emboldened her.

“I need…” her eyes met his for one brief moment, then skittered away to glance around the room. She cleared her throat. “I need to be in control… just this once I need to have some of the control.”

Mal blinked, stunned. That was it? She needed to have some control over their play? Didn’t she realize that she always had control? He may be her Master, but she had all the power. He heaved a sigh of relief. He could give her this.

“Kee, baby, you can have whatever you want.”

“Really?” Her eyes flew to his face. What she saw there must have reassured her. She sighed and took a hesitant step into their bedroom. She was clutching her hands tightly to her stomach, but at least she was moving into further into the room. She took another hesitant step toward the bed.

“I don’t want you on the bed,” she whispered.

“I’m sorry, did you say something?” Mal asked, insolence in his voice. If she wanted control she needed to take it. He bit back a smile when her spine straightened and she slowly met his gaze.

“I don’t want you on the bed,” she said with more force behind her words.

“Mmm…” he hummed. “Okay. Where DO you want me, baby?” He stretched, rubbing sensitive limbs against the soft, warm sheets as he wrapped the rope above his head in his fists. He considered the gentle sway of her hips as she glided across the room. Good Lord, the woman was graceful.

She gripped the velvet rope where it was joined to the headboard when she reached his side.
“I want you there,” she indicated the hook in the ceiling with a nod of her head.

Heat pooled in Malcolm’s groin at the thought. He’d used the hook more than once to restrain her in the middle of the room. The memory had lust roiling in his gut. At his short nod of agreement she unhooked the rope from the headboard. Within a matter of moments he was standing naked in the center of the room with his arms pulled above his head… at her mercy.

The heat of her naked body preceded the silken glide of her skin against his bare back. The cool touch of her hand started in between his shoulder-blades and wandered with seemingly no destination up to his shoulder then down to the dip of his lower back. Just when he thought he knew where her hand was heading she changed direction and surprised him.

Her other hand came into play on his left forearm, which was as far up as she could reach… he’d had to secure himself to the hook above his head. The nails of her slender fingers scraping up his back and down his arm simultaneously scrambled his thoughts. His cock twitched, kissing his belly with moisture. He wasn’t positive but he thought he felt her lips ghost over his ribs as she moved to stand before him.

The muscles in his stomach jumped as she scraped her nails over his hips and across his belly then up his chest to flick languidly over his nipples. His attention was captured by the fierce concentration on her face. “Fuck, you’re beautiful!” he exclaimed.

“Funny,” she murmured. “I was just thinking the same thing.”

Mal held himself still as her head descended and her lips closed over his nipple. A groan rumbled up from his chest while a shudder worked through his body at the contact. When she made to go to her knees before him, Mal’s control snapped. In one swift motion he unhooked the rope from the hook and swooped down to scoop Kee into his arms. His wrists were still bound by the velvet rope, but it didn’t impede his grip and he spread her thighs and lifted her onto his straining cock.

“God, baby, I’m sorry, I couldn’t wait any longer,” he said against her lips.

“That’s all right.” She laughed and gripped his shoulders as he strode for the bed with her body still impaled on his. “You lasted longer than I thought you would.”

He grumbled half-heartedly at her as he tumbled them down to their bed. He didn’t miss the flare of heat in her eyes when he tunneled his fingers into her hair and tugged. Her pussy clenched around him, the delicate walls fluttering against his cock at the bite of sensual pain he knew she loved. Pounding his body in and out of her wet heat, Mal gloried in her cries as he drove them both over the edge with a hard, almost punishing pace. His head snapped back and he grunted when his climax hit, Kee’s body tightened and rippled around him pulling every last drop from him, leaving him utterly drained and limp atop her.

“Good God, woman, I can’t possibly live without you,” he muttered into her hair. Too depleted to lift his head from the curve of her neck.

“Well, then I guess it’s a good thing I married you, isn’t it?” Her laughter warmed his heart as he rolled to his side, tucking her into the curve of his body.

“Yes, it’s a very good thing,” he said as he fell asleep with his arms wrapped securely around his wife.

About the Author: Kealie Shay is the alter-ego of a shy, quiet stay-at-home-mom by day. By night she transforms into a wild woman writing of wicked men and women. She is a sex-crazed nympho who routinely holds bondage parties in her garage, owns a Great Dane named Brock, and plays regularly with Juan, her Cabana Boy. She does all this while wearing a pair of red, thigh-high, stiletto boots. Who cares if it's all in her imagination! Visit Kealie at her website and blog.

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