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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Author Interview: Kelly Jamieson

Whipped Cream is pleased to welcome Kelly Jamieson, author of Love Me which is releasing this week from Samhain Publishing.

I asked Kelly how she personally distinguished between erotica, erotic romance, and pornography. “To me,” she said, “pornography is intended solely to arouse, or to stimulate erotic feelings rather than other emotions, or feelings of aesthetic pleasure. In erotica, perhaps more feelings of sexual love are involved. In erotic romance, the key is the ‘romance.’ For me, it’s all about the romance. Even my most erotic stories are about two people falling in love. I like to read and write stories that stimulate a range of emotions—sadness, joy, despair, hope, amusement, and most importantly, love—and yes, erotic, sexual feelings are a big part of love.”

We talked a bit about what other authors write excellent erotic fiction. Some of Kelly’s favorites include Emma Holly, Megan Hart, Lora Leigh, and Lacey Alexander. She told me, “What I like about their writing is the depth of emotion and feeling they portray—not just physical descriptions of sex. I also like how they can make something kinky into something believable and acceptable.” She gave, as an example, the fact that many of Lacey Alexander’s stories feature a “good girl” and her inner conflict when she gets into a situation involving voyeurism, threesomes, etc. “That was my hope for my erotic novel Love Me,” she added. “To make the story of an ‘ordinary’ couple who end up in a sexy threesome believable, something readers can relate to.”

She also said that she thinks everyone wonders about the sex lives of erotic writers—at least she does. She told me she wasn’t going to talk about her sex life, but she let me know, though that in lieu of research for Love Me she mostly used her imagination. She did do a lot of research on the internet for Dream Girl, which is coming out this fall from The Wild Rose Press. “I even went on a virtual tour of a brewery online,” she said, because making beer is an important part of the story line. “I also confess to using a ‘porn for woman’ site to research positions and to describe things I haven’t...uh...seen up close.”

Her upcoming book, Dream Girl, isn’t classified as erotic romance, but she does say it’s very spicy. “No threesomes,” she said, “but very hot sex. I find it a challenge to write the really erotic stuff because (and I said I wouldn’t talk about my sex life!) I’ve never had a threesome, either two men or two women, so it was challenging (okay, and fun) to imagine all the possibilities.”

Her most embarrassing sex scene she’s written to date is the female/female sex scene in Love Me. “It wasn’t embarrassing necessarily to write it – but I kept thinking about what people would think of me when reading it,” she told me.

We talked about piercings and why it’s sexy. Kelly told me she has her belly button pierced. “I’m not fond of many body piercings but one day I was at the beach and all the girls had pretty, sparkly jewellery in their navels and I wanted that too! My teenage daughter had gotten it done, so I knew what was involved. I think some tasteful sparkly jewellery on a nice tummy is very pretty and sexy. (The two women in Love Me compare their piercings...!)” She added, “Huge stretched earlobes are not sexy. Lip piercings just look painful to me – how do you kiss? I’ve heard things about tongue piercings that are interesting - but I’d never do it!”

I asked Kelly about her most embarrassing moment. “I do so many embarrassing things. Recently, my daughter had my car and came to pick me up. I saw the car in the parking lot and started walking toward it. I had my gym bag with me, so I opened the back door and threw the bag in. Then I noticed the car was empty. Where was she? Why did she park the car and leave it unlocked? Then I realized I had the wrong car!!! It was the same make and model and color as mine, but not mine. I opened the door and grabbed my bag, praying the real owner wasn’t watching me apparently steal something out of his car, and turned around. There was my daughter, running toward me saying, ‘What are you doing!!!??’ in a tone that clearly said ‘Mom, you are so embarrassing!’ I was mortified. I guess it would have been worse if the owner of the car had been sitting there. I could have jumped into the passenger seat with him!”

Kelly is a woman after my own heart. She loves food. “My favorite would be popcorn—salty, crunchy, and you can pop up a huge bowl and sit there and eat and eat and eat because it’s mostly air—which makes it a very good comfort food.” Then she added, “God, that makes me sound like a pig.” However, even as much as she likes food, she cannot bring herself to eat liver. “Well, any organ meat actually,” she said, “but I’ve tried liver and the taste is make-me-gag disgusting.”

And, finally, painted toenails for Kelly gain a definite yes. “My favorite toe polish is Tequila Sunrise from Rimmel,” she told me. “It’s a bright orange. I never wear colored polish on my fingernails, but always on my toes.”

You can read more about Kelly and her works at her website.

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