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Thursday, August 14, 2008

A Birthday Surprise by Jennifer Mueller

I went shopping, the text message read.

Chad laughed trying not to groan. When she said that it always cost him money. And then the photo came through. That couldn't be his wife could it? The photo on his cell phone certainly looked like her. Granted there was no face, but he knew the wolf tattoo set on the slope of huge breasts displayed so stunningly in a leather corset with no cups to hide that tattoo at all. He knew the birthmark on her luscious thighs, the one shown to perfection below a leather thong.

Never a small woman, three children had only given her more of the curves that could stop a Mack truck. Lucky he wasn't driving. He might just have to change his mind about spending money on lingerie being a waste. He'd always said it would end up on the floor so quick that she might as well save the money. There wasn't a chance of it coming off too soon now, not with him a thirty minute drive from the house. Not to mention it was only nine in the morning.

He texted back, You're killing me.

Chad looked around his cubicle making sure no one was walking by as he received word another photo was incoming. An in office collision would have been just as bad. Now she wore a full body stocking grinning like a cat ready to lick a bowl of cream. The grin kept him enthralled so long he almost missed the outfit had no crotch. Chad closed his eyes trying not to drool as his stickler of a boss went walking by. She certainly wouldn't appreciate the photos.

It was a big box, was all the message said. Dear lord how much more could he take? It was ten and if he got a picture every hour until five he was going to go crazy.... If he received pictures of soft skin bare for him... Received pictures of those hips of hers. . . he knew that grin, she used that grin when she was ready to tease. She wouldn't be mean enough to send pictures of her playing without him would she? Even the thought of his wife pleasuring herself. . . if only he was there with her.

I'm dead already, he texted back.

An hour, a very long hour passed as he waited for eleven. The phone sat open and waiting as he tried to concentrate on the Williamson proposal. Tried and failed. The phone beeped, indicating another photo was coming through just as his boss knocked at his desk.

"The Williamson meeting got pushed back until next month. They're in Singapore I think and won't make it back in time."

"What? Oh great, I'm having a heard time getting a handle on it anyway."

"It's your birthday isn't it? I'm sure you've got plans why not take the afternoon off, have a great evening and come back tomorrow with new eyes."

Chad looked at the phone for a moment, refusing to open the picture in view of his boss. But the more he looked at it the more he couldn't help but wonder if his wife had been talking to her boss. He'd never gotten an afternoon off before just for the heck of it. Eight years with the company and now he got a birthday surprise from work. No way had it just happened.

"You wife asked me to give you a package by the way."

Chad only stared as the boss, a woman he hadn't said two words to in a social setting handed him a small package. It wasn't much bigger than a check box, and she stood there as if waiting to see what was inside. After those photos he wasn't sure it was for general viewing, but he opened it just a bit at least to find a hotel key card. Underneath it though oh dear, was a very tiny red silk men's thong. He pulled the key out and snapped the box closed.

"Oh very nice hotel. I've always wanted to stay there, but with staring at the building all day from my office it seems like it would be too much like coming to work. Have fun." His boss walked off, seeming almost human for once.

Across the street!

Chad grabbed his coat and headed for the elevator. The phone beeped at him again reminding him there was one last message. Kids at your mother's, room 257. Then a photo popped up, Chad forgot the elevator and sprinted down the stairs. It would take too long. He closed the phone trying not to fall down the stairs at the sight of his wife, mother of three, in all her glory dressed up like a bunny.

A very naughty bunny.

About the Author: As a Peace Corps volunteer in Kenya a few years back I traveled quite a bit and now I just wish I was. A lot of the places I've written about I've been to, a lot of them I haven't. Rafting on the Nile in Uganda, living in a Montana ghost town, African safaris, European youth hostels, the Black Hills of South Dakota all fill my scrapbooks. Now a daughter takes up most of those pages, but I still travel in my head every time I write.

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