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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Author Interview: Amber Scott

Whipped Cream is happy to have Amber Scott with us. Amber admits to having a duel personality, but hopes to one day integrate them. She writes historicals and paranormals as Amber Dayne, but contemporaries and erotic romance as Amber Scott. She said, “I’ve found my historicals grow spicier and my contemporaries more magical.”

She started out writing different genres, mostly to find out where her voice could blossom. “In between two full-length manuscripts,” she said, “I tried an erotica novella. I loved it. When I wrote my first erotica, The Best Revenge, I’d already finished a young adult, a paranormal, and a contemporary romance. The Best Revenge turned out to be my debut and first sale. I loved writing it so much that I now I alternate between mainstream and eroticas. I feel like it keeps me fresh.”

Amber told me that she finds writing erotica to be much more challenging. “You have to be original, sensual, and still have deeply developed plot and characters. I think some make the mistake of focusing on ways to get the characters naked rather than the reverse.”

The series Amber is working on right now is “sort of Hitch meets Quantum Leap contemporary romance,” she said. “My anti-heroine, Millie Match, is really a fun character.”

I asked Amber what her family thought of her writing. “I don’t think any of my family has read any of my books,” she told me. “You start out thinking they’ll all rush to buy them. They didn’t. But, that’s okay. Not many of them are readers. Those who know my genres support it. Those who don’t, don’t really ask anyhow. The only person I would just about die of embarrassment over finding out is my 84-year-old uncle. But then, he told my maid of honor a dirty joke at my wedding, so you never know.”

If Amber could entertain a character from a book, she told me it would be Michael from Julia Quinn’s When He Was Wicked. “I’m totally in love with him,” she told me. “I'm a sucker for unrequited love. I picture him, me, a fireplace, fur rug, no clothes and lots of imagination. Oh and don't forget the champagne and strawberries.”

Perhaps it’s needless to say, but her favorite letter is “X”, as in “X-rated. As in excuse me. Exotic. Extreme. Exactly.”

Some little known facts about Amber:

Her favorite food is chocolate- “Mmmmmm. Can’t live without it. Milk chocolate especially, but any form will do. Cakes, cookies, donuts, bars, sauce.”

Speaking of sauce, chocolate sauce is also her favorite food to eat off someone-“One, it’s my flavor of choice. Two, it’s pretty easy to lick up without a sticky leftover.”

Painted toenails make her feel sexy- “The right color red is like toe lingerie. I can feel sexy in sweats if I have cherry red toenails.”

And, she’s a champion at tying cherry stems with her tongue- “My two bestest friends and I used to have cherry tie offs. I won. Every time.”

Finally, I asked Amber what advice she would give to a new author. “I’d say- write for yourself. You are your audience, not the imaginary woman in the store pursing her lips over the little idea niggling in your brain. If you write with you in mind, make yourself laugh or cry, then you will find your voice and voice is the most sought after quality in this industry. Never give up.”

You can read more about Amber and her works at her website

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